SBH 25 [Liturgy]

o 1o 1

[ina] a-mat dEN u dGAŠAN-ia₂ lis-lim

According to the word of Bel and my lady, may it be well

o 22

e-lum di-da-ra in-ga-na-tuš

o 33

kab-tu ša₂ al-la-ku e-ki-a-am *(P₂) li-<šib-šu₂> *(P₂) lu-šib-šu₂

(Sum) For the important one, going along, he sits (Akk) Important one who goes along, where will he want to sit for him? (var.) where will I want to sit for him?

o 44

di-da-ra e-lum di-da-ra in-ga-an-na-tuš

Going along, for the important one going along, he sits

o 55

umun an gal-e di-da-ra

For the lord, great An, going along

o 5a5a

*(P₃) umun kur-kur-ra di-da-ra

For the lord of the lands, going along

o 66

umun dug₄-ga zid-da di-<da-ra>

For the lord of the true command, going along

o 77

dmu-ul-lil₂ a-a ka-naŋ-ŋa₂ di-<da-ra>

For Enlil, father of the land, going along

o 88

sipad saŋ gig₂-ga di-<da-ra>

For the shepherd of the black-headed, going along

o 99

i-bi₂ duḫ ni₂ te-na di-<da-ra>

For he who sees himself, going along

o 1010

am erin₂-na di-di di-<da-ra>

For the wild bull who goes among his army, going along

o 1111

u₃ lul-la ku-ku di-<da-ra>

For the one who sleep falsely, going along

o 1212

me-e bur maḫ-a kaš ga-an-na-ab-de₂ <ga-an-na-ab>-dug₄

o 1313

ana-ku ina bur-maḫ ši-ka-ri lu-uq-qi₂-šu₂

I want to pour beer into burmah container for him

o 1414

am-gin₇ dugud-da *(P₂) gu₂ gurum-da mu-un-la₂

o 1515

ki-ma ri-i-mu ana kab-tu *(P₂) ka-mi-i lu-uk-mi-is-su

(Sum) Heavy like a wild bull, he prostrates himself (to the ground)(?) (Akk) Like a wild bull, for the important one, I want to kneel for him (like?) a bound (prisoner)(?)

o 1616

uru₂-zu al-gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄

o 1717

URU-ka u₂-tab-bit lu-uq-bi-šu₂

I must tell him "your city is destroyed"

o 1818

nibruki e₂-kur!(GAM) al-gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄

I must tell him (that) in Nippur, the Ekur is destroyed

o 1919

ki⸣-ur₃ e₂-nam-til₃-la al-<gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄>

I must tell him (that) the Ki'ur and the Enamtila are destroyed

o 2020

zimbirki e₂-babbar-ru₃ al-<gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄>

I must tell him (that) in Sippar the Ebabbar is destroyed

o 2121

uru₂-zu tin-tirki al-<gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄>

I must tell him "your city, Tintir, is destroyed"

o 2222

e₂⸣-saŋ-il₂ bad₃-si-ab-baki al-<gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄>

I must tell him (that) the Esaŋil of Borsippa(!?) is destroyed

o 2323

e₂⸣-zid-da e₂-maḫ-til₃-la al-<gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄>

I must tell him (that) the Ezida and the Emahtila are destroyed

o 2424

[e₂]-te⸣-me-en-an-ki al-<gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄>

I must tell him (that) the Etemenanki is destroyed

o 2525

[e₂]-duraḫ⸣-an-na al-<gul-gul ga-an-na-ab-dug₄>

I must tell him (that) the Edurahana is destroyed

o 2626

[gi] er₂⸣-ra ba-mu₂ ga-an-na-ab-dug₄

o 2727

qa⸣-an bi-ki-tu₄ a-ṣi-šu₂ lu-uq-bi-šu₂

I must tell him (that) the reed of mourning has grown for him

o 2828

[ud] ma-ra mu-un-zal-la-ta i-bi₂-a-ni nu-gub

o 2929

u₄-mu ša₂ ia-ti -tab-ra-a ina pa-ni-šu₂ a-a az-zi-iz

(Sum) After spending time (before) me, I (cannot) stand before him (Akk) The daylight that perserveres for me, I (cannot) stand before it

o 3030

dmu-ul-lil₂-le mu-un-zal-la-ta i-bi₂-<a-ni nu-gub>

After Enlil spent time (before me), I (cannot) stand before him

o 3131

dmu-ul-lil₂-le i-bi₂-a-ni nu-gub i-bi₂ nam-mu-un-du₈-ru

o 3232

ša₂ dMIN<(...)> ina pa-ni-šu₂ a-a az-zi-iz-ma a-a i-bar⸣-ra-an-ni

(Sum) Enlil! I (cannot) stand before him, he cannot see (me) (Akk) I (am) the one that (cannot) stand before Enlil, he cannot see me

o 3333

[me]-e ur-re men₃ me-e gir₅ men₃

o 3434

[...]-x⸣-ra-ku? [...]

(Sum) I am hostile, I am a stranger (Akk) I am an enemy, I am powerful(?)

(rest of column missing)
rr NaN  (beginning column missing)
r 1'r 1'

[dam]-zu dam-zu-še₃ [dug₄-ga-an-na-ab]

Your spouse, speak to your spouse

r 2'2'

[dumu]-zu dumu-zu-še₃ dug₄-ga⸣-[an-na-ab]

Your son, speak to your son

r 3'3'

[še-eb-še₃] še-eb gi₄-gi₄ dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

To the brickwork, the contained(?) brickwork, speak to it

r 4'4'

[saḫar]-še₃ saḫar gi₄-gi₄ dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

To the dust, the contained(?) dust, speak to it

r 5'5'

[...] x⸣-la-zu-še₃ dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

To your ..., speak to him

r 6'6'

[...]-bi gi₄-gi₄-da dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

To the contained(?) ..., speak to it

r 7'7'

[...] an-gin₇ rib-ba dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

To ..., surpassing like heaven, speak to him

r 8'8'

[...] ki⸣-gin₇ peš-a dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

..., wide like the earth, speak to him

r 9'9'

[...]-x⸣-bi *(P₂) <(...)>-ga dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

..., speak to him

r 10'10'

[...] x DU-da dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

..., speak to him

r 11'11'

[...] DIB⸣-ba dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

..., speak to him

r 12'12'

[...]-de₃ dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

..., speak to him

r 13'13'

[...] x gi₄-gi₄-de₃ dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

..., speak to him

r 14'14'

[...] dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

... speak to him

r 15'15'

[...] x⸣-edug₄-ga-an-na-ab

... speak to him

r 16'16'

[...] dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

... speak to him

r 17'17'

[...] x ki ze₂-eb-ba du₃-a ur?-re- ba⸣-tu₁₀-be₂ *(P₂)? dug₄-ga-<an-na-ab>

... built in a good place (but was) struck in the manner of a hostile enemy, speak to it

r 18'18'

[...]-ra dug₄-ga-an-na-ab

... speak to him

r 19'19'

[...] x x x⸣-e-DE₃

r 20'20'

nis⸣-[ḫi ...] ZI

First excerpt of the balaŋ composition elum didira ..., extracted for singing(?)

r 21'21'

IM.GID₂.DA mdIDIM-[DIN-su-E ... m]dnanna-u₃-tud

imgida of Ea-balaṭsu-iqbi, son of Bēl-apla-iddin, son of Nanna-utu

r 22'22'

ŠU! mU-A-MU A-šu₂ Eki itiGU₄ U₄ 2(U)-MIN-KAM₂ MU DIŠ-ME-DIŠ-2(U)-MIN-KAM₂

Hand of Bēl-apla-iddin, his son. Babylon, month of Ayyaru, 22nd day, 182nd year

r 23'23'

man-ti--uk-su 3(DIŠ)-2(U)

Antiochus, the king

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