SpTU 2, 038 [Šumma Izbu 17 commentary]

o 1o 1

BE [...] x LUGAL URIki i-dak

(o 1) If [...] ... will kill the king of Akkad.

o 22

E₂? TA? [...] ina TUR₃ LUGAL : -al-du

(o 2) The house ... [...] in the king's animal stall : they were born.

o 33

IT TA x x x x [...] E ša₂-niš

(o 3) ... [...] ... alternatively; in order to defeat the reign where ...; the finger of its belly; its belly (means): stomach tissue (means): belly ... : the king.

o 44

a-na ka-ša₂-du pa-le-e a-šar? x TU₄ [x] KU? ŠU.SI ŠA₃-BI

o 55

ŠA₃-BI : ku-tu-um ŠA₃ : pa-pa-an lib₃-bi x x x x [...] x : šar-ri

o 66

MUL.GAL : lu₂GU₂.EN.NA : lu₂gu₂-en-na-[ku] [...] x LUGAL? EN-MEŠ :

(o 6) The Great Star (Jupiter) : LU₂.GU₂.EN.NA (means): the governor of Nippur [...] ... king of the lords; : GU₂ (means): total; EN (means): lord; AŠ.DU (means) ...; : the appointed one (means) the leader approaches; MAS.SU₃ (means): the pre-eminent one; MAS.SU₃ (means): the dignitary. :

o 77

GU₂ : nap-ḫar : EN : be-lu : .DU [x] TI? ŠU₂ : šu-ud-du-um? MAS.SU₃ TE-am

o 88

MAS.SU₃ : a-ša₂-re-du MAS.SU₃ : kab-tu <uzu>ME?.[ḪE₂] ḫi-in-ṣi : mu-ter šu-uḫ-ḫu :

(o 8) UZU.ME.HE₂ (means) fatty tissue; bolt of buttock (means): its urethra is sealed; : the urethra is the perforation of the penis where urine comes out; SUR (to be pronounced) su-ur (means): to urinate; : SUR (means): to discharge, concerning urine. It is said in a commentary. :

o 99

mu--tin-na-šu₂ pe-ḫi : mu--tin-na pi-il-šu₂ ša₂ u₂-ša₂-ri a-šar ši-na-a-tu₂

o 1010

uṣ-ṣa-ni : SURsu-ur : ši-tin-nu : SUR : ta-ba-ku ša₂ ši-na-a-tu₂ ina ṣa-a-tu₂

o 1111

qa-bi : KAŠ₃-MEŠ-šu₂ u šit-ta-šu₂ DUak šit-tu₄ : zu-u₂

(o 11) Its urine and excrement will flow. šittu (is a synonym of): excrement.

o 1212

til-la-tu₂ : e-mu-qa : lu₂x KUR₂? ana? KUR-ka u₂-ta-šar : u₂-ta-aš₂-ša-ar

(o 12) Reinforcements (is a synonym of) strength. : An enemy ... will be released into your land. (ūtaššar is also written): u₂-ta--ša-ar (which means) he goes (which also means): to be put in order (means): to keep control (which also means): to control (which also is a synonym of): to go.

o 1313

il-la-ku : a-ša₂-ar : sa-na-qa : a-ša₂-ri : a-la-ku

o 1414

SI : e-še-ru ša₂ a-la-ku ina ṣa-a-tu₂ qa-bi : u₂-ra-ad₂?-da!(BA-)ad :

(o 14) SI (means): to go straight concerning to go. It is said in a commentary. : He will persecute (is as synonym of): GUL (which means): to destroy (which is a synonym of): LA₂ (which means): to defeat (which also means): to kill. :

o 1515

GUL : a-ba-at : LA₂ : ka-mu-u₂ : da-a-ku : zi-im ḫu-wa-wa

(o 15) Huwawa's appearance (means) Humbaba's face; : SAG (means): appeareance; SAG (means): face (which is a synonym of): shape.

o 1616

pa-ni ḫu-um-ba-ba : SAG : zi-i-mu : SAG : pa-ni : bi-ši-im-ti

o 1717

ḫu-le-e : bi-nu-ut ḫu-le-e : ba-ša₂-mu : ba-nu-u

(o 17) A shrew (or): the form of a shrew. : To form (means): to create, alternatively, a shrew's face. :

o 1818

ša₂-niš pa-ni ḫu-le-e : ku-uk-ku qa-ab-li-ti : ki-ma

(o 18) The middle part of a balance : like the reed part of a weighing scales. : Scales, alternatively, a part of a balance.

o 1919

qa-nu-u₂ ša₂ zi-ba-ni-tu₄ : giš!(E₂.)RIN₂!(GU₄) ša₂-niš ku-uk-ku

o 2020

kur₃-ru₃ E₃ : ma-ḫi-ri ip-paṭ-ṭar ša₂-niš ma-ḫi-ir i-nap-pu-

(o 20) The kurru-unit will be released (that means): the business will be discontinued, alternatively, the business will expand.

o 2121

BE iz-bu GIM SUḪUR.MAŠ₂ku₆ u₃ MUŠ qu₂-lip-tu₂ sa-ḫi-ip

(o 21) If an anomaly is covered in a skin of scales like a goatfish or a snake: anger of Sin; the man will be covered with leprosy. : Skin of scales (may be written): qu-lip₂-tu.

o 2222

uz-za-at dSUEN LU₂ ep-qa SA₅ : qu₂-lip-tu₂ : qu₂-lip₂-tu₂

r 1r 1

BE iz-bu SIG₂ na-ši : ma-li-i na-ši : SIG₂ UD₅ : ma-li-i

(r 1) If an anomaly, the hairs are standing up (that means): matted hairs are standing up; : goat's hair (is): matted hair; goat's hair (is): hair of the head. :

r 22

SIG₂ UD₅ : pe--tu₄ : GEME₂ ma-li-i : a-mu-ut : ma-li-i

(r 2) GEME₂ malî (means): a maid with matted hair; GEME₂ (means): maid.

r 33

GEME₂ : a-mu-ut : ZA₃-šu₂ ḪAD₂ : i-mit-ta-šu₂ ša₂-bu-ul-la-at

(r 3) ZA₃-šu₂ HAD₂ (means): its shoulder is withered; the sign HAD₂ (may be read) abālu. : Its intestines are located on its buttock; : ŠA₃ (means): intestines.

r 44

ḫa-a-tu₂ : a-ba-lu : ŠA₃-MEŠ-šu₂ ina GU.DI-šu₂ GAR-MEŠ : ŠA₃ : er-ri

r 55

mu-ma-as-su-ku iḫ-ta-aš₂-ma : la ba-nu-u₂ : il-la-kam-ma

(r 5) The one who spoils hastens (that means): the non-creator : will go; the one who spoils (is a synonym of): the non-creator : to hasten (means): to go.

r 66

mu-ma-as-su-ku : la ba-nu-u₂ : ḫa-a-šu₂ : a-la-ku

2 firing holes in between rulings
r 77

UL šu-ut KA u maš-a-a-al-ti ša₂ pi-i um-ma-nu ša₂ lib₃-bi

(r 7) Commentary (from) an oral tradition and questioning of the expert's speech from (the Series:) "If an anomaly - its stomach is located at the place of its right lung". (Tablet) 18; finished (and) checked.

r 88

BE iz-bu TUN₃-šu₂ ina maš-kan₂ MUR-šu₂ ša 15 GARat 18u₂ SA₅ BAR

r 99

BE iz-bu la₃ AL.TIL BE U₈ si-li-is-su GU₇ imGI₃.DA

(r 9) "If an anomaly". Not completed. "If a ewe eats its afterbirth". Oblong tablet of Iqiša, son of Ištar-šum-ereš, descendant of Ekur-zakir, incantation priest, the Tiranean.

r 1010

mBAša₂-a bu₁₂-kur₂ mdINANAMUKAM ŠA₃.BAL.BAL mE₂.KURza-kir

r 1111

lu₂MAŠ.MAŠ TIR.AN.NAkiu₂ <<NU>> pa-liḫ da-nu dEN.LIL₂

(r 11) The one who fears Anu, Enlil and Ea shall not carry it (the tablet) off. Adad shall take away the one who carries it off.

r 1212

de₂-a <la₃> lit-bal-šu₂ ša₂ iTUM₃-šu₂ dIŠKUR lit-bal-šu₂

r 1313

itiŠU U₄ 14-KAM MU 6-KAM mpi-il-pi-is-su LUGAL KUR.KUR

(r 13) Month of Duʾuzu (IV), day 14, year 6 of (the reign of) Philip, king of all countries.

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