AfO 14 Taf. VI [Enuma Anu Enlil 20 Commentary]

o 1o 1

[... GAR]-ma DINGIR ina KAN₅-šu₂ A₂ tu₁₅U₁₈.LU AN!.TA [KAN₅]-ma

(o 1) [...] took place and the god during its eclipsing darkened on the south side above and cleared [...] : concerning the start of the event: beginning.

o 22

[... ik]-zu : ana UGU re- ši-kin qa-bi taš-ri-tu₄

o 33

[...] NU LU₂ ina šu-ri-in-ni-šu₂ dele-bat

(o 3) [...] not a man. In its šurīnu Venus [...] watch not towards [...] ....

o 44

[...] EN?.NUN? NU ana ŠA₃ [...] x x x NUMUN

(rest of obverse missing)
rr NaN  (start of reverse missing)
r 1'r 1'

[...] x x x [...]

(r 1') [...] ... [...] ... changes position (and) rises and [...] ... [...]

r 2'2'

[...] x KUR₂ GIŠGAL KUR-ma [...] DU [...]

r 3'3'

[...] AN.GE₆ EN.NUN.U₄.ZAL.LA u₂-gam-mir AN.GE₆ x [...]

(r 3') [...] the eclipse lasts for the dawn watch (and) the eclipse ... [...].

r 4'4'

[...] AN.GE₆ U₄ 7-KAM₂ U₄ 14-KAM₂ U₄ 21-KAM₂ ana UGU IGI-šu₂ u BE U₄ [...] x-ME EN.NUN [...]

(r 4') [...] eclipse on the 7th day, the 14th day, (or) the 21st day concerning its appearance or if the [nth] day [...] ... watch [...]

r 5'5'

[...] x x LU x KA : MUL : ša₂ ina ITI EN.NUN a-na d30 TEu₂ u DIBu₂

(r 5') [...] ... : star : That which in the month of the watch approaches the Moon and passes by.

r 6'6'

[...] MUL-MEŠ ziq-pi ša₂ ina UGU AN.GE₆ d30 GARan

(r 6') [...] the culminating stars that are positioned above the eclipse of the Moon.

r 7'7'

[...] x SAR a-na ŠA₃ ta-qab-bi

(r 7') [...] you predict ... towards [...].

r 8'8'

[* mulni]-i-ri ša₂ A.AB.BA a-dir de₂-a a-dir : AN.GE₆ ina mulₓ(AB₂)GU.LA GAR-ma

(r 8') "(If) the Yoke of the Sea is dark (and) Ea is dark" (means): an eclipse takes place in the Great One.

r 9'9'

[...] u₃ šu-ut KA mal₂-su-ut EŠ₂.GAR₃ ša₂ * d60 dEN.LIL₂.LA₂ ša₂ ŠA₃ * ina itiBARA₂ U₄ 14-KAM₂

(r 9') [...] and reading out of the Series of 'When Anu, Ellil' from the middle of '(If) an eclipse takes place in Nisannu (I) on the 14th day and the god in its eclipsing'. Completed.

r 10'10'


r 11'11'

IM md60—DIN-suE gi-nu-u₂ md60—ŠEŠMUnu A mŠEŠ-ʾ-u₂-tu₂ qat₃ mta-ni₃-tu₂d60

(r 11') Tablet of Anu-balassu-iqbi, child of Anu-ah-ittannu, descendant of Ahʾutu. Hand of Tanittu-Anu, his son.

r 12'12'

DUMU-A.NI a-na a-ḫa-zi-šu₂ GID₂.DA U₄-MEŠ-šu₂ DIN ZIti₃-šu₂ kun-nu SUḪUŠ-MEŠ-šu la₃ GAL₂e

(r 12') For his learning, for his days being long, for living his life, for securing his position, for illness not existing for him and for revering his lordship, he wrote and permanently deposited (it) in Uruk and the Reš temple.

r 13'13'

GIG-šu₂ u MUD ENu₂-ti-šu₂ SAR-ma ina UNUGki u e₂re- u₂-kin MUD d60 u U.MU.UN

(r 13') He who reveres Anu and Antu shall not carry it off. He shall not intentionally let it be lost. He should return it to its owner's room on the (same) day. May Adad and Šala carry off he who carries it off. May he not acquire a son, a descendant, someone to bury him.

r 14'14'

la₃ TUM₃-šu₂ ina me-reš-ti-šu₂ la₃ u₂-šam-ki-šu₂ ina AB₂-šu₂ ana maš-tak-ku EN-šu₂ ḪE₂.GUR-šu₂ ša₂ iTUM₃-šu₂

r 15'15'

dŠUR u dŠA.LA litTUM₃-šu₂ MU ki-sit₂-ti u qe₂-bir la₃ TUKU

r 16'16'

UNUGki itiGU₄ U₄ 3-KAM MU 1.20-KAM msi-lu-ku LUGAL

(r 16') Uruk, Ayyaru (II), 3rd day, year 1 20, Seleucus was king.

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