SLT 018 [OB Nippur Ura]

Column i
i 1'i 1'

[bappir₂ al]-aḫ₃

dried dough and herbs used for making beer

i 2'2'

[...] x


i 3'3'

[bappir₂] ud tab-ba

dough and herbs used for making beer exposed to a lot of sunlight

i 4'4'

[bappir₂] sumun₂

dough and herbs used for making beer mixed with beer mash

i 5'5'

[sumun₂ a] ŋar-ra

beer mash infused with water

i 6'6'

[sumun₂ a] sig₁₀-ga

beer mash infused with water

i 7'7'

[sumun₂ sur]-ra

strained beer mash

i 8'8'


cooked beer mash

i 9'9'

[zid₂] munu₄

malt flour

i 10'10'

[...] DU-a


i 11'11'

[...] duru₅

soaked/ripe (...)

i 12'12'

[...] aḫ₃

dried (...)

i 13'13'

[...] x


i 14'14'

[...] x


Column ii
ii 1'ii 1'

[zid₂ gu₂]-nida1

fine emmer flour

ii 2'2'


coarse flour

ii 3'3'


fine flour

ii 4'4'

zid₂-gu sag₁₀

good quality fine flour

ii 5'5'

zid₂-gu ŋen

good quality fine flour

ii 6'6'

zid₂-gu <<mu>> us₂

second quality fine flour

ii 7'7'

zid₂ eš₅-kam-ma-še₃

third quality fine flour

ii 8'8'

zid₂ du₈

baked flour

ii 9'9'


bad quality flour

ii 10'10'

zid₂ še sa-a

flour made from roasted barley

ii 11'11'


flour used for ritual purposes

ii 12'12'

zid₂ ma-ad-ŋa₂

madŋa flour

ii 13'13'

zid₂ e₂-da-di

flour for an edadi offering

ii 14'14'

zid₂ sur-ra

sifted flour

ii 15'15'

zid₂ lal₃-la₂

flour mixed with honey/syrup

ii 16'16'

[ninda?] zid₂-kum

bread made with whole grain flour

ii 17'17'

[ninda zid₂] gu₂-nida

bread made with fine emmer flour

ii 18'18'

[ninda zid₂]-sig₁₅

bread made from coarse flour

Column iii
iii 1'iii 1'

[ninda-i₃-de₂-a teš₂] sig₁₀-ga-bi

pastry with combined contents

iii 2'2'

ninda i₃6

bread made with oil

iii 3'3'

ninda ga

bread made with milk

iii 4'4'

ninda šu-i

bread for a barber

iii 5'5'

ninda šu il₂-la

bread for a šuila prayer

iii 6'6'

ninda dilim₂-da7

bread on a tray

iii 7'7'

ninda ki-sig₁₀-ga

bread of a funerary offering

iii 8'8'

ninda ki an-na8

bread for the ki An ceremony

iii 9'9'

ninda ki dutu

bread for the ki Utu ceremony

iii 10'10'

ninda ki diškur

bread for the ki Iškur ceremony

iii 11'11'

ninda kurum₆

bread for a ration

iii 12'12'



iii 13'13'



iii 14'14'



iii 15'15'


bread crumbs

iii 16'16'


nidba offering

iii 17'17'


nidba offering

iii 18'18'



iii 19'19'

[...] x [...]


Column iv
iv 1'iv 1'

ninda [...]

bread of (...)

iv 2'2'

ninda x [...]

bread of (...)

iv 3'3'

ninda ŋešbun

bread of a banquet

iv 4'4'

ninda ki x [...]

(...) bread

iv 5'5'

ninda KA x [...]

(...) bread

iv 6'6'

ninda x [...]

bread of (...)

Column i
r ir i  (traces of 1 line)
r i 2'2'

i₃ šim

oil of aromatics

r i 3'3'


aromatic/aromatic substance

r i 4'4'


aromatic/aromatic substance

r i 5'5'


aromatic/aromatic substance

r i 6'6'


aromatic/aromatic substance

r i 7'7'


aromatic/aromatic substance

r i 8'8'


resin of the gurum tree

r i 9'9'


resin of the gurum tree

r i 10'10'

šim [ḫi]-ib

(...) aromatic

Column ii
r iir ii  (traces of 5 lines)
r ii 6'6'

še še

(...) barley

r ii 7'7'

še [...]

(...) barley

r ii 8'8'

še [...]

(...) barley

r ii 9'9'

še x-x

(...) barley

r ii 10'10'

še ab-sin₂-na

barley of the furrow

r ii 11'11'

še šu a-ak11

ripened grain

r ii 12'12'

še šu gur₁₀-a

reaped grain

r ii 13'13'

še gu-nu12

mottled barley

r ii 14'14'

[še] saŋ?

top quality barley

Column iii
r iiir iii  (traces of 1 line)
r iii 2'2'

[še] ud-de₃ ri-a

grain that is (...) with sunlight

r iii 3'3'

[še] nim

fall barley

r iii 4'4'

[...] x


r iii 5'5'

an še13

ear of barley

r iii 6'6'



(traces of 7 lines)
Column iv
(traces of 1 column)
Column v
r v 1'1'

zu₂-lum [...]

(...) dates

r v 2'2'

zu₂-lum babbar

white dates

r v 3'3'

zu₂-lum še eštub

dates mixed with spring barley

r v 4'4'

zu₂-lum še-muš₅

dates mixed with muš barley

r v 5'5'

zu₂-lum [...]

(...) dates

r v 6'6'

zu₂-lum [...]

(...) dates

r v 7'7'

zu₂-lum dilmun

dates of Dilmun

(traces of 1 line)

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3See Milano RlA 8: 26.

4See Milano RlA 26, who vocalizes IŠ as kukkuš.

5See Milano RlA 8: 27. Note as well contexts where the zid₂ dub-dub-(bu) is apparently to be eaten (see Brunke PhD 175).

6See Brunke PhD 134.

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11See Attinger ZA 95: 251. Akkadian še'im hunnut,im

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13See Civil FI 88-89.