eCUT A 12-01 (CTU A 12-01)

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Column i
i 1i 1

dḫal-di-e EN-ŠÚ i-ni su-si-e mru-sa-a-še mar-giš-te-ḫi-ni-še ši-di---ni e-ú-e

(i 1) For the god Ḫaldi, his Lord, Rusa, son of Argišti, built this susi temple and he created and dedicated a ‘gate of the god Ḫaldi’ to perfection in the city “Rusaḫinili in front of Mount Eiduru” for the god Ḫaldi.

i 22

dḫal-di-ni-li ba-du-si-e mru-sa-ḫi-na KUR.e-i-du-ru-ka-i ku-šú-ú-ni at-qa-na-du-ni

i 33

dḫal-di-e mru-sa-a-še a-li qar-bi ma-nu qi-ú-ra-a-ni qu-ul-di-ni ú-i gi-i -ti-i-ni

(i 3b) Rusa says: the rock was (bare and) the earth was deserted, nothing had (ever) been built there.

i 44

ši-da-ú-ri i-ú dḫal-di--me MAN--ḫi a-ru-ni na-ḫa-di .AD-si-ni e-si MAN--ḫi-i-ni

(i 4b) When the god Ḫaldi gave me the kingship I sat down on the fatherly throne of kingship. Then I built this gate of the god Ḫaldi to perfection.

i 55

i-še-er-ḫi-ni i-ni-li dḫal-di-ni-li ši-di---ú-li ba-a-du-ú-si-i-e

i 66

dḫal-di bi-di-ni dḫal-di-na-ni bi-di-ni ma-ni-ni ul-gu-še pi-ṣu-še al-su-i-še

(i 6) On behalf of the god Ḫaldi, on behalf of the gate of the god Ḫaldi may there be life, joy, greatness and strength of a lion, favor (and) protection for Rusa, son of Argišti, for the regions (and) for the Bia lands.

i 77

e-ia-ar-di-še ar-ni -ma-še mru-sa-a mar-giš-te-ḫi-ni-e KUR.šú-ra-a-ú-e

i 88ú-e mru-sa-a-še a-li dḫal-di-na-ni bi-di-ni gu-ni ar-di-še

(i 8b) Rusa says: on behalf of the gate of the god Ḫaldi may there be indeed a ritual (and) indeed arqauše.

i 99

gu-ni ar-qa-ú-še ma-nu-li qu-du-la-ni šú-ḫi-na-ṣi-e MÁŠ.TUR dḫal-di-e ni-ip-si-du-li-ni

(i 9) In case of a new foundation(?), they shall sacrifice a kid for the god Ḫaldi, they shall sacrifice an ox (and) 2 sheep for the god Ḫaldi, a fat sheep for the Weather-God, a fat sheep for the Sun-God, a cow for the godess ’Arubaini, a sheep for the god Ḫuṭuni, a sheep for the Moon-god, a sheep for the weapons of the god Ḫaldi, a sheep for the gate of the god Ḫaldi’,

i 1010

GU₄ 2 UDU dḫal-di-e ŠUM UDU ŠE dIM-a UDU ŠE dUTU-ni-e GU₄.ÁB dʾa-ru-ú-ba-i-ni-e

i 1111

UDU dḫu-ṭu-ni-e UDU d30-e UDU dḫal-di-na-ú-e TIL-LI UDU dḫal-di-na-a-ú-e

Column ii
ii 1ii 1

UDU de-i-du-ru UDU dba-ba-a UDU da-di-a UDU dsar-di-e UDU di-nu-a-ni-i-e UDU da-ia-a

(ii 1) a sheep for the god Eiduru, a sheep for the goddess Baba, a sheep for the goddess Adia, a sheep for the goddess Inuani, a sheep for the goddess Aia, a sheep for the goddess Ṭušpue, a sheep for the goddess Inuani for the second time; 2 sheep for the gods, 2 sheep for the goddesses.

ii 22

UDU dṭu--pu-ni-a UDU di-nu-a-ni-e ši-ši-ni-e 2 UDU DINGIR.MEŠ-ú-e 2 UDU DINGIR.NIN.MEŠ-ú-e mru-sa-a-še

(ii 2b) Rusa says: The god Ḫaldi will silist his gate alzinai. At the side of the gate of the god Ḫal[di] they (or, resp. he/one) shall make thi[s foundation]. Furthermore they (or, resp., he/one) shall build it and ešimeṣi (and) elmuše will be (the translation of the sentence is uncertain).

ii 33

a-li dḫal-di-še si-li--ti-li ma-si-ni-li al-zi-na-i dḫal-di-na-a bi-di su-ú-i-ú-li-e

ii 44

ta-nu-li-ni i-na-na-ni É.URU₄ e-di-ni ši-du-li-ni -i e-ši-me-ṣi el-mu-še ma-nu-ni a-še ta-nu-li-e MÁŠ.TUR

(ii 4b) When they lay them out, they shall sacrifice a kid for the god Ḫaldi, they shall sacrifice an ox for the god Ḫaldi, (and) a cow for the goddess ’Arubaini.

ii 55

dḫal-di-e ni-ip-si-du-li-ni GU₄ dḫal-di-e ŠUM GU₄.ÁB dʾa-ru-ba-i-ni-e a-še ši-di---li pa-ḫa-zu-li

(ii 5b) when they build a paḫazuli, they shall sacrifice a kid for the god Ḫaldi, they shall sacrifice an ox for the god Ḫaldi, (and) a cow for the goddess ’Arubaini.

ii 66

MÁŠ.TUR dḫal-di-e ni-ip-si-du-li-ni GU₄ dḫal-di-e ŠUM GU₄.ÁB dʾa-ru-ba-i-ni-e a-še dḫal-di-e-i

(ii 6b) when they dig the sanctuary of the god Ḫaldi ṣibuli they shall sacrifice a kid for the god Ḫaldi (and?) the ṣiburde which is here (and) the kaquli they shall gather from the deserted land and ešimeṣi (and) elmuše will be.

ii 77

É.BÁRA ṣi-bu-li a-gu-ú-li MÁŠ.TUR dḫal-di-e ni-ip-si-du-li-ni ṣi-bur-di-e a-li-e -ti-ni-ni

ii 88

ka-qu-li ʾa-ḫu-li-ni qi-ú-ra-a qu-ul-di-ni-ni -i e-ši-me-ṣi el-mu-še ma-nu-ni a-li dḫal-di-na-a

(ii 8b) a sheep that(?) at the gate of the god Ḫaldi erašini, they shall incorporate(?) another one(?) who(?) should be a palagi man (and) the house of the god Ḫaldi kušini in front of the god Ḫaldi, in front of the goddess ʾArubaini. (For the following text ii-10b-vii 4a a coherent translation cannot be given since the meaning of many words as well as the grammatical structure remains obscure).

ii 99

UDU e-ra-ši-ni ú-ú-li a-li .pa-la-gi ma-nu-li áš-du-li-ni dḫal-di-ni É ku-ši-ni dḫal-di-ka-i

ii 1010

dʾa-ru-ba-i-ni-ka-i i-šá-ni ši-i-ni za-di-ni ŠUM É.si-ir-ḫa-ni-ni ma-ri-a-ḫi-ni a-li i-ni ú-li

(ii 10b) A coherent translation cannot be given since the meaning of many words as well as the grammatical structure remains obscure.

ii 1111

KUR.šú-ri-li ú-ú-la-li áš-du-li-ni É.si-ir-ḫa-ni-ni ma-ri-a-ḫi-ni É.su-si-ni-ka-a-i ku-ši-ni

Column iii
iii 1iii 1

áš-ḫa-áš-ti-i-ni dḫal-di-e i-šá-ni ši-i-ni za-di-ni ŠUM dḫal-di-i-na-a

iii 22

-ka-i a-lu-si me-ri-ip-te ma-nu-li ši-i-ni me-ru-ni dḫal-di-na-a

iii 33

-ka-i a-li ur-pu-li dḫal-di-na šú-i-ni-ni zi-el-di-e ŠÀ mru-sa-a

iii 44

ar-du-li-ni a-še MAN mru-sa-ḫi-na-a ma-nu-li kam-ni-ni ŠUM-ṣi-ni-ni bar-za-a-ni

iii 55

zi-el-di-e MAN-e ar-du-li-ni a-li a-šú-li dḫal-di-ni É ku-i-zi zi-el-di

iii 66

ši-la-ni-ni i-šá-ni ši-i-ni É.si-ir-ḫa-ni-ni ma-ni-ni na-ḫi-zi ši-al-a-di-e

iii 77

kam-ni su-ri ku-i-zi ši-la-ni-ni dḫal-di-ni É -i a-i-ni-i zu-ma-gi-e

iii 88

áš-du-ú-ni a-li-e áš-du-li 2-am-di-ni mu-ú-ri a-ši-i-ni a-še ši-i-ú-li-e

iii 99

zu-ma-ṭi₅-i-ni É.si-ir-ḫa-ni-ni a-li zu-ma-gi a-šú-li GU₄ dḫal-di-i-e ŠUM

iii 1010

bar-za-ni zi-el-di MAN-e ar-du-li-ni ma-a-še ka-še ḫa-i-di-la-a-ni-ni a-li

iii 1111

.a-ú-e-i-ṭi₅-ni zu-ma-gi a-šú-li ku-ul-mu-li-ni a-li TIL-LI.MEŠ ga-zu-li

Column iv
iv 1iv 1

te-er-du-li-ni GIŠ.ši-si-ni bi-di-a-še GIŠ.ši-i-si-e šú-ú-li-e a-še e-si ma-nu-ú-li i-šá-ḫi-ni

iv 22

te-er-du-li-ni a-li i-ni ú-li TIL-LI te-er-du-li-ni É.a-du-nu-si-ni mru-sa-a-še a-li

iv 33

a-lu-še TUKUL TIL-LI SIKIL dḫal-di-na-ni -ni ḫa-ú-li-e NA₄ ʾa-ḫu-li-ni a-li a-še su-nu-e

iv 44

i-ru-i-du-li TUKUL.MEŠ GIŠ.MEŠ SI.MEŠ ši-e-du-li-ni GÍBIL qi-ú-ra-a qu-ul-di-ni-ni a-li -ti-ni

iv 55

ma-nu-li te-er-du-li-ni É.a-du-nu-si-ni mru-sa-a-še a-li a-li-e dḫal-di-i-ni-e É

iv 66

áš-du-li ḫa-ap-ti-ni-e KIN ma-nu-ni e-me tar-ni GÍR áš-ka-ṭi₅-ni-e ši-e-du-li-i-ni -i

iv 77

e-ši-me-ṣi el-mu-še ma-nu-ni i-ni ú-li KÚR GÀR a-še a-li ú-i -ta-a-ku-ni áš-du-li-ni

iv 88

ši-e-du-li-ni -i e-ši-me-ṣi el-mu-še ma-nu-ni dḫal-di-ni-i a-ma-ni i-gi-di ip-ḫi-e

iv 99

dḫal-di-ni-i ba-du-si-ni i-ú ur-zi-e ʾa-ḫu-li-ni qi-ú-ra-a qu-ul-di-ni-i-ni -i

iv 1010

e-ši-me-ṣi el-mu-še ma-nu-ni mru-sa-a-še a-li -i a-i-še-i ḫa-lu-li-e gu-di-ba-a-di -ni

iv 1111

mru-sa-ḫi-na-a KUR.e-i-du-ru-ka-i mru-sa-i-ni-e É me-er-gi-iši-e-ḫi-na-a

Column v
v 1v 1

[mx]-ra?-ra-i-ni URU.TURḫi-na-a URU.ú-za-a-i-ni a-še URU.ú-la-a

v 22

É.GAL URU.TUR É -pi-lip-ri a-ḫa-li-niú URU.a-la-a-ú-e

v 33

[URU?].am?-bi-e-ḫi-na-a mpa-bi-e-ḫi-ni-ni URU.TUR m-nu-ú-a-ḫi-na-a

v 44

[m]ti-ti-a-ḫi-na-a URU.a-ni---ni-e URU.ú-za-ra-ú-eṭi₅-ú-ni-e

v 55

[a?]-ri dḫal-di-na-a MAN-i ŠUM za-du-ú-še a-še ŠUM qu--me-na-ú-e

v 66

ma?-nu-li MÁŠ.TUR dḫal-di-e ni-ip-si-du-li-ni UDU dḫal-di-e ŠUM UDU dIM-a

v 77

[UDU] dUTU-ni-e UDU dʾa-ru-ba-i-ni-e UDU dḫal-di-na-ú-e TIL-LI

v 88

[UDU] dḫal-di-na-ú-e UDU dú-a UDU DINGIR.MEŠ-ú-e at-qa-na-na-ú-e

v 99

[ma?]-ni-ni GIŠ.GEŠTIN ḫa-lu-li-e kam-ni-ni É i-za-na-ni-ni Ì qar-me-ḫi

v 1010

GEŠTIN-na at-ḫi-la-ti-i-ni áš-ḫi-la-ti-ni dḫal-di-e dḫal-di-na-a

v 1111

i-še-er-ḫi-ni ḫa-lu-li ú-i-la-ti-ni a-lu-še-e gu-di-ba-di a--li-e

Column vi
vi 1vi 1

ka-am-na-ḫi-e NA₄ ʾa-ḫu-li-i-ni a-lu-še ši-šú-ḫa-ni a--li-i-e

vi 22

MÁŠ.TUR dḫal-di-e ni-ip-si-di-la-ni-ni GU₄ dḫal-di-e ŠUM bar-za-ni zi-el-di MAN-e

vi 33

ar-du-li-ni ka-še URU.še-ú-i-la-ni-ni a-še za-ú-ri-e a-mu-li-ni áš-ḫu-li-ni kam-na-ḫi

vi 44

dḫal-di-na-a mru-sa-ḫi-na-a-ni zi-el-di-e MAN-e ú-ú-li-i-ni mru-sa-a-še

(vi 4b) Rusa, son of Argišti says: this place was rock, the land was deserted, nothing has ever been built here.

vi 55

mar-giš-te-ḫi-ni-še a-li i-ni e-si qar-bi ma-nu qi-ú-ra-ni qu-ul-di-ni ma-nu ú-i gi-e-i

vi 66

-ti-ni ši-da-ú-ri-e dḫal-di-ni-ni ba-ú-ši-i-ni i-e-še i-ni É.BÁRA ši-di---bi

(vi 6b) Through the command of the god Ḫaldi I built this temple and I built this fortress to perfection.

vi 77

e-ʾa É.GAL ba-du-si-e ši-di---ú-bi1

vi 88

GIŠ.GEŠTIN GIŠ.za-ri-e šú-ḫi te-ru-ú-bi GÁN GIŠ.Ú.ŠE URU šú-ḫi -ti-ni šá--ú-bi tar-gi-i-ni-li

(vi 8) I planted a vineyard (and) a new fruit orchard, a grain field (and)] I founded a new city here, (its) name is Rusahinili in front of Mount Eiduru (Rusahinili Eidurukai).

vi 99

ar-ni-ú-ši-ni-li -ti-ni za-du-bi te-ru-ú-bi ti-i-ni mru-sa-ḫi-ni-li KUR.e-i-du-ru-ka-i

vi 1010

mru-sa-a-še mar-giš-te-ḫi-ni-še a-li pa-ru-ú-bi<-ni> KUR.-šur-ri-ni

(vi 10) Rusa, son of Argišti, says: I deported men (and) women from the enemy countries, from the land Assur (Assyria), from the land Targuni, from the land Etiuni, from the land Tabla (Tabal)), from the land Qainaru, from the land Hatti (i.e. the Neo-Hittite states), from the land Muški, from the land Ḫatti, from the land Ṣiliquni.

vi 1111

KUR.tar-gu-ni KUR.e-ti-ú-ni-niú KUR.ḫa-a-te-e KUR.ṣi-lu-qu-ni-ni

Column vii
vii 1vii 1

za-du-ú-bi-e -i-a-ni i-nu-ki-e É.GAL-a e-ú-e URU.MEŠ a-li-li

(vii 1) I [ma]de this fortress by the men and these settlements that are in this fortress and I made alzinai this fortress, I added . . . (untranslatable).

vii 22

i-nu-ki-e É.GAL-a za-du-ú-bi al-zi-na-i i-nu-ki-e É.GAL-a

vii 33

a-bi-li-du-ú-bi -i a-i-še-i e-di-ni su-ṭi₅-a-ni -i-e i-bi-ri-ia-ni

vii 44

-i gi-e-i i-na-a-ni ba-ú-ši-na-a-ni še-pu-ia-ar-di-a-ni

(vii 4b) Rusa, son of Argišti, says: Ḫaldi bestowed me with bravery(?), pugnacity and lordship(?). For the god Ḫaldi I accomplished these deeds. Through the greatness of the god Ḫaldi (I am) Rusa, son of Argišti, strong king, great king, king of the lands, king of the Bia lands, king of kings, lord of Ṭušpa-City.

vii 55

mru-sa-a-še mar-giš-te-ḫi-ni-še a-li dḫal-di--me -ḫa-nu-ni

vii 66

ḫu-ṭu--ḫi gu-nu-še e-ú-e .ip-šú-ú-še dḫal-di-a -ti-ni-e

vii 77

i-na-ni-li ar-ni-ú-ši-ni-li-e za-du-ú-li-e

vii 88

dḫal-di-ni-ni al-su-i-ši-i-ni mru-sa-a-ni mar-giš-te-ḫi-e

vii 99

MAN DAN-NU MAN al-su-i-ni-e MAN KUR.šú-ú-ra-a-ú-e

vii 1010

MANú-e MAN MAN.MEŠ-ú-e a-lu-si URU.ṭu--pa-e URU

vii 1111

dḫal-di-ni-ni ba-ú-ši-ni mru-sa-a-še mar-giš-te-ḫi-ni-še a-li

(vii 11) Through the command of the god Ḫaldi Rusa, son of Argišti, says:

Column viii
viii 1viii 1

MAN-e a-li i-si i-ku-ka-ni e-di-ni ma-nu-li -i gi-i i-na-a-ni

(viii 1) A king, who might be later on in this same place(?), shall neither disregard(?) anything of these orders nor shall he šepuiar the work (or, resp., a message) nor shall he puh.2

viii 22

ba-ú-ši-na-ni KIN i-si-ia-ni -i gi-i še-pu-ia-ar-di-a-ni -i pu-ḫi-a-ni

viii 33

gu-ni i-e-še ti-ú-bi gu-ni za-du-ú-bi-e mru-sa-a-še mar-giš-te-ḫi-ni-še

(viii 3) Indeed I spoke, indeed I did. Rusa, son of Argišti, says: (as for the one) who destroys this inscription of the gate of the god Ḫaldi, (as for the one) who damages it, (as for the one) who hides(?) it, (as for the one) who removes it from (its) place, (as for the one) who says ‘I made it’, may it be a Biaean (Urartean) or a foreigner, (as for the one) who destroys my name and puts his (own) name, may the god Ḫaldi, the Weather-God, the Sun-god, (and all) the gods annihilate him, his offspring and his offspring's offspring under the sun . . . (rest of the curse formula untranslatable).

viii 44

a-li a-lu-še i-ni DUB-te-e dḫal-di-na-ni -li-i-e a-lu-ú-še

viii 55

pi--li-e a-lu-še še-er-du-li-e a-lu-še e-si-ni su-ú-i-du-li-e

viii 66

a-lu-še ti-ú-li-e i-e-še za-du-ú-bi a-iše a-i

viii 77še a-lu-še šú-si-e ti-ni-ni -li-i-e ma-a-si-e

viii 88

ti-i-ni te-li-i-e -ri-ni-ni dḫal-di-še dIM-še dUTU-ni-še

viii 99

DINGIR.MEŠ-še ma-a-ni ti-i-ni ar-mu-zi-i ar-mu-zi-gi ar-mu-zi

viii 1010

dUTU-ni pi-e-i -i ar-ḫi-e ú-ru-li-a-ni -i i-na-i-ni-e

viii 1111

-i .na-ra-a a-ú-i-e ú-lu-ú-li-e

1rest of line left blank.

2 The meaning of the clause is uncertain , the partial translation given here is only meant as a suggestion.

Based on Mirjo Salvini, Corpus dei Testi Urartei (CTU), Volume I–V, 2008–2018: Adapted, revised, lemmatized, and translated into English, by Birgit Christiansen (2016-) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), a corpus-building initiative funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (through the establishment of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair for Ancient History of the Near and Middle East) and based at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as