SBH 05 [Liturgy]

o 1o 1

ina a-mat dEN u GAŠAN-ia₂ lis⸣-lim

According to the word of Bel and my lady, may it be well

o 22

an-na e-lum-[e] u₅-a [e-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni]

o 33

ša₂ da-nim kab-tu ša₂-qa⸣-[... a-mat-su]

(Sum) Of An, the important one, alas, his word (Akk) Of An, the important one, his word is elevated

o 44

an gu-la u₅-a <e-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni>

Greatest An, alas, his word

o 55

dmu-ul-lil₂-la₂ u₅-a <e-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni>

Enlil, alas, his word

o 66

e-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni aa-zu ga-am₃-ma-ga [a-zu-bi lul-la]

#tr: (Sum) If I bring his word to a diviner, the diviner is false

o 77

e⸣-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni ašim-mu₂ ga-am₃-ma-ga šim⸣-[mu₂-bi lul-la]

If I bring his word to an incantation priest, the incantation priest is false

o 88

e-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni amu AN-ma-a mu-ak mu-bi še [am₃-ša₄]

His word makes the young man cry(?) in woe and that young man moans

o 99

[e-ne]-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni agi AN-ma-a mu-ak gi-bi [še am₃-ša₄]

His word makes the young woman cry out, "Woe!", that young woman moans

o 1010

[e-ne]-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni atur-tur-bi ši-di kur-še₃ gul⸣-[gul-la]

His word, going in the manner of small ones, destroys the mountains

o 1111

e-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni agal-gal-bi ši-di e₂-a na-tu₁₀⸣-[tu₁₀]

His word, going in the manner of great ones, strikes down the house

o 1212

e-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni agakkul-am₃-ma al-šu₂ šag₄-bi a-ba [mu-un-zu-a]

His word is a covered fermentation vat: who can know its insides?

o 1313

e⸣-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni ašag₄-bi nu-un-zu-a bar-bi al⸣-[us₂-sa]

The inside of his word is unknown, its outside is trampling

o 1414

e⸣-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni abar-bi nu-un-zu-a šag₄-bi [al-us₂-sa]

The outside of the word is unknown; its inside is trampling

o 1515

e⸣-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni amu-lu mu-un-gig₂-gig₂-ga mu⸣-[lu mu-un-BU-BU-re]

His word sickens man, his word ... man

o 1616

e⸣-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni aan diri-ga-bi kur gig₂ na-[nam]

When his word floats in the sky, the land is indeed afflicted(?)

o 1717

RU?e-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni aki-a di-da⸣-bi kur ba-ab na-nam

When his word goes on the earth, it divides up the land

o 1818

xe-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni aud-de₃ e₂ ia₂-ta ia₂-am₃ ba-ra⸣-[ab-e₃]

His word is a storm that drives out five from a house of five

o 1919

xe-ne-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ni aud-de₃ e₂ u-ta u-am₃ ba-ra-ab-e₃

His word is a storm that drives out ten from a house of ten

o 2020

a gašan-ŋu₁₀ erim₃-ma-ŋu₁₀ te di⸣-di-di-in

o 2121

ana a⸣-a be-el⸣-ti ana i-šit-ti-ša₂ mi-na i-da-al

(Sum) Alas, my lady, why do you go about in my storeroom (Akk) Alas, my lady, why does she wander in here storehouse

o 2222

[a]-a dmu-ul⸣-lil₂-la₂ uru₂?⸣-na nibruki-<<ki>>-na

Father Enlil, in his city, Nibru

o 2323

[e₂]-kur e₂ šag₄⸣-ge pad₃⸣-da-na a

In the Ekur, the temple chosen in his heart

o 2424

[...] x-x-x MU-MEŠ GU₄.U₄-MEŠe₂-duraḫ-an-na-na

... skipping ... entries, in his Edurahana

o 2525

[...] x-x-x-x⸣-NI e

o 2626

[...]-NI [e]

(rest of column missing)
rr NaN  (beginning column missing)
r 1'1'

[...] x⸣-ma [...]

r 2'2'

[...] x ina la-i-ra-ni? [...]

r 3'3'

[na-aŋ₂ na-aŋ₂]-tar-ra-bi-še₃ mu-lu-bi ad [...]

On account of its fate, the person laments

r 4'4'

[ama] dnin-lil₂ er₂ e₂-kur-ra-še₃ e

Mother Ninlil (sheds) tears for the Ekur temple

r 5'5'

[dim₃-me]-er-maḫ-am₃ na-aŋ₂ e₂-maḫ-a-še₃ e

Diŋirmah (laments) on account of the Emah temple

r 6'6'

[gašan]-nibruki-a na-aŋ₂ e₂-šu-me-ša₄-a-še₃ e

NinNibru (laments) on account of the Ešumeša temple

r 7'7'

gašan-ma⸣-gi₄-a na-aŋ₂ e₂-u₄-sakar-a-še₃ e

Ninŋagia (laments) on account of the Eusakar temple

r 8'8'

gašan-tin-tirki na-aŋ₂ e₂-saŋ-il₂-la-še₃ e

NinTintir (laments) on account of the Esaŋila temple

r 9'9'

dumu saŋ an uraš-a na-aŋ₂ e₂-zid-da-še₃ e

The eldest child/heir of An and Uraš (laments) on account of the Ezida temple

r 10'10'

gašan-ka⸣-teš₂-a-sig₁₀-ga-ke₄ na-aŋ₂ e₂-maḫ-til₃-la-še₃ e

Ninkatešasiga (laments) on account of the Emahtila temple

r 11'11'

ama dba-ba₆ na-aŋ₂ uru₂-saŋ-ŋa₂-še₃ e

Mother Baba (laments) on account of the (E)irisaŋa temple

r 12'12'

gašan-tin-lu-ba na-aŋ₂ e₂-gal-maḫ-a-še₃ e

Nintinuga (laments) on account of the Egalmah temple

r 13'13'

gašan-i₃-si-inki na-aŋ₂ i₃-si-inki-[še₃ e]

Ninisina (laments) on account of the temple of Isin

r 14'14'

gašan-an-na na-aŋ₂ e₂-an-na⸣-[še₃ e]

Inana (laments) on account of the Eana temple

r 15'15'

er₂ gi₁₆-le-eŋ₃-ŋa₂-ta er₂ nu-mu-ni-x⸣-[...]

The weeping from the destruction, the weeping cannot be restrained

r 16'16'

urim₂ki [ki] dug₃⸣-ga admu-ul-lil₂⸣-[la₂ ...]

r 17'17'

u₂-ri -ru? ṭa-a-bi dMIN<(...)> ina [...]

Ur, the sweet place of Enlil ...

r 18'18'

nis-ḫu reš-tu-u₂ an-na e-lum-e NU AL.TIL ana DU₁₂ru [...]

First excerpt of the balaŋ composition ana elume, unfinished, extracted for singing [imgida of(?)]

r 19'19'

mdIDIM-DIN-su-E A ša₂ mdEN-A-MU A m[...]

Ea-balāṭsu-iqbi, son of Bēl-apla-iddin, son of ...

r 20'20'

mdŠU₂-NUMUN-DU₃ A-šu₂ lu₂GALA.TURru dŠU₂-KAM₂ [...]

Marduk-zera-ibni, his son(?), the junior lamentation priest of Marduk, ...

r 21'21'

MU DIŠ-ME-U-DIŠ-KAM₂ ša₂ ši-i MU DIŠ-ME-DIŠ-U-IA₂-KAM₂ dar⸣-[...]

111th year which is the 175th year. Arsaces, king of kings

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