CTMMA 2, 008 (MMA 86.11.346+) [Lament accompanied by the Balag-instrument]

o 11

[e₂ a diri-ga] re a-ua-e ba-an-[...-ri]

o 22

bi-tu₄? [ša₂ ina me]-e iz-za-az-za mu-u₂ [it-te-su-šu₂]

(Sum) The temple(?) that once floated in water, water flows far away from it (Akk) The temple(?) that stands in the water, the water has (now) become distant to it

o 33

a diri-ga re e₂ a diri-ga re a-ua-e ba-[an-...-ri]

o 44

ša₂ ina me-e iz-za-az-zu E₂ ša₂ ina me-e iz-za⸣-[az-za mu-u₂ it-te-su-šu₂]

(Sum) That which once floated in water, water flows away from it (Akk) That which stands in the water, the temple that stands in the water, the water has (now) become distant to it

o 55

uru₂-ze₂-eb-baki ki ze₂-eb-ba mu?⸣-[...] ba-an-x

o 66

eri?-du₁₀!? -ri ṭa-a-bi x⸣-[...]-x⸣-UD

(Sum) At Eridu, the sweet place, ... (Akk) At(?) Eridu, the sweet place, ...

o 77

[e₂] a gal diri-ga re aa-e ba-an-x⸣-ri

o 88

E₂ ša₂ me-e GAL-MEŠ iz-za-az-zu mu-u₂ it-te-su-šu₂

Temple which once floated in great waters, water flows away from it (Akk) Temple which stands it great waters, water flows away from it

o 99

id₂⸣-bi a nu-un-de₆-e šag₄-sug₄-ga-bi ba-du₃

o 1010

na-ar-šu me-e ul ub-bal me-e-ra-nu- it-ta-an-di

(Sum) Its river/canal does not yield water, emptily it is formed(?) (Akk) Its river/canal does not yield water, it has been abandoned in an empty state

o 1111

id₂ dam-an-ki <nam> ba-kud-da-gin₇ ka-ba saḫar ba-si-a

o 1212

ki-ma na-ar ša₂ de₂-a i-ru-ru-šu₂ pi-i-šu₂ ṭi!-di! im-ta-la?

Like a river/canal cursed by Enki, silt filled up its source (Akk) Like a river/canal cursed by Ea, its source has been filled up with mud

o 1313

na₄iškila dutu u₆ di-ba-an-da piš₁₀-piš₁₀-bi ba-gul-gul-

o 1414

[is]-sil₂!-lat-su dUTU i-ta-mar kib-ru-šu₂ u₂-ta-tab-bit

(Sum) Utu, appear to the shellfish(?) (so that) they destroy its banks (Akk) Šamaš has appeared to its shellfish(?), its bank(s) were destroyed

o 1515

[šag₄-bi]-ta ŋeš?u₂ad₂ kur-ra muU-AB₂-ZU? ba-an-mu₂

o 1616

[ina] lib₃-bi-šu₂ ed-di-it-tu ša₂-di-i mur-din-na ib-ta-na

(Sum) In its midst boxthorn of the mountain and bramble(?) grow (Akk) In its midst boxthorn of the mountain and brambles have grown

o 1717

[...] ŋeš-dal gid₂-da-bi saŋ ba-an-gurum me-ri-us₂-sa la-ba-an-x

o 1818

a-ḫa giš-tal-gid₂-de-e-šu₂ it-te-ep-ḫi kib-su ul -ku⸣-[un]

(Sum) The "long cross bar"(?) of the [bank?] "bent (its) head"(?), (no one) ventures(?) on the path (Akk) The gištalgiddû of the riverbank is sealed up, (no one) sets forth on the path

o 1919

[ŋeš]tir⸣-tir-bi ba-sug₂-sug₂-ge-[] pu₂⸣-ŋeškiri₆-bi ba-na-x⸣-

o 2020

qi₂⸣-ša₂-tu-šu₂ it-tar-[...] ṣip-pa-tu-šu₂ i-tab-la

(Sum) Its thickets have be stripped, its wells and orchards have been ... (Akk) Its thickets have been stripped, its fruit orchards have dried up

o 2121

[mu]-nim⸣-mar-bi x x x i-bi₂-bi-ta ba-šuš₂ a

o 2222

gi?⸣-šim-[...]-x⸣-at bu-u₂-pa-ni-šu₂ saḫ-pat

(Sum) Its date palm(s) ..., it is covered at the front (Akk) Its date palm(s) are ..., face down they are covered

o 2323

[...]-x⸣-ri-a sug₂-sug₂-sug₂-ga-bi a-aba-da-šar₂-ra a

o 2424

[...] it⸣-te-su-u₂ qar-ba-tu-šu₂ is-si-qa

(Sum) [The waters?] are distant(?), mixed in(?) with emptiness(?)its (Akk) [The waters?] have become distant, its meadowlands have contracted

o 2525

[...]-bi x ba-ḫul mul-gana₂ pel eba-an-mu₂ a

o 2626

[...] x me-re-ši⸣-šu₂ id-ra-an-nu lem-niš a-ṣi

(Sum) ... is destroyed, the defiling(?) mulgana plant grows (there) (Akk) [In?] its cultivated land, salinity is coming out malevolently

o 2727

[...] x šu? A [...] x US?⸣-US maš₂-anše-bi ba-til

o 2828

[...] x⸣-šu₂ uq-qu₂-uq bu-ul-šu it-tag-mar

(Sum) ..., its livestock are brought to an end (Akk) Its ... is paralyzed, its livestock have been brought to an end

o 2929

[...] x x x [...] x⸣-bi bar-ta ba-sug₂-sug₂-ge-

o 3030

[...] AN [...]-x⸣-šu₂ a-ḫi-ta it-ta-zi-iz-zu-šu₂

Its ... withdrew

o 3131

[...] x [...] x⸣-ne-ne-ta taka₄ ba-da-la₂-e-

o 3232

[...] x [...]-zi!?⸣-šu₂-nu [re-ḫa]-a-tu it-ta-aš₂-ta-a

(Sum) ... they opened ... (Akk) ... [from?] their ... the remainder has been drunk

o 3333

[... nu]-mu⸣-un-x⸣-[... ir]-si-im nu-ur₅-re u

o 3434

[...] x x [...] x ul is-sar-raq i-ri-šu₂ ul i-ne₂-ṣe-nu

(Sum) ..., ... does not smell... (Akk) ... is not strewn about, (its) scent is (one which is) not smelled

o 3535

[...] x mu-un-dul-dul-e

o 3636


(Sum) ... covers (Akk) ... covers

o 3737

[...] x [... lil₂-la₂]-am₃ mu-un-bu-bu u

o 3838

[...] x x [... za-qi₂]-qi₂ it-ta⸣-na--rab-biṭ

(Sum) ... It is a phantom, it howled (Akk) ... flits about

o 3939

[...] x x [...] x nu-dib-ba

o 4040

[...] ul x⸣-[...] x [ul i]-ba-ʾ-i

(Sum) ... who does not pass (Akk) ... does not pass

o 4141

[...] x x [...] x x [...]-e ba-ni-in-mar-re-

o 4242

[...] x KI?-i x [...] x ša PAP-ba-ZA -ta-kan

They set up/emitted ... (Akk) They have set up/emitted ...

o 4343

[...] de₃!?⸣-mu-un-ši-in-niŋin <de₃?-mu-un-ši-in-gi₄> i-bi₂ de₃-en-ši-in-bar-ra a

o 4444

[... be]-lu₄ li-saḫ-ra-aš₂-šum-ma *(P₂) li-tur-ra-aš₂-šum-ma lip-pa-lis-su

... may the lord come back to him/it (var. turn back) and look at him/it

o 4545

[...] de₃?⸣-mu-un-ši-in-niŋin <de₃?-mu-un-ši-in-gi₄> arḫuš-a ade₃-en-tuku-tuku u

o 4646

[...] x li-saḫ-ra-aš₂-šum-ma re-e-mu li-ir-ši-šu₂

... may ... come back to him/it (var. turn back) and have mercy for him

o 4747

[... i]-lu gig-ga i-i-iud im-mu-da-zal e-a-e-a-a-a-a

o 4848

[...] mar-ṣu-ti u₄-mu iq-ti-šum⸣-ma

(Sum) ... spent the day in painful lament (Akk) ... in grievous lament the day has ended for him/it

o 4949

[...] x a gašan-bi-ra er₂ mu-un⸣-na-ab-šeš₄-šeš₄

o 5050

[...] x ana be-el-ti⸣-šu₂ i-bak-ki

... weeps for its lady

o 5151

[...] x [...] x x [...]

(rest of column missing)
rr NaN  (beginning column missing)
r 1'r 1'

[...] x [...]

r 2'2'

[...] x re⸣-e-mi-šu₂ x [...]

... its mercy ...

r 3'3'

[...]-ke₄ agu₃ uru₂⸣-[...]

r 4'4'

[...] ši-si-it [...]

... utters a cry for the city

r 5'5'

[...]-ke₄ agu₃ uru₂-[...]

... utters a cry for the city

r 6'6'

[...] ki ze₂-eb-ba aul₄-ul₄-la-bi x [...]

r 7'7'

[...] ṭa⸣-a-bi ur-ru-ḫi- it-x⸣-[...]

At Eridu, the sweet place, very quickly ...

r 8'8'

[... i-lu] gig⸣-ga i-iud im-mu-da-an-zal e-e-e-e i-lu-u i-lu⸣-[u] an-[nu-u]

... spent the day in painful lament

r 9'9'

[ma-a a-ba ud me]-na⸣-gin₇ ma-a-a di-di-in a

Where is the future like the past? Where will I go?

r 10'10'

[ab₂-gin₇ uru₂-ze₂-eb]ki-ba-še₃ e-agu₃ mu-un-dub₂-dub₂-be₂ e

r 11'11'

[ki]-ma [lit-tu₄] ana eri-du₁₀ is-ta-na-as-si

Like a cow, she cries out for Eridu over and over

r 12'12'

e₂ x⸣-še₃ ab-gin₇ uru₂⸣-ze₂-ebki-ba-še₃ gu₃ mu-un-dub₂-dub₂-be₂

r 13'13'

ana E₂ ša₂?⸣-qi₂-i ki⸣-ma lit-tu₄ ana eri-du₁₀ -ta-na-as-si

(Sum) For the ... temple, for Eridu, like a cow she cries out (Akk) For the exalted(?) temple, for Eridu, like a cow she cries out over and over

r 14'14'

ama e₂-maḫ addam-gal-nun-na-ke₄ e

r 15'15'

um-mi E₂-MIN<(...)> dMIN<(...)>

The mother of the Emah temple, Damgalnana cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over

r 16'16'

e₂-gi₄-a engur-ra adpa₄-nun-an-ki-ke₄

r 17'17'

kal-lat ap-si-i dzar-pa-ni-tu₂

(Sum) The bride of the deep waters, Papnunanki cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over (Akk) The bride of the Abzu, Papnunanki cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over

r 18'18'

adnamma ama gal-ra engur-ra-ke₄ e

r 19'19'

dMIN<(...)> um-mi GALtu ša₂ ap-si-i

Namma, the great mother of the deep waters, cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over (Akk) Namma, the great mother of the Abzu, cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over

r 20'20'

adnanše dumu saŋ uru₂-ze₂-ebki-ba-ke₄ e

r 21'21'

dMIN<(...)> mar-tu₄ reš-ti-tu₄ ša₂ eri⸣-du₁₀

Nanše, the eldest daughter of Eridu, cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over

r 22'22'

ŠU₂ AB₂×(ME.EN) DABnu-nus sag₉-ga agašan-gi⸣-kug-ga-ke₄

r 23'23'

sin-niš-tu₄ da-mi-iq-tu₄ dNIN.GAL

(Sum) The good lady Ningikuga cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over

r 24'24'

e₂-gi₄-a e₂-saŋ-il₂-la adumu-munus duraš-a-ke₄ e

r 25'25'

kal-lat E₂-MIN<(...)> mar-tu₄ dMIN<(...)>

The bride of the Esaŋil temple, the daughter of Uraš cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over

r 26'26'

udug e₂-a adḫe₂-dim₃-me-kug-ga-ke₄ e

r 27'27'

ra-bi-iṣ E₂ dMIN<(...)>

(Sum) The udug spirit of the temple, Hedimekuga cries out for Eridu like a cow (Akk) The lurker of the temple, Hedimmekuga cries out for Eridu like a cow over and over

r 28'28'

ab-gin₇ tur₃-ba gu₃ mu-un-dub₂-dub₂-be₂ e

r 29'29'

ki-ma ar-ḫi ina [...] -ta-na-as⸣-si

Like a cow in its pen, she cries out over and over

r 30'30'

x x⸣-a-gin₇ [...] gu₃ gig-ga-bi mi-ni-ib₂⸣-[be₂ e]

r 31'31'

[... mar]-ṣi⸣- i-ša₂-as-si

Like ... she cries out painfully

r 32'32'

[...]-x gu₃ arḫuš-a mi-ni-ib₂-be₂ e

r 33'33'

ki-ma ar-[ḫi ša₂ bur]-ša₂ par-su ši-si-it re-e-mi i-ša₂-as-si

Like a cow separated from her calf, she cries out with compassion

r 34'34'

e₂ zid!(NAM) [gul-gul-a]-na a-eer₂ gig mu-un-šeš₄-šeš₄

r 35'35'

ana E₂-ša₂ ki-i-[ni ša₂] ub⸣-bu-tu mar-ṣi- i-bak-ki

For her temple which was destroyed, she weeps painfully

r 36'36'

uru₂ zid!(NAM) ḫul-[ḫul]-a⸣-na aše eam₃-mi-ni-ib₂-ša₄-ša₄ a

r 37'37'

ana IRI-ša₂ ki-i-[ni] ša₂ šul-pu-tu i-dam-mu-um

For he true city which was destroyed, she wails

r 38'38'

mu-un-gur₁₁ ir-ra-a-ni-še₃ ate emu-un-ḫur-ḫur-re u

r 39'39'

ana ma-ak-ku-ri-[šu₂] ša₂ -šal-la uq-ṭa-ad-da-ad

(Sum) For her property that was plundered, she scratches (her) cheeks (Akk) For its property which was plundered, she is made to bend over

r 40'40'

gil-sa il₂-il₂-la?⸣-ni-še₃ aur₄-ra mu-un-tur?-re a

r 41'41'

ana šu-kut-ti-šu₂ [ša₂ iz]-zab-lu ub-ta-aq-qa-am

(Sum) For her treasure which was carried away, she ... plucking (Akk) For its treasure which was carried away, (her hair) is plucked out

r 42'42'

aŋ₂ kar-kar-ra⸣-[ni]-še₃ agaba šu mu-un-sag₃-ge a

r 43'43'

ana bu-še-e-ša₂ [ša₂ im-maš]-ʾ-u₂ i-rat-su i-maḫ-ḫa-aṣ

(Sum) For her possessions which were robbed, she beats her breast

r 44'44'

uŋ₃ tu₁₁-tu₁₁-ba-[ni]-še₃ ai-lu umu-un-na-ab-be₂ e

r 45'45'

ana ni-ši-ša₂ ša₂ [ik-kam]-ra qu-be₂-e i-qab-bi

For her people who were heaped up, she utters a lament

r 46'46'

ka-naŋ til-til-[la-ni]-še₃ e⸣-aan-na mu-un⸣-dub₂-be₂ a

r 47'47'

ana ma-ti-ša₂ ša₂ [ANe u₂]-rab-bi

For her land, which was brought to an end, she makes heaven tremble

r 48'48'

u₃ nu-mu-un-na⸣-[ku-ku] a⸣-uu₃ nu-mu-un-na-ku-ku u

r 49'49'

ul i-na-al ul!(MI) i-ṣal-lal

(Sum) She does not sleep, she does not sleep (Akk) She does not lie down, she does not fall asleep

r 50'50'

u₃ nu-mu-un-sed-de₃ a⸣-uu₃ mu-un-na-te-en-te-en e

r 51'51'

ul i-na-aḫ ul i-pa-aš₂-šaḫ

(Sum) She does not cool down with sleep, she does not relax with sleep (Akk) She does not rest, she does not relax

r 52'52'

gu₃ gig-ga ab-raḫ₂⸣-raḫ₂ [...] gu₃-bi in-da-ab-x⸣-[...]

r 53'53'

mar-ṣi- -ta-na-as-[si] ri-gim-ša₂ -ta-nap-pi₂

(Sum) She shouts painfully over and over, the voice ... (Akk) She shouts painfully, her voice gets loud(er and louder?)

r 54'54'

gu₃ bi₂-in-raḫ₂ [...] an-na mu-un-na-dub₂⸣-[be₂]

r 55'55'

i-ša₂-as-si-ma [AN]e u₂-ra-ab-bi

She shouts and makes heaven tremble

r 56'56'

[nu]-nus šeg₁₀ bi₂-in-gi e-...ki-a mu-un-tuku₄-tuku₄-e

r 57'57'

[sin]-niš-tu₄ <i>-šag-gum-ma KIti₃ u₂-na-

The woman roars and shakes the earth

r 58'58'

[dim₃-me]-er-e-ne mu-un⸣-da-ab-sag₃!?-sag₃⸣-[ge-ne]

r 59'59'

DINGIR-MEŠ i-šu-bu-šu₂

(Sum) The gods shake (Akk) The gods shook ...

r 60'60'

da-nun-na-ke₄⸣-e-ne amu-un-na-ab-ur₄-ur₄-[re-ne]

r 61'61'

dA.NUN.NA.KE i!?⸣-nar-ra-ṭu

The Anuna tremble

r 62'62'

a šag₄ ib₂-ba-zu mu⸣-[un]-na-ab-be₂⸣-e-ne

r 63'63'

a-ḫu-lap lib₃-bi-ka ag-gi i-qab!?⸣-bu-šu₂

They speak the "Alas!" of your angry heart to ...

r 64'64'

a bar x su-mu-ug-ga-zu-ta amu-un-na-ab-be₂⸣-e-[ne]

r 65'65'

a-ḫu-lap ka-bat-ti-ka i-dir-tu₄ [i]-qab⸣-bu-šu₂

(Sum) They speak by means of the "Alas!" of your angry ... liver to ... (Sum) They speak the "Alas!" of your troubled liver to ...

r 66'66'

še-eb si-si-ig-ga-bi-še₃ a-a-a-a-ax [...] x x [...]

r 67'67'

ana li⸣-bit-ti-ša₂ ša₂ šu-qam-ma-mu [...]

For its brickwork ...

r 68'68'

[... a] abzu⸣-ŋu₁₀ NU AL.TIL ana DU₁₂ru [...]

... extract of the balaŋ composition a abzu-ŋu₁₀, not finished, extracted for singing, ...

r 69'69'

[...] dnanna-u₃-tud ŠU m[...]

..., son of Nanna-utu. Hand of ...

r 70'70'

[...]-x⸣-KAM₂ MU DIŠ-ME-2(U)-IMIN?⸣-KAM₂ [...]

... Babylon, month of ..., ... day, 127th year ...

See also Stefan M. Maul, CTMMA 2, 008, pp. 64-72; adapted for BLMS and lemmatized by Jeremie Peterson.