eCUT A 12-03 (CTU A 12-03)


[al-zi-na-i dḫal-di-na-a ] bi-di su-ú-i-ú-li ta-nu-[li-ni i-na-na-ni É.URU₄-me-na-ni]1

(1) [alzinai] at the side [of the gate of the god Ḫaldi they shall] make [this foundation. Furthermore they (or, resp., he/one) shall build it and] ešimeṣi (and) elmuše wi[ll] be.


[e-di-ni ši-du-li-ni -i e]-ši-me-ṣi el-mu-ú-še ma-nu-ú-[ni a-še ta-nu-li-e MÁŠ.TUR]

(2b) [When they lay them out, they sh]all [sacrifice a kid for the god Ḫaldi], they shall sacrifice an ox for the god Ḫaldi, (and) a cow for the goddess [’Arubaini].


[dḫal-di-e ni-ip-si-du-li]-ni GU₄ dḫal-di-i-e ŠUM GU₄.ÁB d[ʾa-ru-ba-i-ni a-še ši-di---li]

(3b) [When they build a paḫazuli], they shall [sacrifice a kid for the god Ḫaldi], they shall sacrifice a sheep for the god Ḫaldi, (and) a sheep for the goddess ’Arubaini].


[pa-ḫa-zu-li MÁŠ.TUR dḫal-di-e ni-ip-si-du]-li-ni UDU dḫal-di-e ŠUM UDU d[ʾa-ru-ba-i-ni-e a-še dḫal-di-e-i]

(4b) [When th]ey [dig the sanctuary] of the god Ḫaldi [ṣibuli] they shall sac[rifice . . . they shall gather] from the desert[ed] land [and ešimeṣi (and) elmuše will be].


[É.BÁRA ṣi-bu-li a-gu-li]-e UDU.MÁŠ.TUR dḫal-di-i-e ni-[ip-si-du-li-ni x x x x x]


[x x x x x x x-x]-la-ti-ni qi-ú-ra-a qu-ul-di-[ni-ni -i e-ši-me-ṣi el-mu-ú-še]


[ma-nu-ni a-li dḫal-di-na-a ] UDU e-ra-a-ši-ni-e ú-ú-li [a-li .pa-la-gi ma-nu-li]

(7b) a sheep [that(?) at the gate of the god Ḫaldi] erašini, they shall incorporate(?) another one(?) [who(?) should be a palagi man . . . this two(?)] shall do and sacrifice . . . (for the following text a coherent translation cannot be given).


[x x x x x i-šá-ni ši-i-ni] za-di-ni ŠUM-ṣi É.si-ri-ḫa-ni-[ni ma-ri-a-ḫi-ni a-li i-ni ú-li]


[KUR.šú-ri-li ú-ú-la-li áš]-du-li-i-ni É.si-ri-ḫa-ni-ni [ma-ri-a-ḫi-ni É.su-si-ni-ka-a-i]


[ku-ši-ni áš-ḫa-áš-ti-i-ni dḫal]-di-na-a -ka-i a-lu-si me-ri-ip-[te ma-nu-li ši-i-ni me-ru-ni]


[dḫal-di-na-a -ka-i a-li ur-pu-li dḫal-di-na šú]-i-ni-ni zi-el-di-e UZU.ti--nu [mru-sa-a ar-du-li-ni a-še?]

1Or E₂.URU₄-i-me-na-ni (Urartian ime=na=ni)

Based on Mirjo Salvini, Corpus dei Testi Urartei (CTU), Volume I–V, 2008–2018: Adapted, revised, lemmatized, and translated into English, by Birgit Christiansen (2016-) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), a corpus-building initiative funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (through the establishment of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair for Ancient History of the Near and Middle East) and based at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as