Measurements of the City Walls of Babylon C

o 1o 1

12 di-ma-a-tum TA ÍD.BURANUN

[Twe]lve t[o]wers from the bank of the Euphrates

o 22

a-di .GAL šá ÍD-šu-ú-ḫi

to the Šūḫi Canal Gate.

o 33

18 di-ma-a-tum TA sip-pi .GAL

Eighteen towers from the doorpost of

o 44

šá ÍD-šu-ú-ḫi a-di KIet kisal-lu šá .ŠÀ.TAM

the Šūḫi Canal Gate to the district of the Court of the Administrator.

o 55

8 di-ma-a-tum TA KIet kisal-lu

Eight towers from the district of the Court

o 66

šá .ŠÀ.TAM a-di sip-pi .GAL šá ÍD-dDI.KU₅

of the Administrator to the doorpost of the Madānu Canal Gate.

o 77

29 di-ma-a-tum TA .GAL šá ÍD-dDI.KU₅

Twenty-nine towers from the Madānu Canal Gate

o 88

a-di DUR šá .GAL-giš-šú

to the enclosure of the Giššu Gate.

o 99

23 di-ma-a-tum TA .GAL-giš-šú

Twenty-three towers from the Giššu Gate

o 1010

a-di UGU di-im-tum e-le-ni-tum

up to the upp[er] tower

o 1111


of the Sun of the God[s] Gate.

r 12r 12

30 di-ma-a-tum TA UGU

Thirty towers from

r 1313

di-im-tum e-le-ni-tum

the upper tower

r 1414


of the Sun of the Gods Gate

r 1515

a-di .GAL-šá-pat-tam-tum

to the Seashore Gate.

Adapted from A.R. George, Babylonian Topographical Texts (Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 40), 1992. Translated and lemmatized by Giulia Lentini, 2019-2020, as part of the LMU-Munich-based project Living Among Ruins (directed by Karen Radner and Jamie Novotny), which is funded by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung as part of the Lost Cities program (coordinated by Martin Zimmermann and Andreas Beyer). Please cite this page as