K 04273 (K 04273 (Glass fragment a)) [glass-making]

Column i
(start of column missing)
i 1'1'


(i 1') (...) 1 cubit of (wood...) until the (...) you set it down [into your firebox] as soon as [(the mixture) appears red ...] you take out (...) and alum, and crush (...)

i 2'2'

1 KÙŠ? [...]

i 3'3'

a-⸢di [...]

i 4'4'

ša [...]

i 5'5'

tu-še-⸢la⸣-[ma ...]

i 6'6'

su-ú-[mu? ...]

i 7'7'


i 8'8'

tu-še-la-⸢ma [...]

i 9'9'

ta-ḫa-šal [...]

i 10'10'

a-na 2 MA.NA NA₄ [...]

(i 10') To 2 minas of [ground mekku-glass (you add)] 2/3 minas of amnakku, [2/3 minas of salicornia "mineral"], 1 kisal and 22 1/2 uṭṭatu-units [of kalû-paste], 1 kisal and 22 1/2 [kalgukku-paste.] You pick up (the mixture) as you had done previously, (...) you mix it and stir it

i 11'11'

2/3 MA.NA na₄am-⸢na⸣-[ku ...]

i 12'12'

1 KISAL 22 1/2 ŠE [...]

i 13'13'

1 KISAL 22 1/2 ŠE [...]

i 14'14'

ki-ma ta-at-ta-⸢šu⸣-[u ...]

i 15'15'

ta-mar-as-ma tul-[ta-bal]

Column ii
(start of column missing)
ii 1'1'

x-x-x x-x⸣-[...]

ii 2'2'

GIM SUMUN-šú šà-ṭir-[ma ...]

(ii 2') Written [and checked] according to its original. I am Aššurbanipal, [king of the land of Aššur], on whom the god Nabu and the goddess Tašmetu bestowed [broad] wisdom; the one who has sharp eyes. I have written, checked, and collated on tablets the highest level of the scribal arts, such a skill as none amongst the kings my predecessors had learned, everything pertaining to cuneiform signs, the wisdom of Nabu. And deposited (them) for the sake of my life, the preservation of my living, for the displacement of my illness. (For) the foundation of my royal throne, for future days I deposited them in the library of the temple of Nabu, the great lord, my lord, which is in Nineveh. In future days, Oh Nabu, look joyfully upon this work and bless my kingship, whenever I call on you, take my hand! Whenever I go to your temple, constantly protect my way. Once this work is placed in your temple and established before you, look favorably (upon me) and remember my good fortune. Tašmetu, great lady, your beloved first-rank wife, who intercedes for me before you—may she sleep well in bed and [daily] ask you for my life without stopping. [Whoever trusts in you], Nabu, should never be ashamed.

ii 3'3'

a-na-ku mAN.ŠÁR--⸢A [...]

ii 4'4'

ša d u dPAPNUN GEŠTU-MIN x⸣-[...]

ii 5'5'

i-ḫu-zu IGI-MIN ZÁLAGtu ni-⸢siq [...]

ii 6'6'

ša ina LUGAL-MEŠni a-⸢lik [...]

ii 7'7'

mám-ma šip-ru šú-a- la i-[ḫu-zu]

ii 8'8'

-me-eq d ti-kip sa-⸢an⸣-[tak-ki?]

ii 9'9'

ma-la ba--mu ina DUB-MEŠni áš-[ṭur]

ii 10'10'

as-niq ab-re-e-ma ana TI.LA-⸢ia?

ii 11'11'

na-ṣir ZIti-ia NU GÁL GIG-⸢ia

ii 12'12'


ii 13'13'

ina IM.. É d šá -reb NINAki

ii 14'14'

EN GALe EN-ia ana u₄-me ṣa-a-ti

ii 15'15'

ú-kin aḫ-ra-taš šip-ru šú-a-

ii 16'16'

d ḫa-diš nap-lis-ma ki-tar-ra-ba LUGALti

ii 17'17'

e-ma a-šá-su-ka qa-⸢ti ṣa⸣-bat

ii 18'18'

ina i-tal-lu-ki É-ka ka-a-a-an

ii 19'19'

ú⸣-ṣur kib-si-ia e-⸢ma šip⸣-ru šú-a-

ii 20'20'

[ina? É]-ka šak-⸢nu⸣-ma kun-nu IGI-ka

ii 21'21'

[...]-⸢a nap⸣-lis-ma ḫi-tas-sa-sa SIG₅ti

ii 22'22'

[d?]⸢PAPNUN? GAŠAN GAL ḫi-ir- na-ram-ta-ka

ii 23'23'

[ṣa]-⸢bi⸣-ta-at ab-bu-ut-ti

ii 24'24'

[ina?] maḫ⸣-ri-ka ina ma-a-a-al tak--e

ii 25'25'

[...] la na-par-ka-a li-ter-riš-ka ba--ṭi

ii 26'26'

[...]-⸢x NU TÉŠ dMU.DU₁₀.GA.SA₄.A

Edition by Eduardo A Escobar