Converting ATF to and from other formats

Converting legacy data to ATF

For help with converting word processing files, databases, and other legacy data formats to ATF, please contact us directly at osc at oracc dot org.

Converting ATF to other formats

You can generate HTML, RTF and/or XML from ATF without running an Oracc project. Just use the ATF processor web tool, and choose the Make XML, Make HTML and/or Make RTF option(s) as appropriate.
Oracc Text Format
This page explains how to create OTF (Oracc Text Format) files in order to generate OpenOffice documents from ATF files and other text, in order to write books, articles, etc., that draw on Oracc transliterations and translations. OpenOffice (.odt) files can then be saved as Word (.docx) or other word-processing or typesetting formats.
Text Encoding Initiative
Here is some technical documentation on converting from ATF to TEI P5.
18 Dec 2019 osc at oracc dot org
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