Tiglath-pileser I 01

Column i
i 1i 1

da-šur EN GAL muš-te-šìr kiš-šat DINGIR.MEŠ

(i 1) God Aššur, great lord, who properly administers all the gods, grantor of scepter and crown, sustainer of sovereignty; god Enlil, lord, king of all the Anunnakū gods, father of the gods, lord of the lands; (i 5) god Sîn, wise one, lord of the lunar disk, lofty divine crescent; god Šamaš, judge of heaven (and) underworld, who espies the enemy's treachery, who exposes the wicked; god Adad, hero, who storms over hostile regions, (i 10) mountains, (and) seas; god Ninurta, valiant one, slayer of criminal and foe, fulfiller of hearts' desires; goddess Ištar, foremost among the gods, mistress of tumult, who adorns battles;

i 22

na-din GIŠ.GIDRU ù a-ge-e mu-kín MAN-ti

i 33

dEN.LÍL be-lu MAN gi-mir da-nun-na-ki

i 44


i 55

d30 er-šu EN a-ge-e

i 66

ša-qu-ú d.GUR₈

i 77

dUTU DI.KUD AN KI-ti ḫa-a-iṭ

i 88

ṣa-al-pat a-a-be mu-še-eb-ru ṣe-ni

i 99

dIŠKUR ur-ša-nu ra-ḫi-iṣ kib-rat KÚR.MEŠ

i 1010


i 1111

dnin-urta qar-du šá-giš lem-ni ù a-a-bi

i 1212

mu-šem-ṣu-ú mal lìb-bi

i 1313

dINANNA SAG-ti DINGIR.MEŠ be-lit te-še-e

i 1414

mu-šar-ri-ḫat MURUB₄.MEŠ-te

i 1515

DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ mu-ut-tab-bi-lu-ut AN-e KI-ti

(i 15) Great gods, managers of heaven (and) underworld, whose attack means conflict and strife, who make great the sovereignty of Tiglath-pileser, beloved prince, your select one, attentive shepherd, (i 20) whom you chose in the steadfastness of your hearts; upon him you set the exalted crown, you grandly established him for sovereignty over the land of the god Enlil, to him you granted leadership, supremacy, (and) valor, you pronounced forever his destiny of dominion (i 25) as powerful and (the destiny) of his priestly progeny for service in Eḫursagkurkurra;

i 1616

ša ti-bu-šu-nu GIŠ.LAL ù šá-áš-mu

i 1717

mu-šèr-bu-ú šar-ru-ut

i 1818

mGIŠ.tukul-ti-IBILA-é-šár-ra NUN na-ra-me

i 1919

bi-bíl lìb-bi-ku-un SIPA-ia na-a-di

i 2020

ša i-na ke-e-ni lìb-bi-ku-un tu-ta-a-šu

i 2121

a-ga-a ṣi-i-ra tu-up-pi-ra-šu a-na MAN-ut

i 2222

KUR dEN.LÍL GAL- tu-kín-na-šu

i 2323

a-ša-re-du-ta ṣi-ru-ta qar-du-ta

i 2424

ta-qi-ša-šu ši-ma-at EN-ti-šu

i 2525

a-na kiš-šu-te ù NUMUN SANGA-ti-šu

i 2626

a-na man-za-az é-ḫur-sag-kur-kur-ra

i 2727

a-na da-riš taš-qu-ra

i 2828

mGIŠ.tukul-ti-IBILA-é-šár-ra LUGAL dan-nu

(i 28) Tiglath-pileser, strong king, unrivalled king of the universe, king of the four quarters, (i 30) king of all princes, lord of lords, chief herdsman, king of kings, attentive purification priest, to whom by command of the god Šamaš the holy scepter was given and who had complete authority over the people, subjects of the god Enlil, faithful shepherd, whose name (i 35) was called over the princes, exalted bishop, whose weapons the god Aššur has sharpened and whose name he has pronounced eternally for control of the four quarters, capturer of distant districts to borders (i 40) above and below, radiant day whose brilliance overwhelms the regions, splendid flame which covers the hostile land like a rain storm and, by the command of the god Enlil, having no rival defeats the enemy of the god Aššur;

i 2929

LUGAL KIŠ la-a šá-na-an LUGAL kib-rat 4-i

i 3030


i 3131

i-šip-pu na--du šá i-na si-qir dUTU

i 3232

GIŠ.GIDRU -tu na-ad-na-ta-šu-ma UN.MEŠ

i 3333

ba-ʾu-lat dEN.LÍL ul-taš-pi-ru

i 3434

gi-mir-ta SIPA-iu ke-e-nu ša si-qir-šu

i 3535

UGU ma-li-ki.MEŠ -bu-ú

i 3636

šà-tam-mu ṣi-ru ša da-šur GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-šu

i 3737

ú-šá-ḫi-lu-ma a-na mu-ʾu-ru-ut kib-rat 4-i

i 3838

MU-šu a-na da-riš -qu-ru ṣa-bit

i 3939

pu-lu-gi -su-te ša ZAG.ZAG

i 4040

e-liš ù šap-liš u₄-mu -par₅-du-ú

i 4141

ša me-lam-mu-šu UB.MEŠ ú-saḫ-ḫa-pu

i 4242

nab-lu šur-ru-ḫu šá ki-ma ti-ik

i 4343

ri-iḫ-ṣi a-na KUR nu-kúr-te šuz*-nu-nu-ma

i 4444

i-na si-qir dEN.LÍL ma-ḫi-ra la-a i-šu-ú

i 4545

ú-šam-qi-tu gi-ir da-šur

i 4646

da-šur DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ mu-šèr-bu-ú LUGAL-ti-ia

(i 46) The god Aššur (and) the great gods who magnify my sovereignty, who granted as my lot power and strength, commanded me to extend the border of their land. They placed in my hands their (i 50) mighty weapons, deluge in battle. I gained control over lands, mountains, towns, and princes who were hostile to Aššur and I subdued their districts. (i 55) I vied with 60 crowned heads and achieved victory over them in battle. I have neither rival in strife nor equal in conflict. I added territory to Assyria (and) people to its population. I extended the border of my land and ruled over all their lands.

i 4747

ša kiš-šu-ta ù da-na-na a-na -qi-ia

i 4848

-ru-ku-ni mi-ṣir KUR-ti-šu-nu

i 4949

ru-up-pu-ša iq-bu-ni GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-šu-nu

i 5050

dan-nu-ti a-bu-ub tam-ḫa-ri

i 5151

qa-ti lu-šat-me-ḫu KUR.KUR.MEŠ KUR.MEŠ

i 5252

ma-ḫa-zi ù mal-ki.MEŠ KÚR.MEŠ-ut da-šur

i 5353

a-pél-ma mi-iṣ-ri-te-šu-nu

i 5454

ú-ke-ni- it-ti 1 šu-ši LUGAL.MEŠ-ni

i 5555

šu-ut TÚG.SAGŠU al-ta-na-an-ma

i 5656

li-i-ta šit-nun-ta UGU-šu-nu

i 5757

al-ta-ka-an GABA.RI-a i-na MURUB₄

i 5858

ù ša-ni-na i-na la-a i-ša-a-ku

i 5959

UGU KUR da-šur ma-a-ta UGU UN.MEŠ-ša

i 6060

UN.MEŠ lu-rad-di mi-ṣir KUR-ti-ia

i 6161

ú-re-piš-ma gi-mir KUR.KUR-šu-nu a-pél

i 6262

i-na šur-ru LUGAL-ti-ia 20 LIM .MEŠ

(i 62) In my accession year: 20,000 Mušku with their five kings, who had held for 50 years the lands Alzu (i 65) and Purulumzu bearers of tribute and tithe to the god Aššur, my lord (the Mušku), whom no king had ever repelled in battle, being confident of their strength they came down (and) (i 70) captured the land Katmuḫu. With the support of the god Aššur, my lord, I put my chariotry and army in readiness (and), not waiting for my rear guard, I traversed the rough terrain of Mount Kašiiari. I fought with their 20,000 men-at-arms (i 75) and five kings in the land Katmuḫu. I brought about their defeat. Like a storm demon I piled up the corpses of their warriors on the battlefield (and) made their blood flow into the hollows (i 80) and plains of the mountains. I cut off their heads (and) stacked them like grain piles around their cities. I brought out their booty, property, (and) possessions without number. I took (i 85) the remaining 6,000 of their troops who had fled from my weapons (and) submitted to me and regarded them as people of my land.

i 6363

KUR.muš-ka-a-ia.MEŠ ù 5 LUGAL.MEŠ-ni-šu-nu

i 6464

ša 50 MU.MEŠ KUR.al-zi

i 6565

ù KUR.pu-ru-lum-zi na-a-áš GUN

i 6666

ù ma-da-at-te ša da-šur EN-ia iṣ-ba-tu-ni

i 6767

LUGAL ia-um-ma i-na tam-ḫa-ri GABA-su-nu

i 6868

la-a ú--ḫu a-na da-na-ni-šu-nu

i 6969

it-ka-lu-ma ur-du-ni KUR.kat-mu-ḫi

i 7070

iṣ-ba-tu i-na GIŠ.tukul-ti da-šur EN-ia

i 7171

GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ ù qu-ra-di-ia.MEŠ lul-te-šìr

i 7272

EGIR-a ul ú-qi KUR.ka-ši-ia-ra

i 7373

A.ŠÀ nam-ra-ṣi lu-u ab-bal-kit

i 7474

it-ti 20 LIM ERIM.MEŠ muq-tab-li-šu-nu

i 7575

ù 5 LUGAL.MEŠ-šu-nu i-na KUR.kat-mu-ḫi

i 7676

lu al-ta-na-an a-bi-ik-ta-šu-nu

i 7777

lu áš-kun šal-ma-at qu-ra-di-šu-nu

i 7878

i-na mit-ḫu-uṣ tu-ša-ri ki-ma ra-ḫi-ṣi

i 7979

lu-ke-mir ÚŠ.MEŠ-šu-nu ḫur-ri

i 8080

ù ba-ma-a-te ša KUR-i lu ú-šèr-di

i 8181

SAG.DU.MEŠ-šu-nu lu-na-ki-sa i-da-at

i 8282

URU.MEŠ-šu-nu ki-ma ka-re-e lu-še-pi-ik

i 8383

šal-la-su-nu bu-ša-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu

i 8484

a-na la-a mi-na ú-še-ṣa-a 6 LIM

i 8585

si-te-et um-ma-na-te-šu-nu ša i-na pa-an

i 8686

GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-ia ip-pár-ši-du GÌR.MEŠ-ia

i 8787

iṣ-ba-tu al-qa-šu-nu-ti-ma

i 8888

a-na UN.MEŠ KUR-ti-ia am-nu-šu-nu-ti

i 8989

i-na u₄-mi-šu-ma a-na KUR.kat-mu-ḫi la ma-gi-ri

(i 89) At that time I marched to the insubmissive land Katmuḫu which had withheld tribute and impost from the god Aššur, my lord. I conquered the entire land of Katmuḫu. I brought out their booty, property, (and) possessions. Their cities (ii 1) I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed. The remainder of the (inhabitants of the) land Katmuḫu, who had fled from my weapons (and) (ii 5) crossed over to the city Šereššu which is on the opposite bank of the Tigris, made that city their stronghold. Taking my chariots and warriors I hacked through the rough mountain range and difficult paths with copper picks and made a good way for the passage of (ii 10) my chariots and troops. I crossed the Tigris (and) conquered their fortified city, Šereššu. I spread out like grain heaps (the corpses of) their men-at-arms in the battle. I made (ii 15) their blood flow in the hollows and plains of the mountains. At that time I laid low like sheep, with the army of (ii 20) the land Katmuḫu, the army of the Papḫû which had come to the aid and assistance of the land Katmuḫu. I built up mounds with the corpses of their men-at-arms on mountain ledges. I allowed the River Nāme to carry the bodies of their warriors out to the Tigris. I captured in battle their king, (ii 25) Kili-Teshub, son of Kali-Teshub, who is called Errupi. I carried off his wives, his natural sons, his clan, 180 (ii 30) copper kettles, five bronze bath-tubs, together with their gods, gold and silver, the best of their property. I brought out their booty. I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed that city and its palace.

i 9090

ša GUN ù ma-da-ta a-na da-šur EN-ia

i 9191

ik-lu-ú lu al-lik KUR.kat-mu-ḫi

i 9292

a-na si-ḫír-ti-ša ak-šud

i 9393

šal-la-su-nu bu-ša-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu

i 9494

ú-še-ṣa-a URU.MEŠ-šu-nu i-na IZI.MEŠ

Column ii
ii 1ii 1

áš-ru-up ap-púl aq-qur si-te-et

ii 22

KUR.kat-mu-ḫi ša i-na pa-an GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-ia

ii 33

ip-pár-ši-du a-na URU.še-re-še

ii 44

ša GÌR am-ma-te ša ÍD.IDIGNA

ii 55

lu e-be-ru URU a-na dan-nu-ti-šu-nu

ii 66

lu -ku-nu GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ ù qu-ra-di-ia.MEŠ

ii 77

lu al-qe KUR-a mar-ṣa ù gir-re-te-šu-nu

ii 88

pa-áš-qa-a-te i-na aq-qúl-lat URUDU.MEŠ

ii 99

lu aḫ-si ḫu-ú-la a-na me-te-eq

ii 1010

GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-ia ù um-ma-na-te-ia lu-ṭí-ib

ii 1111

ÍD.IDIGNA lu e-bir URU.še-re-še

ii 1212

URU dan-nu-ti-šu-nu ak-šud

ii 1313

ERIM.MEŠ muq-tab-li-šu-nu i-na -reb tam-ḫa-ri

ii 1414

ki-ma ser-ma-ši lu-me-ṣi

ii 1515

ÚŠ.MEŠ-šu-nu ḫur-ri ù ba-ma-a-te ša KUR-i

ii 1616

lu-šèr-di i-na u₄-mi-šu-ma um-ma-na-at

ii 1717

KUR.pap-ḫe-e ša a-na šu-zu-ub

ii 1818

ù -ra-ru-ut-te ša KUR.kat-mu-ḫi

ii 1919

il-li-ku-ú-ni it-ti um-ma-na-at

ii 2020

KUR.kat-mu-ḫi-ma ki-ma šu-ú-be -na-il

ii 2121

pa-gar muq-tab-li-šu-nu a-na gu-ru-na-a-te

ii 2222

i-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i lu--ri-in

ii 2323

šal-ma-at qu-ra-di-šu-nu ÍD.na-a-me

ii 2424

a-na ÍD.IDIGNA lu ú-še-ṣi

ii 2525

mki-li-dte-šub DUMU ka-li-dte-šub

ii 2626

ša mer-ru-pi i-sa-si-ú-šu-ni

ii 2727

LUGAL-šu-nu i-na -reb tam-ḫa-ri qa-ti

ii 2828

ik-šud DAM.MEŠ-šu DUMU.MEŠ

ii 2929

nab-ni-it lìb-bi-šu el-la-su 3 šu-ši

ii 3030

ruq-qi URUDU.MEŠ 5 nàr-ma-ak ZABAR

ii 3131


ii 3232

ù du-muq nam-kur-ri-šu-nu áš-ša-a

ii 3333

šal-la-su-nu ú-še-ṣa-a

ii 3434

URU šu-a-tu ù É.GAL-šu i-na IZI.MEŠ

ii 3535

áš-ru-up ap-púl aq-qur

ii 3636

URU.ur-ra-ṭí-na-áš URU dan-nu-ti-šu-nu

(ii 36) With regard to the city Urraṭinaš, their stronghold situated in the land Panaru, the terror, fear, (and) splendor of the god Aššur, my lord, overwhelmed them. To save (ii 40) their lives they took their gods (and) possessions and flew like birds to ledges on high mountains. Taking my chariotry and army I crossed the Tigris. Šadi-Tešub, son of Ḫattuḫu, king (ii 45) of the city Urraṭinaš, submitted to me in his own land. I took his natural sons and his family as hostages. He brought to me as tribute and tax 60 copper kettles, bronze vats, (ii 50) and large bronze bath-tubs, together with 120 men, cattle, and sheep. I accepted his (tribute), spared him (and) preserved his life. (ii 55) I imposed upon him forever the heavy yoke of my dominion. I completely conquered the extensive land Katmuḫu and subdued it.

ii 3737

ša i-na KUR.pa-na-ri na-du-ú

ii 3838

pu-ul-ḫu a-di-ru me-lam da-šur EN-ia

ii 3939

-ḫúp-šu-nu-ti-ma a-na šu-zu-ub

ii 4040

nap-ša-te-šu-nu DINGIR.MEŠ-šu-nu bu-ša-šu-nu -šu-ú

ii 4141

a-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i ša-qu-ti

ii 4242

ki-ma MUŠEN ip-pár-šu GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ

ii 4343

ù um-ma-na-te-ia.MEŠ lu al-qe ÍD.IDIGNA lu e-bir

ii 4444

mša-di-dte-šub DUMU ḫa-at-tu-ḫi LUGAL

ii 4545

ša URU.ur-ra-ṭí-na-áš

ii 4646

i-na KUR-šu-ma GÌR.MEŠ-ia iṣ-bat

ii 4747

DUMU.MEŠ nab-ni-it lìb-bi-šu ù kim-ti-šu

ii 4848

a-na li-ṭu-ut-te aṣ-bat

ii 4949

1 šu-ši ruq-qi URUDU.MEŠ nam-ḫar ZABAR

ii 5050

ù nàr-ma-ak ZABAR GAL.MEŠ-te

ii 5151

it-ti 2 šu-ši a-mi-lu-te.MEŠ GU₄.MEŠ

ii 5252

ṣe-ni GUN ù ma-da-at-ta

ii 5353

-ša-a am-ḫur-šu e-ṭí-ir-šu

ii 5454

na-piš-ta-šu ag-mil ni-ir EN-ti-ia

ii 5555

DUGUD UGU-šu a-na ṣa-at UD.MEŠ ú-kín

ii 5656

KUR.kat-mu-ḫi DAGAL-ta a-na si-ḫir-ti-ša

ii 5757

ak-šud a-na GÌR.MEŠ-ia ú-še-ek-ni-

ii 5858

i-na u₄-mi-šu-ma 1 nam-ḫar ZABAR 1 nàr-ma-ak

(ii 58) At that time I donated to the god Aššur one bronze vat (and) one bronze bath-tub from the booty and tribute of the land Katmuḫu. I gave to the god Adad, who loves me, 60 copper kettles together with their gods.

ii 5959

ZABAR ša ki-šit-ti ù ma-da-at-ti

ii 6060

ša KUR.kat-mu-ḫi a-na da-šur EN-ia a-qiš

ii 6161

1 šu-ši ruq-qi URUDU.MEŠ it-ti DINGIR.MEŠ-šu-nu

ii 6262

a-na dIŠKUR ÁGA-ia áš-ruk

ii 6363

i-na šu-mur GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-ia ez-zu-te ša da-šur EN

(ii 63) With the onslaught of my fierce weapons by means of which the god Aššur, the lord, gave me strength and excellence I took my warriors trained for successful combat (ii 65) with thirty of my chariots escorting my aggressive shock troops. I marched to the land Išdiš (where) rebellious (and) insubmissive people (lived). (ii 70) Riding in my chariot when the way was smooth and going by foot when the way was rough, I passed through the rough terrain of mighty mountains. In Mount Aruma, a difficult area which was impassable for my chariots, I abandoned my chariotry. (ii 75) Taking the lead of my warriors I slithered victoriously with the aggressiveness of a viper over the perilous mountain ledges. I destroyed the land Išdiš (so that it looked) like ruin hills (created by) the deluge. Their warriors (ii 80) I laid low in battle like sheep. I carried off their booty, possessions, and property. I burned all their cities. I imposed upon them (the obligation to provide) hostages, tribute, and taxes.

ii 6464

da-na-na ù me-tel-lu-ta -ru-ka

ii 6565

i-na 30 GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-ia a-li-kàt i-di

ii 6666

ga-mar-ri-ia er-ḫu-te qu-ra-di-ia.MEŠ

ii 6767

ša mit-ḫu-uṣ dáb-de-e li-tam-du

ii 6868

lu al-qe a-na KUR -diš šap-ṣu-te

ii 6969

la-a ma-gi-ri lu al-lik KUR.MEŠ

ii 7070

dan-nu-ti A.ŠÀ nam-ra-ṣi

ii 7171

DÙG.GA i-na GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-ia ù mar-ṣa i-na GÌR.MEŠ-ia

ii 7272

lu e-te-tiq i-na KUR.a-ru-ma

ii 7373

A.ŠÀ pa-áš-qi ša a-na me-tiq GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-ia

ii 7474

la na-ṭu-ú GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ lu e-zib

ii 7575

pa-an qu-ra-di-ia aṣ-bat

ii 7676

ki-ma šib-be er-ḫe-ku-ma i-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i

ii 7777

pa-áš-qa-a-te šal-ṭí- e-te-ti-iq

ii 7878

KUR.-diš ki-ma DU₆ a-bu-be áš-ḫu-up

ii 7979

ERIM.MEŠ muq-tab-li-šu-nu i-na -reb tam-ḫa-ri

ii 8080

ki-ma šu-be -na-il šal-la-su-nu

ii 8181

bu-ša-a-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu áš-lul

ii 8282

nap-ḫar URU-šu-nu i-na IZI.MEŠ aq-mu

ii 8383

li-i-ṭí.MEŠ GUN ù ma-da-ta

ii 8484

UGU-šu-nu ú-kín

ii 8585

mGIŠ.tukul-ti-IBILA-é-šár-ra eṭ-lu qar-du

(ii 85) Tiglath-pileser, valiant man, opener of remote regions in the mountains, subduer of the insubmissive, overwhelmer of all fierce (enemies):

ii 8686

mu-pe-ti du-rug KUR.MEŠ-ni

ii 8787

mu-šék-niš la-a ma-gi-ri sa-pi-nu

ii 8888

gi-mir al-ṭu-ti

ii 8989

KUR.šu-ba-ri-i šap-ṣu-te la-a ma-gi-ri

(ii 89) I conquered the rebellious and insubmissive Šubaru. I imposed the heavy yoke of my dominion upon the lands Alzu and Purulumzu which had abandoned (the practice of paying) tribute and tax so that annually they send tribute and tax (ii 95) into my presence at my city Aššur. As soon as with my valor, by means of which the god Aššur, my lord, had placed in my hand the strong weapon which subdues the insubmissive, (ii 100) he commanded me to extend the border of his land, 4,000 Kasku (and) Urumu, insubmissive troops of Ḫatti who had seized by force (iii 1) the cities of the land Šubartu which were vassals of the god Aššur, my lord heard of my coming to the land Šubartu. The splendor of my valor overwhelmed them and, fearing battle, they submitted to me. I took them, together with their property and 120 chariots (and) harnessed horses, and regarded them as people of my land.

ii 9090

ak-šud KUR.al-zi

ii 9191

ù KUR.pu-ru-lum-zi ša GUN-su-nu

ii 9292

ù ma-da-ta-šu-nu ú-šàm-si-ku-ni

ii 9393

ni-ir EN-ti-ia DUGUD UGU-šu-nu

ii 9494

ú-kín MU-šàm-ma GUN ù ma-da-ta

ii 9595

a-na URU-ia da-šur a-na maḫ-ri-ia

ii 9696

li-tar-ru-ú-ni ki-ma ša i-na qar-du-ti-ia-ma

ii 9797

ša da-šur EN GIŠ.TUKUL dan-na mu-šék-niš

ii 9898

la-a ma-gi-ri qa-ti ú-šat-me-ḫu-ma

ii 9999

mi-ṣir KUR-ti-šu a-na ru-pu-ši

ii 100100

iq-ba-a 4 LIM KUR.kas-ka-ia.MEŠ

ii 101101

KUR.ú-ru-ma-ia.MEŠ ERIM.MEŠ KUR.ḫa-at-te-e

ii 102102

la-a ma-gi-ri ša i-na da-na-ni-šu-nu

Column iii
iii 1iii 1

URU.MEŠ-ni ša KUR.šu-bar-te da-gil

iii 22

pa-an da-šur EN-ia iṣ-ba-tu a-la-ki a-na KUR.šu-bar-te lu -mu-ú me-lam qar-du-ti-ia ú-se-ḫi-ip-šu-nu-ti-ma e-du-ru GÌR.MEŠ-ia iṣ-ba-tu

iii 33

a-di nam-kur-ri-šu-nu ù 2 šu-ši

iii 44

GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ ṣi-mit-ti ni-ri-šu-nu

iii 55

al-qa-šu-nu-ti-ma a-na UN.MEŠ

iii 66

KUR-ti-ia am-nu-šu-nu-ti

iii 77

i-na šit-mur qar-du-ti-ia 2-te-ia

(iii 7) With my valorous onslaught I marched a second time to the land Katmuḫu. I conquered all their cities (and) (iii 10) carried off their booty, possessions, (and) property without number. I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed their cities. The remainder of their troops, which had taken fright at my fierce weapons and (iii 15) had been cowered by my strong and belligerent attack, took to secure heights in rough mountainous terrain in order to save their lives. I climbed up after them to the peaks of high mountains and perilous mountain ledges (iii 20) where a man could not walk. They waged war, combat, and battle with me (and) I brought about their defeat. (iii 25) Like a storm demon I piled up the corpses of their warriors on mountain ledges (and) made their blood flow into the hollows and plains of the mountains. I brought down their booty, possessions, (and) property from the heights of the mighty mountains. (Thus) I became lord of the entire land of Katmuḫu and added (it) to the borders of my land.

iii 88

a-na KUR.kat-mu-ḫi lu-ú al-lik nap-ḫar

iii 99

URU.MEŠ-šu-nu ak-šud šal-la-su-nu

iii 1010

bu-ša-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu a-na la-a mi-na áš-lul

iii 1111

URU.MEŠ-šu-nu i-na IZI.MEŠ áš-ru-up

iii 1212

ap-púl aq-qur si-te-et

iii 1313

um-ma-na-te-šu-nu ša i-na pa-an GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-ia

iii 1414

ez-zu-te ip-la-ḫu-ma ti-ib -ia

iii 1515

dan-na e-du-ru a-na šu-zu-ub

iii 1616

nap-šá-te-šu-nu gab-ʾa-a-ni dan-nu-te

iii 1717

ša KUR-e A.ŠÀ mar-ṣa lu-ú iṣ-ba-tu

iii 1818

a-na šik-kàt ḫur-ša-ni ša-qu-ti

iii 1919

ù gi-sal-lat KUR-i pa-áš-qa-a-te

iii 2020

ša a-na ki-bi-is la-a na-ṭu-ú

iii 2121

EGIR-šu-nu lu e-li GIŠ.TUKUL MURUB₄

iii 2222

ù it-ti-ia lu-ú e-pu-šu

iii 2323

a-bi-ik-ta-šu-nu lu-ú áš-kun šal-ma-at

iii 2424

qu-ra-di-šu-nu i-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i

iii 2525

ki-ma ra-ḫi-ṣi lu-ke-mir ÚŠ.MEŠ-šu-nu

iii 2626

ḫur-ri ù ba-ma-a-te ša KUR-i

iii 2727

lu-šèr-di šal-la-su-nu bu-ša-a-šu-nu

iii 2828

nam-kur-šu-nu it-ti gab-ʾa-a-ni

iii 2929

ša KUR-e dan-nu-te lu-še-ri-da

iii 3030

KUR.kat-mu-ḫi a-na paṭ gim-ri-ša a-pél-ma

iii 3131

a-na mi-ṣir KUR-ti-ia ú-te-er

iii 3232

mGIŠ.tukul-ti-IBILA-é-šár-ra LUGAL dan-nu

(iii 32) Tiglath-pileser, strong king, snare for the insubmissive, overwhelmer in battle with criminals:

iii 3333

šu--kal la-a ma-gi-ri sa-pi-nu

iii 3434

qa-bal tar-gi₄-gi₄

iii 3535

i-na e-mu-qi ṣi-ra-te ša da-šur EN-ia

(iii 35) With the exalted strength of the god Aššur, my lord, the god Aššur, (my) lord, (iii 40) commanded me to march to the land Ḫaria and the army of the extensive Papḫû in high mountains where no other king had ever gone. Putting my chariotry and army in readiness I took a rugged route between Mount Etnu and Mount Aia. In the high mountains, which thrust up like pointed daggers and which (iii 45) were impassable for my chariots, I put the chariots on (the soldiers') necks (and thereby) passed through the difficult mountain range. All of the Papḫû, their extensive army, joined together and aggressively (iii 50) they took up a position to wage war, combat, and battle in Mount Azu. I fought with them in rough mountainous terrain (and) brought about their defeat. I built up mounds with the bodies of their warriors in the plains of the mountain (and) made (iii 55) the blood of their warriors flow into the hollows and plains of the mountain. I stormed the cities which were on mountain ledges (and) conquered 25 cities of the land Ḫaria which lies at the foot of Mounts Aia, Šuira, Etnu, (iii 60) Šezzu, Šelgu, Arzanibiu, Urusu, and Anitku. I carried off their booty, possessions, (and) property. I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed their cities.

iii 3636

a-na KUR.ḫa-ri-a ù um-ma-na-at.MEŠ

iii 3737

KUR.pap-ḫe-e.MEŠ DAGAL-ti ḫur-ša-ni

iii 3838

ša-qu-ti ša a-šar-šu-nu LUGAL ia-um-ma

iii 3939

la i-ba-ʾa da-šur EN a-na a-la-ki

iii 4040

iq-ba-a GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ ù um-ma-na-te-ia

iii 4141

lul-te-šìr bir-ti KUR.et-ni

iii 4242

ù KUR.a-ia A.ŠÀ nam-ra-ṣi lu aṣ-bat

iii 4343

KUR.MEŠ ša-qu-ti ša ki-ma zi-qip GÍR

iii 4444

šam-ṭu ša a-na me-ti-iq GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-ia

iii 4545

la-a na-ṭu-ú GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ i-na la-ba-ni

iii 4646

lu-ú e-mi-id KUR.MEŠ pa-áš-qu-te

iii 4747

lu e-te-ti-iq kúl-lat KUR.pap-ḫe-e.MEŠ

iii 4848

um-ma-na-te-šu-nu DAGAL.MEŠ-te lul-ták-ṣi-ru-ma

iii 4949

a-na e-peš GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ MURUB₄ ù

iii 5050

i-na KUR.a-zu da-ap-ni- lu iz-zi-zu-ni-ma

iii 5151

i-na KUR-e A.ŠÀ nam-ra-ṣi it-te-šu-nu

iii 5252

am-da-ḫi-iṣ dáb-da-šu-nu áš-kun

iii 5353

šal-ma-at qu-ra-di-šu-nu i-na ba-ma-at KUR-i

iii 5454

a-na gu-ru-na-a-te lu--ri-in

iii 5555

ÚŠ.MEŠ qu-ra-di-šu-nu ḫur-ri ù ba-ma-a-te

iii 5656

ša KUR-i lu-šèr-di a-na URU.MEŠ-ni

iii 5757

ša i-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i ša-ak-nu šam-riš

iii 5858

lu-ú as-ni-iq 25 URU.MEŠ-ni ša KUR.ḫa-ri-a

iii 5959

ša i-na GÌR KUR.a-ia KUR.šu-i-ra KUR.et-ni

iii 6060

KUR.še-ez-zu KUR.še-el-gu KUR.ar-za-ni-bi-ú

iii 6161

KUR.ú-ru-su ù KUR.a-ni-it-ku

iii 6262

ṣa-al-ʾu-ni ak-šud šal-la-su-nu

iii 6363

bu-ša-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu áš-lul

iii 6464

URU.MEŠ-šu-nu i-na IZI.MEŠ áš-ru-up

iii 6565

ap-púl aq-qur

iii 6666

KUR.a-da- ti-ib ta-ḫa-zi-ia dan-na

(iii 66) (The people of) the land Adauš were frightened by my strong belligerent attack and abandoned their territory. They flew like birds to ledges on high mountains. (But) the splendor of the god Aššur, my lord, overwhelmed them and they came back down and submitted to me. I imposed upon them tribute and impost.

iii 6767

lu-ú e-du-ru-ma a-šar-šu-nu lu ú-maš-še-ru

iii 6868

a-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i ša-qu-ti

iii 6969

ki-ma MUŠEN ip-pár-šu me-lam da-šur EN-ia

iii 7070


iii 7171

ur-du-ni GÌR.MEŠ-ia iṣ-ba-tu

iii 7272

GUN ù ma-da-ta UGU-šu-nu ú-kín

iii 7373

KUR.sa-ra- KUR.am-ma-

(iii 73) I destroyed the lands Sarauš (and) Ammauš, which from ancient times (iii 75) had not known submission, (so that they looked) like ruin hills (created by) the deluge. I fought with their extensive army in Mount Aruma and brought about their defeat. (iii 80) I spread out like grain heaps the corpses of their men-at-arms on mountain ledges. I conquered their cities, took their gods, and brought out their booty, possessions, (and) property. I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed their cities (and) (iii 85) turned them into ruin hills. I imposed the heavy yoke of my dominion upon them (and) made them vassals of the god Aššur, my lord.

iii 7474

ša -tu u₄-um ṣa-a-te ka-na-ša

iii 7575

la-a i-du-ú ki-ma DU₆ a-bu-be

iii 7676

ás-ḫu-up it-ti um-ma-na-te-šu-nu DAGAL.MEŠ-te

iii 7777

i-na KUR.a-ru-ma al-ta-na-an-ma

iii 7878

dáb-da-šu-nu áš-kun šal-ma-at

iii 7979

muq-tab-li-šu-nu i-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i ki-ma ser-ma-še

iii 8080

lu ú--ṣi URU.MEŠ-šu-nu ak-šud

iii 8181

DINGIR.MEŠ-šu-nu áš-ša-a šal-la-su-nu

iii 8282

bu-ša-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu ú-še-ṣa-a

iii 8383

URU.MEŠ-šu-nu i-na IZI.MEŠ áš-ru-up

iii 8484

ap-púl aq-qur a-na DU₆ ù kar-me

iii 8585

ú-ter ni-ir EN-ti-ia DUGUD

iii 8686

UGU-šu-nu ú-kín pa-an da-šur EN-ia

iii 8787


iii 8888

KUR.i-su-a KUR.da-ri-a šap-ṣu-te

(iii 88) I conquered the rebellious and insubmissive lands of Isua (and) Daria. I imposed upon them tribute and impost (and) made them vassals of the god Aššur, my lord.

iii 8989

la-a ma-gi-ri ak-šud GUN

iii 9090

ù ma-da-ta UGU-šu-nu ú-kín

iii 9191

pa-an da-šur EN-ia ú-šad-gil-šu-nu-ti

iii 9292

i-na a-ša-re-du-ti-ia-ma ša KÚR.MEŠ-ia

(iii 92) With my prowess, with which I conquered enemies, I took my chariotry and army (and) (iii 95) crossed the Lower Zab. I conquered the lands Murattaš (and) Saradauš which are within the rough terrain of Mounts Asaniu (and) Aṭuma. I butchered their troops like sheep. I conquered (iii 100) their fortified city Murattaš within the first third of the day after sunrise. I brought out their gods, their possessions, their property, 120 copper kettles, (iv 1) 30 talents of copper bars, the outstanding property of their palace, their booty. I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed that city.

iii 9393

ak-šu-du GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ ù um-ma-na-te-ia.MEŠ

iii 9494

lu al-qe ÍD.za-ban-šu-pa-la-a

iii 9595

lu e-bir KUR.mu-rat-taš KUR.sa-ra-da-

iii 9696

ša -reb KUR.a-sa-ni-ú ù KUR.a-ṭu-ma

iii 9797

A.ŠÀ nam-ra-ṣi ak-šud

iii 9898

um-ma-na-te-šu-nu ki-ma ze-er-qe

iii 9999

ú--ki-is URU.mu-rat-taš

iii 100100

URU dan-nu-ti-šu-nu a-di ŠANABI-ti u₄-me

iii 101101

ša dUTU na-pa-ḫi ak-šud

iii 102102

DINGIR.MEŠ-šu-nu bu-ša-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu

iii 103103

2 šu-ši ruq-qi URUDU.MEŠ

Column iv
iv 1iv 1

30 GUN URUDU.MEŠ ša-bar-ta bu-še ta-tur

iv 22

É.GAL--šu-nu ù šal-la-su-nu

iv 33

ú-še-ṣa-a URU šu-a-tu i-na IZI.MEŠ

iv 44

áš-ru-up ap-púl aq-qur

iv 55

i-na u₄-mi-šu-ma URUDU.MEŠ ša-a-tu

(iv 5) At that time I gave that copper to the god Adad, who loves me.

iv 66

a-na dIŠKUR ra-ʾi-mi-ia a-qiš

iv 77

i-na e-mu-qi ṣi-ra-te ša da-šur EN-ia

(iv 7) With the exalted power of the god Aššur, my lord, I marched to the land Sugu of the land Ḫabḫu, (people) insubmissive to the god Aššur, my lord. I fought on foot with 6,000 of (iv 10) their troops from the lands Ḫimu, Lūḫu, Arrirgu, Alamun, Nimnu, and all of the extensive Papḫû. (I fought) (iv 15) with all those lands in Mount Ḫiriḫu, rough terrain which thrust up like pointed daggers. I brought about their defeat. I built up mounds with the (corpses of) their men-at-arms on mountain ledges (and) with (iv 20) their blood I dyed Mount Ḫiriḫu red like wool. I conquered the entire land of Sugu. I brought out 25 of their gods, their booty, their possessions, (and) their property. I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed (iv 25) all of their cities. The remainder of their troops submitted to me (and) I had mercy on them. I imposed upon them tribute and impost (and) regarded them as vassals of the god Aššur, my lord.

iv 88

a-na KUR.su-gi ša KUR.ḫab-ḫi la-a ka-ni-šu-ut

iv 99

da-šur EN-ia lu al-lik it-ti 6 LIM

iv 1010

um-ma-na-te-šu-nu KUR.ḫi-me KUR.lu-ḫi

iv 1111

KUR.ar-ri-ir-gi KUR.a-la-mu-un

iv 1212

KUR.nim-ni ù kúl-lat KUR.pap-ḫe-e

iv 1313

DAGAL.MEŠ-ti i-na KUR.ḫi-ri-ḫi

iv 1414

A.ŠÀ nam-ra-ṣi ša ki-ma zi-qip GÍR

iv 1515

šam-ṭu it-ti kúl-lat KUR.KUR-šu-nu

iv 1616

i-na GÌR.MEŠ-ia lu-ú am-da-ḫi-iṣ

iv 1717

a-bi-ik-ta-šu-nu lu áš-kun

iv 1818

ERIM.MEŠ muq-tab-li-šu-nu i-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i

iv 1919

a-na gu-ru-na-a-te lu--ri-in

iv 2020

ÚŠ.MEŠ-šu-nu KUR.ḫi-ri-ḫa

iv 2121

ki-ma na-ba-si lu aṣ-ru-up

iv 2222

KUR.su-gi a-na si-ḫír-ti-ša ak-šud

iv 2323

25 DINGIR.MEŠ-šu-nu šal-la-su-nu

iv 2424

bu-ša-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu ú-še-ṣa-a

iv 2525

nap-ḫar URU.MEŠ-šu-nu i-na IZI.MEŠ

iv 2626

áš-ru-up ap-púl aq-qur

iv 2727

si-te-et um-ma-na-te-šu-nu GÌR.MEŠ-ia

iv 2828

iṣ-ba-tu a-re-em-šu-nu-ti

iv 2929

GUN ù ma-da-ta UGU-šu-nu

iv 3030

ú-kín it-ti da-gil pa-an

iv 3131

da-šur EN-ia am-nu-šu-nu-ti

iv 3232

i-na u₄-mi-šu-ma 25 DINGIR.MEŠ-ni ša KUR.KUR.MEŠ

(iv 32) At that time I donated the 25 gods of those lands, my own booty which I had taken, to be door-keepers of the temple of the goddess Ninlil, beloved chief spouse of the god Aššur, my lord, (the temple of) the gods Anu (and) Adad, (the temple of) the Assyrian Ištar, the temples of my city, Aššur, and the goddesses of my land.

iv 3333

ši-na-ti-na ki-šit-ti qa-ti-ia

iv 3434

ša al-qa-a a-na ú-tu-ʾu-ut É dNIN.LÍL

iv 3535

ḫi-ir-te GAL-te na-mad-di da-šur EN-ia

iv 3636

da-nim dIŠKUR dINANNA áš-šu-ri-te

iv 3737

É.KUR.MEŠ-at URU-ia da-šur

iv 3838


iv 3939

lu-ú áš-ru-uk

iv 4040

mGIŠ.tukul-ti-IBILA-é-šár-ra MAN dan-nu

(iv 40) Tiglath-pileser, strong king, conqueror of enemy regions, rival of all kings:

iv 4141

ka-šid kib-rat KÚR.MEŠ ša-ni-nu

iv 4242

gi-mir MAN.MEŠ

iv 4343

i-na u₄-mi-šu i-na e-mu-qi ṣi-ra-te

(iv 43) At that time, with the exalted might of the god Aššur, my lord, with the firm approval (through divination) (iv 45) of the god Šamaš, the warrior, with the support of the great gods with which I have ruled properly in the four quarters and have no rival in battle nor equal in conflict, at the command of the god Aššur, (my) lord, I marched to the lands Nairi whose distant kings, (iv 50) on the shore of the Upper Sea in the west, had not known submission. I pushed through rugged paths and perilous passes, the interior of which (iv 55) no king had previously known, blocked trails (and) unopened remote regions. Mounts Elama, Amadānu, Elḫiš, Šerabeli, Tarḫuna, (iv 60) Terkaḫuli, Kiṣra, Tarḫanabe, Elula, Ḫaštarae, Šaḫišara, Ubera, Miliadruni, Šulianzi, Nubanāše, (iv 65) and Šēše, 16 mighty mountains (I rode) my chariot over smooth terrain and I hacked out the rough terrain with copper picks. I cut down urumu-trees which grow in the mountains, (iv 70) (thereby) constructed good bridges for the passage of my chariots and army, (and) crossed the Euphrates. The king of the land Tummu, the king of the land Tunubu, the king of the land Tualu, the king of the land Dardaru, the king of the land Uzula, the king of the land Unzamunu, the king of the land Andiabu, (iv 75) the king of the land Piladarnu, the king of the land Adurginu, the king of the land Kulibarzinu, the king of the land Šinibirnu, the king of the land Ḫimua, the king of the land Paiteru, the king of the land Uiram, the king of the land Šururia, the king of the land Abaenu, the king of the land Adaenu, (iv 80) the king of the land Kirinu, the king of the land Albaia, the king of the land Ugina, the king of the land Nazabia, the king of the land Abarsiunu, the king of the land Daiēnu, altogether 23 kings of the lands Nairi (iv 85) combined their chariotry and army in their lands (and) advanced to wage war, strife, and combat. With the onslaught of my fierce weapons I approached them (and) destroyed their extensive army (iv 90) like a storm of the god Adad. I laid out like grain heaps the corpses of their warriors in the open country, the plains of the mountains, and the environs of their cities. I seized (iv 95) in battle 120 of their chariots with equipment (and) 60 kings of the lands Nairi, including those who had come to their aid, (iv 100) I chased at arrow point as far as the Upper Sea. I conquered their great towns (and) brought out (v 1) their booty, possessions, (and) property. I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed their cities (and) turned them into ruin hills. I brought back (v 5) extensive herds of horses, mules, (and) donkeys the livestock of their pastures without number. I captured all of the kings of the lands Nairi alive. I had mercy (v 10) on those kings and spared their lives. I released them from their bonds and fetters in the presence of the god Šamaš, my lord, and made them swear by my (v 15) great gods an oath of eternal vassaldom. I took their natural, royal, sons as hostages. I imposed upon them a tribute of 1,200 horses (and) 2,000 cattle. I allowed them to return to their lands.

iv 4444

ša da-šur EN-ia i-na an-ni ke-e-ni

iv 4545

ša dUTU qu-ra-di i-na GIŠ.tukul-ti

iv 4646

šá DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ ša i-na kib-rat 4-i

iv 4747

mi-še-riš ul-tal-li-ṭu-ma mu--ḫa

iv 4848

i-na MURUB₄ ù ša-ni-na i-na la-a i-šu-ú

iv 4949

a-na KUR.KUR na-i-ri MAN.MEŠ-ni -su-te

iv 5050

ša a-aḫ A.AB.BA-e-le-ni-ti ša ša-la-mu dšam-ši

iv 5151

šá ka-na-ša la-a i-du-ú

iv 5252

da-šur EN ú-ma-ʾe-ra-ni-ma al-lik

iv 5353

ṭu-ud-di mar-ṣu-ti ù -re-be-ti

iv 5454

šup-šu-qa-a-te ša i-na maḫ-ra

iv 5555

LUGAL ia-um-ma lìb-ba-šu-nu la-a i-du-ú

iv 5656

ar-ḫi ed-lu-te du-ur-gi

iv 5757

la-a pe-tu-te ú-še-ti-iq

iv 5858

KUR.e-la-ma KUR.a-ma-da-na KUR.el-ḫi-

iv 5959

KUR.še-ra-be-li KUR.tar-ḫu-na

iv 6060

KUR.ter-ka-ḫu-li KUR.ki-iṣ-ra

iv 6161

KUR.tar-ḫa-na-be KUR.e-lu-la

iv 6262

KUR.ḫa-áš-ta-ra-e KUR.ša-ḫi-ša-ra

iv 6363

KUR.ú-be-ra KUR.mi-li-ad-ru-ni

iv 6464

KUR.šu-li-an-zi KUR.nu-ba-na-a-še

iv 6565

ù KUR.še-e-še 16 KUR.MEŠ-ni dan-nu-te

iv 6666

A.ŠÀ DÙG.GA i-na GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-ia ù mar-ṣa

iv 6767

i-na aq-qúl-lat URUDU.MEŠ lu aḫ-si

iv 6868

ú-ru-mi GIŠ.MEŠ KUR-i lu ak-ki-is

iv 6969

ti-tur-ra-a-te.MEŠ a-na me-ti-iq GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-ia ù

iv 7070

um-ma-na-te-ia lu ú-ṭí-ib

iv 7171

ÍD.pu-rat-ta lu-ú e-bir LUGAL KUR.tum₄-me

iv 7272

LUGAL KUR.tu-nu-be LUGAL KUR.tu-a-li

iv 7373

LUGAL KUR.dar-da-ri LUGAL KUR.ú-zu-la

iv 7474

LUGAL KUR.un-za-mu-ni LUGAL KUR.an-di-a-bi

iv 7575

LUGAL KUR.pi-la-dar-ni LUGAL KUR.a-dur-gi-ni

iv 7676

LUGAL KUR.ku-li-bar-zi-ni LUGAL KUR.ši-ni-bir-ni

iv 7777

LUGAL KUR.ḫi-mu-a LUGAL KUR.pa-i-te-ri

iv 7878

LUGAL KUR.ú-i-ra-am LUGAL KUR.šu-ru-ri-a

iv 7979

LUGAL KUR.a-ba-e-ni LUGAL KUR.a-da-e-ni

iv 8080

LUGAL KUR.ki-ri-ni LUGAL KUR.al-ba-ia

iv 8181

LUGAL KUR.ú-gi-na LUGAL KUR.na-za-bi-a

iv 8282

LUGAL KUR.a-bar-si-ú-ni LUGAL KUR.da-ie-e-ni

iv 8383

PAP 23 LUGAL.MEŠ-nu KUR.KUR na-i-ri

iv 8484

i-na -reb KUR.KUR-šu-nu-ma GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-šu-nu

iv 8585

ù um-ma-na-te-šu-nu ul-ták-ṣi-ru-ma

iv 8686

a-na e-peš GIŠ.TUKUL MURUB₄ ù

iv 8787

lu it-bu-ni i-na šu-mur GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-ia

iv 8888

ez-zu-te as-ni-qa-šu-nu-ti

iv 8989

ša-gal-ti um-ma-na-te-šu-nu DAGAL.MEŠ

iv 9090

ki-ma ri-ḫi-il-ti dIŠKUR

iv 9191

lu áš-kun šal-ma-at qu-ra-di-šu-nu

iv 9292

i-na ṣe-ri ba-ma-at KUR-i ù i-da-at

iv 9393

URU.MEŠ-šu-nu ki-ma ser-ma-še

iv 9494

lu-me-ṣi 2 šu-ši GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-šu-nu

iv 9595

ḫa-lup*-ta i-na -reb tam-ḫa-ri

iv 9696

lu-te-me-eḫ 1 šu-ši LUGAL.MEŠ-ni

iv 9797

KUR.KUR na-i-ri a-di ša a-na

iv 9898

-ra-ru-te-šu-nu il-li-ku-ni

iv 9999

i-na zi-qít mul-mul-li-ia a-di A.AB.BA--

iv 100100

e-le-ni-te lu ar-di-šu-nu-ti

iv 101101

ma-ḫa-zi-šu-nu GAL.MEŠ ak-šud

Column v
v 1v 1

šal-la-su-nu bu-ša-a-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu

v 22

ú-še-ṣa-a URU.MEŠ-šu-nu i-na IZI.MEŠ

v 33

áš-ru-up ap-púl aq-qur

v 44

a-na DU₆ ù kar-mi ú-ter

v 55


v 66

pa-re-e a-ga-li ù mar-šit

v 77

qer-be-te-šu-nu a-na la-a ma--e

v 88

ú-ter-ra nap-ḫar LUGAL.MEŠ-ni

v 99

KUR.KUR na-i-ri bal-ṭu-su-nu qa-ti

v 1010

ik-šud a-na LUGAL.MEŠ-ni ša-a-tu-nu

v 1111

re-e-ma ar-ša-šu-nu-ti-ma

v 1212

na-piš-ta-šu-nu e-ṭí-ir šal-lu-su-nu

v 1313

ù ka-mu-su-nu i-na ma-ḫar dUTU EN-ia

v 1414

ap-ṭu-ur ma-mi-it DINGIR.MEŠ-ia

v 1515

GAL.MEŠ a-na ar-kàt UD.MEŠ a-na u₄-um

v 1616

ṣa-a-te a-na ÌR-ut-te ú-tam-mi-šu-nu-ti

v 1717

DUMU.MEŠ nab-ni-it LUGAL-ti-šu-nu

v 1818

a-na li-ṭu-te aṣ-bat

v 1919


v 2020

ma-da-at-ta UGU-šu-nu ú-kín

v 2121

a-na KUR.KUR.MEŠ-šu-nu ú-maš-še-er-šu-nu-ti

v 2222

mse-e-ni LUGAL KUR.da-ie-e-ni

(v 22) I brought Sēni, king of the land Daiēnu, who had not been submissive to the god Aššur, my lord, in bonds and fetters to my city Aššur. I had mercy on him and let him leave my city Aššur alive in order to proclaim the glory of the great gods. (Thus) I became lord of the vast lands of Nairi in their entirety. Indeed all their kings I subdued.

v 2323

ša a-na da-šur EN-ia la-a ka-an-šu

v 2424

šal-lu-su ù ka-mu-su a-na URU-ia

v 2525

da-šur ub-la-šu re-e-ma

v 2626

ar-ša-šu-ma -tu URU-ia da-šur

v 2727


v 2828

a-na da-la-a-li a-na na-pi--ti

v 2929

ú-maš-še-er-šu KUR.KUR na-i-ri

v 3030

DAGAL.MEŠ-te a-na paṭ gim-ri-ši-na a-pél

v 3131

ù nap-ḫar LUGAL.MEŠ-šu-nu

v 3232

a-na GÌR.MEŠ-ia ú-šék-niš

v 3333

i-na ta-lu-uk gir-ri-ma šu-a-tu

(v 33) In the course of that campaign I marched to the rebellious and insubmissive city Milidia of the land Ḫanigalbat. Frightened by my strong belligerent attack they submitted to me and I had mercy on them. I did not storm that city (but) I took hostages. I imposed upon them as uninterrupted annual tribute one homer of lead ore.

v 3434

a-na URU.mi-li-di-a ša KUR.ḫa-ni-gal-bat

v 3535

šap-ṣu-te la-a ma-gi-ri al-lik

v 3636

ti-ib -ia dan-na e-du-ru-ma

v 3737

GÌR.MEŠ-ia iṣ-ba-tu a-re-em-šu-nu-ti

v 3838

URU šu-a-tu ul ak-šud li-i-ṭí-šu-nu

v 3939

aṣ-bat 1 ANŠE kur-ba-ni ša a-ba-ri

v 4040

ma-da-at-ta MU-šàm-ma

v 4141

a-na la šu-pár-ke-e UGU-šu-nu ú-kín

v 4242

mGIŠ.tukul-ti-IBILA-é-šár-ra nab-lu ḫa-am-ṭu

(v 42) Tiglath-pileser, darting (and) furious flame, deluge in battle:

v 4343

šu-zu-zu a-bu-ub tam-ḫa-ri

v 4444

i-na GIŠ.tukul-ti da-šur EN-ia GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ

(v 44) With the support of the god Aššur, my lord, I took my chariots and warriors (and) set off for the desert. I marched against the Aḫlamû-Arameans, enemies of the god Aššur, my lord. (v 50) I plundered from the edge of the land Sūḫu to the city Carchemish of the land Ḫatti in a single day. I massacred them (and) carried back their booty, possessions, and goods without number. The rest of their troops, (v 55) who fled from the weapons of the god Aššur, my lord, crossed the Euphrates. I crossed the Euphrates after them on rafts (made of inflated) goatskins. (v 60) I conquered six of their cities at the foot of Mount Bešri, burnt, razed, (and) destroyed (them, and) brought their booty, possessions, and goods to my city Aššur.

v 4545

ù qu-ra-di-ia.MEŠ lu-ú al-qe mu-ud-ba-ra

v 4646

aṣ-bat a-na ŠÀ aḫ-la--i-

v 4747

KUR.ar-ma-ia.MEŠ KÚR.MEŠ-ut da-šur EN-ia

v 4848

lu-ú al-lik -tu tar-ṣi KUR.su-ḫi

v 4949

a-di URU.kar-ga-miš ša KUR.ḫa-at-te

v 5050

i-na 1-en u₄-me aḫ-bu-ut

v 5151

di-ik-ta-šu-nu a-duk šal-la-su-nu

v 5252

bu-ša-a-šu-nu mar-ši-su-nu

v 5353

a-na la-a mi-na ú-ter-ra

v 5454

si-te-et um-ma-na-te-šu-nu

v 5555

ša i-na pa-an GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ ša da-šur EN-ia

v 5656

ip-pár-ši-du ÍD.pu-rat-ta lu e-be-ru

v 5757

ar-ki-šu-nu i-na GIŠ..MEŠ KUŠ.DUḪ.ŠI.A

v 5858

ÍD.pu-rat-ta lu e-be-er

v 5959

6 URU.MEŠ-šu-nu ša GÌR KUR.--ri

v 6060

ak-šud i-na IZI.MEŠ áš-ru-up

v 6161

ap-púl aq-qur šal-la-su-nu bu-ša-šu-nu

v 6262

mar-ši-su-nu a-na URU-ia da-šur

v 6363


v 6464

mGIŠ.tukul-ti-IBILA-é-šár-ra ka-bi-is al-ṭu-te

(v 64) Tiglath-pileser, who treads upon dangerous people, who lays low the insubmissive, pacifier of all the rebellious:

v 6565

mu-šem-qít la ma-gi-ri mu-šar-bi-bu

v 6666

ka-liš mul-tar-ḫi

v 6767

a-na ka-šad KUR.mu-uṣ-ri da-šur EN

(v 67) The god Aššur, the lord, commanded me to conquer the land Muṣri and I took the way between Mounts Elamuni, Tala, and Ḫarusa. (v 70) I conquered all the land Muṣri (and) laid low their warriors. I burnt, razed, (and) destroyed their cities. The troops of the Qumānu (v 75) came to the aid of the land Muṣri. I fought with them in the mountains, (and) brought about their defeat. I confinedthem to one city, the city Arinu which is at the foot of Mount Aisa. They submitted to me (and) I spared that city. I imposed upon them hostages, tribute, (and) impost.

v 6868

ú-ma-ʾe-ra-ni-ma bir-ti KUR.e-la-mu-ni

v 6969

KUR.ta-la ù KUR.ḫa-ru-sa lu aṣ-bat

v 7070

KUR.mu-uṣ-ri a-na si-ḫir-ti-ša ak-šud

v 7171

qu-ra-di-šu-nu ú-šem-qít

v 7272

URU.MEŠ-šu-nu i-na IZI.MEŠ áš-ru-up ap-púl

v 7373

aq-qur um-ma-na-at KUR.qu-ma--e

v 7474

a-na re-ṣu-ut KUR.mu-uṣ-ri

v 7575

lu il-li-ku-ni i-na KUR-e it-te-šu-nu

v 7676

lu am-da-ḫi-iṣ a-bi-ik-ta-šu-nu lu áš-kun

v 7777

a-na 1-en URU URU.a-ri-ni ša GÌR KUR.a-i-sa

v 7878

lu-ú e-si-ir-šu-nu-ti GÌR.MEŠ-ia

v 7979

iṣ-ba-tu URU šu-a-tu e-ṭí-ir

v 8080

li-i-ṭí.MEŠ GUN ù ma-da-at-ta

v 8181

UGU-šu-nu ú-kín

v 8282

i-na u₄-mi-šu-ma kúl-lat KUR.qu-ma--e

(v 82) At that time all the Qumānu, who had agreed to assist the land Muṣri, mustered their entire territories and took up a position (v 85) to do battle and conflict. With the onslaught of my fierce weapons I fought with their 20,000 extensive troops at Mount Tala (and) brought about their defeat. (v 90) I broke up their mighty force (and) pursued them in their retreat as far as Mount Ḫarusa which is before the land Muṣri. I spread out the corpses of their warriors on mountain ledges like sheep (and) made (v 95) their blood flow into the hollows and plains of the mountains. I conquered their great towns, burnt, razed, (and) destroyed (them) and turned (them) into ruin hills.

v 8383

ša a-na re-ṣu-ut KUR.mu-uṣ-ri -ša-ak-nu

v 8484

nap-ḫar KUR.KUR.MEŠ-šu-nu lu id-ku-ú-ni

v 8585

a-na e-peš GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ qab-li ù

v 8686

lu iz-zi-zu-ni i-na šu-mur GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-ia

v 8787

ez-zu-te it-ti 20 LIM um-ma-na-te-šu-nu

v 8888

DAGAL.MEŠ i-na KUR.ta-la lu am-da-ḫi-iṣ-ma

v 8989

a-bi-ik-ta-šu-nu lu áš-kun

v 9090

ki-ṣir-šu-nu gap-ša lu-pe-ri-ir

v 9191

a-di KUR.ḫa-ru-sa ša pa-an KUR.mu-uṣ-ri

v 9292

ab-ku-su-nu lu ar-du-ud šal-ma-at

v 9393

qu-ra-di-šu-nu i-na gi-sal-lat KUR-i

v 9494

ki-ma šu-ú-be -na-il

v 9595

ÚŠ.MEŠ-šu-nu ḫur-ri ù ba-ma-a-te ša KUR-i

v 9696

lu-šèr-di ma-ḫa-zi-šu-nu GAL.MEŠ

v 9797

ak-šud i-na IZI.MEŠ áš-ru-up

v 9898

ap-púl aq-qur a-na DU₆ ù kar-me ú-ter

v 9999

URU.ḫu-nu-sa URU dan-nu-ti-šu-nu

(v 99) I overwhelmed the city Ḫunusu, their fortified city, (so that it looked) like a ruin hill (created by) the deluge. Violently I fought (vi 1) with their mighty army in city and mountain (and) brought about their defeat. (vi 5) I laid low their men-at-arms in the mountains like sheep. Like lambs I cut off their heads (and) made their blood flow into the hollows and plains of the mountains. (Thus) I conquered that city. I took their gods (and) (vi 10) brought out their booty, possessions, (and) property. I burnt the city. The three walls which were constructed with baked brick and the entire city I razed, destroyed, turned into a ruin hill and (vi 15) strewed ṣīpu-stones over it. I made bronze lightning bolts (and) inscribed on them (a description of) the conquest of the lands which with the god Aššur, my lord, I conquered (and a warning) not to occupy that city and not to rebuild its wall. On that (site) I built a house of baked brick and put inside those bronze lightning bolts.

v 100100

ki-ma DU₆ a-bu-be áš-ḫu-up

Column vi
vi 1vi 1

it-ti um-ma-na-te-šu-nu gap-ša-a-te

vi 22

i-na URU ù KUR-e šam-riš lu-ú am-da-ḫi-iṣ

vi 33

a-bi-ik-ta-šu-nu lu áš-kun

vi 44

ERIM.MEŠ muq-tab-li-šu-nu i-na -reb ḫur-ša-a-ni

vi 55

ki-ma šu-ú-be lu -na-il SAG.DU.MEŠ-šu-nu

vi 66

ki-ma ze-er-qe ú--ki-is

vi 77

ÚŠ.MEŠ-šu-nu ḫur-ri ù ba-ma-a-te šá KUR-i

vi 88

lu-šèr-di URU šu-a-tu ak-šud

vi 99

DINGIR.MEŠ-šu-nu áš-ša-a šal-la-su-nu bu-ša-šu-nu nam-kur-šu-nu

vi 1010

ú-še-ṣa-a URU i-na IZI.MEŠ áš-ru-up

vi 1111

3 BÀD.MEŠ-šu ša i-na a-gúr-ri

vi 1212

ra-áṣ-bu ù si-ḫir-ti URU-šu

vi 1313

ap-púl aq-qur a-na DU₆ ù kar-me

vi 1414

ú-ter ù NA₄.MEŠ ṣi-pa i-na muḫ-ḫi-šu

vi 1515

az-ru NIM.GÍR ZABAR e-pu-

vi 1616

ki-šit-ti KUR.KUR.MEŠ ša i-na da-šur EN-ia

vi 1717

ak-šu-du URU šu-a-tu a-na la-a ṣa-ba-te

vi 1818

ù BÀD-šu la-a ra-ṣa-pi i-na muḫ-ḫi

vi 1919

al-ṭu-ur É ša a-gúr-ri i-na muḫ-ḫi-šu

vi 2020

ar-ṣip NIM.GÍR ZABAR ša-tu-nu

vi 2121

i-na lìb-bi ú-še-ši-ib

vi 2222

i-na GIŠ.tukul-ti da-šur EN-ia GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ

(vi 22) With the support of the god Aššur, my lord, I took my chariotry and warriors (and) surrounded the city Kipšuna, their royal city. The king of the land of the Qumānu (vi 25) was frightened of my strong and belligerent attack and submitted to me. I spared that city. I ordered him to destroy his great wall and towers of baked brick. (vi 30) He destroyed from top to bottom and turned it into a ruin hill. He deported (and) I received from him 300 families, rebels in his midst who were not submissive to the god Aššur, my lord. I took hostages from him. I imposed upon him a tribute and impost (vi 35) which was larger than before. I conquered completely the extensive Qumānu (and) subdued (them).

vi 2323

ù qu-ra-di-ia.MEŠ lu al-qe URU.kip-šu-na

vi 2424

URU LUGAL-ti-šu-nu lu al-mi LUGAL KUR.qu-ma--e

vi 2525

ti-ib -ia dan-na e-du-ur-ma

vi 2626

GÌR.MEŠ-ia iṣ-bat URU šu-a-tu e-ṭí-ir

vi 2727

BÀD-šu GAL-a ù a-sa-ia-te-šu

vi 2828

ša a-gúr-ri a-na na-pa-li aq-ba-šu-ma

vi 2929

-tu -še-šu a-di gaba-dib-bi-šu

vi 3030

ip-púl a-na DU₆ ú-ter

vi 3131

ù 5 šu-ši qi-in-na-a-te EN.MEŠ ḫi-i-ṭí

vi 3232

ša lìb-bi-šu ša a-na da-šur EN-ia la-a ka-an-šu

vi 3333

is-su-ḫa am-ḫur-šu li-i-ṭí.MEŠ-šu

vi 3434

aṣ-bat GUN ù ma-da-ta

vi 3535

UGU ša pa-na ut-tir i-na muḫ-ḫi-šu

vi 3636

áš-kun KUR.qu-ma--e DAGAL-ta

vi 3737

a-na paṭ gim-ri-ša ak-šud a-na GÌR.MEŠ-ia

vi 3838


vi 3939

ŠU.NÍGIN 42 KUR.KUR.MEŠ ù mal-ki-ši-na

(vi 39) Altogether I conquered 42 lands and their rulers from the other side of the Lower Zab in distant mountainous regions to the other side of the Euphrates, people of Ḫatti, and the Upper Sea in the west from my accession year to my fifth regnal year. I subdued them to one authority, took hostages from them, (and) imposed upon them tribute and impost.

vi 4040

-tu e-ber-ta-an ÍD.za-ban-šu-pa-li-i

vi 4141

ši-id-di ḫur-ša-a-ni -su-te

vi 4242

a-di e-ber-ta-an ÍD.pu-rat-te

vi 4343

KUR.ḫa-at-te-e ù A.AB.BA-e-le-ni-ti

vi 4444

ša ša-la-mu dšam-še -tu ri- LUGAL-ti-ia

vi 4545

a-di 5 BALA-ia qa-a-ti ik-šud

vi 4646

pa-a 1-en ú-še--kin-šu-nu-ti

vi 4747

li-ṭí.MEŠ-šu-nu aṣ-bat GUN

vi 4848

ù ma-da-ta UGU-šu-nu ú-kín

vi 4949

e-zi-ib ḫar-ra-na-at KÚR.MEŠ ma-da-a-tu

(vi 49) (This) is apart from the numerous foreign campaigns which do not appear in the (account of) my victories (and) upon which I pursued my enemies by chariot in favorable terrain and on foot in rough terrain. I prevented the enemies from setting foot in my land.

vi 5050

ša a-na li-ta-te-ia la-a qe-er-ba

vi 5151

A.ŠÀ DÙG.GA i-na GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-ia ù mar-ṣa

vi 5252

i-na GÌR.MEŠ-ia ar-ki-šu-nu

vi 5353

lu at-tal-lak GÌR.MEŠ KÚR.MEŠ

vi 5454

i-na KUR-ti-ia lu-ú ap-ru-us

vi 5555

mGIŠ.tukul-ti-IBILA-é-šár-ra eṭ-lu qar-du

(vi 55) Tiglath-pileser, valiant man, armed with the unrivalled bow, expert in the hunt:

vi 5656

ta-me-eḫ GIŠ.BAN la-a šá-na-an

vi 5757

mu-gam-me-ru bu-ʾu-ur ṣe-ri

vi 5858

dnin-urta ù dIGI.DU GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-šu-nu

(vi 58) The gods Ninurta and Nergal gave me their fierce weapons and their exalted bow for my lordly arms. By the command of the god Ninurta, who loves me, with my strong bow, iron arrowheads, and sharp arrows, I slew four extraordinarily strong wild virile bulls in the desert, in the land Mittani, and at the city Araziqu which is before the land Ḫatti. I brought their hides and horns to my city Aššur.

vi 5959

ez-zu-te ù GIŠ.BAN-su-nu ṣir-ta

vi 6060

a-na i-di EN-ti-ia -ru-ku

vi 6161

i-na si-qir dnin-urta ra-ʾi-mi-ia

vi 6262

4 pu-ḫal AM.MEŠ dan-nu-te šu-tu-ru-te

vi 6363

i-na ḫu-rib-te i-na KUR.mi-ta-ni

vi 6464

ù i-na URU.a-ra-zi-qi ša pa-an

vi 6565

KUR.ḫa-at-te i-na GIŠ.BAN-ia dan-na-te

vi 6666

šu-ku-ud AN.BAR ù mul-mul-li-ia

vi 6767

zaq-tu-te na-piš-ta-šu-nu ú-šéq-ti

vi 6868

KUŠ.MEŠ-šu-nu SI.MEŠ-šu-nu

vi 6969

a-na URU-ia da-šur ub-la

vi 7070

10 AM.SI.MEŠ pu-ḫa-li dan-nu-ti

(vi 70) I killed ten strong bull elephants in the land Ḫarrān and the region of the River Ḫabur (and) four live elephants I captured. I brought the hides and tusks (of the dead elephants) with the live elephants to my city Aššur.

vi 7171

i-na KUR.KASKAL-ni ù ši-di ÍD.ḫa-bur

vi 7272

lu a-duk 4 AM.SI.MEŠ bal-ṭu-te

vi 7373

lu-ṣa-bi-ta KUŠ.MEŠ-šu-nu

vi 7474

.MEŠ-šu-nu it-ti AM.SI.MEŠ-ma

vi 7575

bal-ṭu-te a-na URU-ia da-šur ub-la

vi 7676

i-na si-qir dnin-urta ra-ʾi-mi-ia

(vi 76) By the command of the god Ninurta, who loves me, I killed on foot 120 lions with my wildly outstanding assault. In addition, 800 lions I felled from my light chariot. I have brought down every kind of wild beast (lit. "livestock of the god Sumuqan") and winged bird of the heavens whenever I have shot an arrow.

vi 7777

2 šu-ši UR.MAḪ.MEŠ i-na lìb-bi-ia ek-di

vi 7878

i-na qit-ru-ub mi-it-lu-ti-ia

vi 7979

i-na GÌR.MEŠ-ia lu a-duk

vi 8080


vi 8181

i-na pat-tu-te ú-šem-qít

vi 8282

bu-ul dšákkan gi-mir-ta ù MUŠEN AN-e

vi 8383

mut-tap-ri-ša e-em ni-sik GI.MEŠ-ia

vi 8484

lu-ú at-ta-di

vi 8585

-tu KÚR.MEŠ-ut da-šur paṭ gim-ri-šu-nu

(vi 85) After I had gained complete dominion over the enemies of the god Aššur, I rebuilt (and) (vi 90) completed the dilapidated (portions of) the temple of the Assyrian Ištar, my mistress, the temple of the god Amurru, the temple of the god Bel-labira, the temple of the Ten Gods, the temples of the gods of my city Aššur. I put in place the entrances to their temples (and) brought the great gods, my lords, inside. (Thus) did I please their divinity. I rebuilt (and) completed the palaces, the royal residences (vi 95) of the great towns in the (various) districts of my entire land which since the time of my forefathers during hard years had been abandoned and had fallen into ruin and decay. I repaired (vi 100) the weakened fortifications of my land. I caused plows to be hitched up all over Assyria and (thereby) piled up more grain than my forefathers. I formed (vi 105) herds of horses, oxen, (and) asses from the booty I took when I gained dominion over lands (vii 1) with the support of the god Aššur, my lord. In addition I got control of (and) formed herds of (vii 5) aiālu-deer, aialu-deer, gazelles, (and) ibex which the gods Aššur and Ninurta, the gods who love me, had given me in the course of the hunt in high mountain ranges. I (vii 11) numbered them like flocks of sheep. I sacrificed yearly to the god Aššur, my lord, the young born to them as voluntary offerings together with my pure sacrifices.

vi 8686

a-pe-lu É dINANNA áš-šu-ri-te

vi 8787


vi 8888


vi 8989

an-ḫu-te ša URU-ia da-šur e-pu-

vi 9090

ú-šék-lil te-ru-bat É.ḪI.A.MEŠ-šu-nu

vi 9191


vi 9292

a-na lìb-bi ú-še-rib

vi 9393

lìb-bi DINGIR-ti-šu-nu ú-ṭí-ib

vi 9494

É.GAL.MEŠ-te šu-bat LUGAL-ti

vi 9595

ša ma-ḫa-za-ni GAL.MEŠ-te

vi 9696

ša ši-di KUR-ti-ia gab-be ša -tu

vi 9797

tar-ṣi AD.MEŠ-ia i-na MU.MEŠ-te

vi 9898

dan-na-te um-da-ši-ra-ma e-na-ḫa-ma

vi 9999

-ab-ta - ú-šék-lil

vi 100100

BÀD.MEŠ KUR-ti-ia an-šu-te

vi 101101

ak-še-er GIŠ.APIN.MEŠ i-na nap-ḫar KUR da-šur

vi 102102

gab-be ú-šèr-ki-is ù ta-ab-ka

vi 103103

ša ŠE.IM.MEŠ a-na ša AD.MEŠ-ia

vi 104104

lu ú-ter lu at-bu-uk

vi 105105


Column vii
vii 1vii 1

ša i-na GIŠ.tukul-ti da-šur EN-ia

vii 22

i-na KUR.KUR.MEŠ ša a-pe-lu-ši-na-ti

vii 33

ki-šit-ti qa-ti-ia

vii 44

šá al-qa-a ak-ṣur ù su-gul-lat

vii 55

na-a-li.MEŠ DÀRA.MAŠ.MEŠ ar-mi.MEŠ

vii 66

tu-ra-ḫi.MEŠ ša da-šur ù dMAŠ

vii 77

DINGIR.MEŠ ÁGA.MEŠ-ia e-peš bu-ʾu-ri

vii 88

i-qi-šu-ni i-na -reb ḫur-šá-ni

vii 99

ša-qu-ti ú-tam-me-ḫu

vii 1010

su-gul-la-te-šu-nu ak-ṣur

vii 1111

mi-nu-su-nu ki-ma ša mar-šit

vii 1212

ṣe-ni.MEŠ-ma lu-ú am-nu

vii 1313

pu-ḫa-di e-lu.MEŠ nab-ni-it

vii 1414

lìb-bi-šu-nu a-na bi-ib-lat lìb-bi-ia

vii 1515

it-ti SISKUR.MEŠ-ia .MEŠ

vii 1616

MU-šàm-ma a-na da-šur EN-ia lu at-ta-qi

vii 1717

GIŠ.e-re-na GIŠ.tas-ka-ri-na

(vii 17) I took cedar, box-tree, Kanish oak from the lands over which I had gained dominion such trees which none among previous kings, my forefathers, had ever planted and I planted (them) in the orchards of my land. I took rare orchard fruit which is not found in my land (and therewith) filled the orchards of Assyria.

vii 1818

GIŠ.al-la-ka-ni- i-na KUR.KUR.MEŠ

vii 1919

ša a-pe-lu-ši-na-ti GIŠ.MEŠ

vii 2020

ša-tu-nu ša i-na LUGAL.MEŠ-ni

vii 2121

AD.MEŠ-ia maḫ-ru-te ma-am-ma

vii 2222

la íz-qu-pu al-qa-am-ma

vii 2323

i-na GIŠ.KIRI₆.MEŠ KUR-ti-ia

vii 2424

az-qu-up ù GURUN GIŠ.KIRI₆

vii 2525

aq-ra ša i-na KUR-ti-ia la-áš-šu

vii 2626

al-qa-a GIŠ.KIRI₆.MEŠ