VS 15, 31 [Lease of storehouse]

o 1o 1

[m]d60-AD-URI₃ DUMU ša₂ mri-ḫat-d60 DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU A mMU-MEŠ ina ḫu-ud lib₃-bi-šu₂

(o 1) Anu-ab-uṣur, son of Rihat-Anu, son of Anu-ahhe-iddin, descendant of Šumati, voluntarily spoke thus to Anu-belšunu, whose other name is Antiochus, son of Nidintu-Anu, son of Tanittu-Anu, descendant of Ahʾutu:

o 22

iq-bi a-na md60-EN-šu₂-nu ša₂ MU-šu₂ ša₂-nu-u₂ man-ti-ʾi-i-ku-su DUMU ša₂ mNIG₂.SUM.MU-d60

o 33

DUMU ša₂ mta-nit-tu₄-d60 A mŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-tu um-mu E₂ ŠU-MIN at-tu-ka

(o 3) Your bīt qāti in the Reš, in the Anu temple, in the chamber of wooden objects --- (its) upper long side to the north, adjacent to the Antu cella, (its) lower long side to the south, adjacent to the cella of Beltu-ša-Reš, (its) short upper side to the west, adjacent to the area between the city walls, (its) short lower side to the east, adjacent to the [...] of the chamber of wooden objects and the accessway of that bīt qāti --- the total of the long sides and the short sides of that bīt qāti, as little or as much as there is, all of it, give me for thirty years. Concerning that bīt qāti, I will supervise and pay you for the entering and exiting of it and (for) whatever you have paid with respect to its administrator.

o 44

ina e₂re- ina E₂ d60 ina E₂ iṣ-ṣi US₂ ANu₂ tu₁₅SI.SA₂ DA!

o 55

[E₂].pa-[pa-ḫi] ša₂ an-tu₄ US₂ KIu₂ tu₁₅U₁₈.LU DA E₂.pa-pa-<ḫi> ša₂ <d>GAŠAN-ša₂-e₂SAG

o 66


o 77

[KI].TA tu₁₅KUR.RA DA E₂ DU₃?-DU₃? ša₂ E₂ iṣ-ṣi u mu-ṣu-u₂

o 88

[ša₂ E₂] MU-MEŠ ŠU.NIGIN US₂-MEŠ u SAG.KI mi-šiḫ-tu₄ E₂ ŠU-MIN MU-MEŠ

o 99

E₂? [ŠU-MIN MU]-MEŠ i-ṣi u ma-a-du ma-la ba-šu-u₂ gab-bi a-di

o 1010

30 MU.[AN].NA bi-in-nam ina E₂ ŠU-MIN MU-MEŠ KU₄ u E₃ ina lib₃-bi-šu₂ u mim-ma

o 1111

gab-bi ša₂ lu₂re-du ša₂ ta-din a-na-aṣ-ri u a-na-da-ka

o 1212

[U₄]-BI md60-EN-šu₂-nu a-ga-a a-na md60-AD-URI₃ -mu!-u₂-ma a-na1

(o 12) On that day, this Anu-belšunu heard this Anu-ab-uṣur (and) he gave him that bīt qāti for thirty years. This Anu-bēl-šunu does not have a claim against that bīt qāti until thirty years have passed. He will not transfer it from the hands of this Anu-ab-uṣur and he will not give it to any other. If he transfers that bīt qāti from the hands of Anu-ab-uṣur and gives it to someone else, without legal proceedings and without claims, he will pay Anu-ab-uṣur [x] shekel of silver. And if this Anu-ab-uṣur ... has given, he will pay one mina of silver to Anu-belšunu. That bīt qāti, and the entering and exiting of that bīt qāti, belongs to Anu-ab-uṣur for thirty years

o 1313

[md]60-AD-URI₃ a-ga-a E₂ ŠU-MIN MU-MEŠ a-di 30 MU.AN.NA-šu₂ i-da-šu₂

o 1414

ul i-rag-ma md60-EN-šu₂-nu a-ga-a E₂ ŠU-MIN MU-MEŠ a-di la 30 MU.AN.NA-MEŠ

o 1515

i-šal-lim-ma!(LU) ina ŠU-MIN md60-AD-URI₃ a-ga-a ul u₂-še-ti-iq u ma-am

o 1616

[ša₂]-nam-ma ul i-nam-din u ki-i E₂ ŠU-MIN MU-MEŠ ina ŠU-MIN md60-AD-URI₃

o 1717

[ul]-te?-[ti]-iq? [u] ma-am ša₂-nam-ma it-tan-nu ša₂ la DI.KU₅ u! la ḫar-ḫar-ra

o 1818

[x GIN₂ KU₃.BABBAR a-na md60]-AD-URI₃ i-[nam]-din u ki-i md60-AD-URI₃ a-ga-a

o 1919

[...] it-tan-nu 1 MA.NA KU₃.BABBAR

r 1r 1

[a-na md60-EN-šu₂-nu i-nam-din E₂ ŠU-MIN] MU-MEŠ a-di 30 MU.AN.NA-MEŠ i-šal-lim-ma

r 22

[ša₂ md60]-AD-URI₃ a-[ga-a u ina E₂ ŠU-MIN MU]-MEŠ KU₄ u E₃

r 33

[lu₂]mu-kin₇ md60-[... ... ...]-x lu₂ŠEŠ-MEŠ-šu₂ DUMU-MEŠ ša₂ mni-din-tu₄-d60

(r 3) Witnesses: Anu-X-X [...] his brothers, sons of Nidintu-Anu, descendant of Ahʾutu. [...] son of X-MU-Anu, son of Anu-ab-uṣur, descendant of Kuri

r 44

[A m]ŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-[tu ...]-nu-[...] DUMU [ša₂ ...]-MU-d60 DUMU ša₂ md60-AD-URI₃ A mkur-i2

r 55

[m]ta-nit-tu₄-d[60 DUMU ša₂ m]dna-na?-[a-MU A m]ŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-tu

(r 5) Tanittu-Anu, son of Nanaya-iddin, descendant of Ahʾutu

r 66

[m]ni-din-tu₄-d60 DUMU [ša₂ mdum]-qi₂-d60 A mḫun-zu-u₂

(r 6) Nidintu-Anu, son of Dumqi-Anu, descendant of Hunzu

r 77

[m]dum-qi₂-d60 DUMU [ša₂ ...]-d?60? A mlu--tam-mar-dIŠKUR

(r 7) Dumqi-Anu, son of [...]-Anu, descendant of Luštammar-Adad

r 88

[...] x [DUMU ša₂ ... A mlu-]-tam-mar-dIŠKUR

(r 8) [...], son of [...], descendant of Luštammar-Adad

r 99

[...-d]INANA lu₂se-pir NIG₂.GA d60

(r 9) [...]-Ištar, interpreter scribe of the property of Anu

6 uninscribed lines
r 1010

[md60-BAša₂-an]-ni lu₂UMBISAG lu₂GALA.MAḪ d[60 DUMU ša₂] mni-din-tu₄-d60 A md30-TI-ER₂

(r 10) Anu-qišanni, scribe (and) chief lamentation-priest of Anu, son of Nidintu-Anu, descendant of Sin-leqi-unninni. (Written in Uruk. date destroyed. Antiochus) and Seleucus (being) king(s).

r 1111

[UNUGki ... man-ti-ʾi-i-ku-su] u mse-lu-ku LUGAL

Column i
t.e. i 1t.e. i 1


(t.e. i 1) [Ring of] X-ittannu

seal impression not preserved
t.e. i 22


Column ii
t.e. ii 1t.e. ii 1


(t.e. ii 1) [Ring of] Kidin-Anu

seal impression not preserved
t.e. ii 22


Column iii
t.e. iii 1t.e. iii 1


(t.e. iii 1) Ring of Nanaya-iddin

(impression of seal impression )
t.e. iii 22


beginning of side broken
Column i
b.e. i' 1b.e. i 1


(b.e. i' 1) [Ring of] Nidintu-Anu

seal impression not preserved
b.e. i' 22


Column ii
b.e. ii' 1b.e. ii 1


(b.e. ii' 1) [Ring of] Anu-ittannu

seal impression not preserved
b.e. ii' 22


l.e.l.e. left edge totally destroyed
Column i
r.e. i 1r.e. i 1

un-qa md60-EN-šu₂-nu

(r.e. i 1) Ring of Anu-belšunu, whose other name is Antiochus

(impression of seal = AUWE 20, *21-01)
r.e. i 22

ša₂ MU-šu₂ ša₂-nu-u₂ man-ti-ʾi-i-ku-su

Column ii
r.e. ii 1r.e. ii 1


(r.e. ii 1) Ring of Anu-ab-uṣur

(impression of seal = AUWE 20, *21-02)
r.e. ii 22


1Copy of mu more closely resembles še.

2Name ending -MU-{d}60 could represent Nidintu-Anu, but all other instances for this person written syllabically. Perhaps a sibling with different name?