an [SKY] (N)

5810 instances

an [SKY] N (5810x) Early Dynastic I-II, Early Dynastic IIIa, Early Dynastic IIIb, Ebla, Old Akkadian, Lagash II, Ur III, Old Babylonian, Middle Assyrian, Middle Babylonian, Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Hellenistic, Uncertain, unknown wr. an; an-na; a; ŋešan; an-an; na; an-na-an; an-na-an-na; an-namušen "sky, heaven; upper; crown (of a tree), foliage, ear (of barley etc.); above"

+--na=n.a (1155x/20%); --ne₂=n.e (133x/2%).
PCED IIIaED IIIbEblaOAkkLag IIUr IIIOBPost-OB(unknown)

60 distinct forms attested; click to view forms table.

Attested in the following periods:

Early Dynastic I-II (1x/0%)

Early Dynastic IIIa (23x/0%)

Early Dynastic IIIb (60x/1%)

Ebla (10x/0%)

Old Akkadian (16x/0%)

Lagash II (66x/1%)

Ur III (3135x/54%)

Old Babylonian (2051x/35%)

Middle Assyrian (3x/0%)

Middle Babylonian (13x/0%)

Neo-Assyrian (57x/1%)

Neo-Babylonian (58x/1%)

Hellenistic (123x/2%)

Uncertain (1x/0%)

unknown (193x/3%)


Akk. šamû.


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[1973] G. Gragg, Sumerian Dimensional Infixes 17; 31-32.

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