Nebuchadnezzar II 002

Column i
i 1i 1


(i 1) Nebuchadnezzar (II), king of Babylon, pious prince, the favorite of the god Marduk, exalted ruler who is the beloved of the god Nabû, the one who deliberates (and) acquires wisdom, the one who constantly seeks out the ways of their divinity (and) reveres their dominion, the indefatigable governor who is mindful of provisioning Esagil and Ezida daily and (who) constantly seeks out good things for Babylon and Borsippa, the wise (and) pious one who provides for Esagil and Ezida, foremost heir of Nabopolassar, king of Babylon, am I.

i 22


i 33

ru-ba-a na-a-dam

i 44

mi-gi-ir dAMAR.UTU

i 55

ÉNSI ṣi-i-ri

i 66

na-ra-am dna-bi-um

i 77

mu--ta-lam a-ḫi-iz -me-

i 88

ša a-lak-ti i-lu-ti-šu-nu

i 99


i 1010

-it-lu-ḫu -e-lu-ut-su-un

i 1111

GÌR.NÍTA la a-ne-ḫa

i 1212

ša a-na zi-in-na-a-ti

i 1313

é-sag-íl ù é-zi-da

i 1414

u₄-mi-ša-am ti-iṣ-mu-ru-ma

i 1515

da-am--a-ti .DINGIR.RA.KI

i 1616

ù bar--pa.KI

i 1717

-te---ú ka-a-a-nam

i 1818

e-em- mu-ut--en-nu-ú

i 1919

za-nin é-sag-íl ù é-zi-da

i 2020

IBILA a-ša-re-du

i 2121

ša dAG-IBILA-ú-ṣu-úr

i 2222


i 2323

-tu ib-na-an-ni EN DINGIR -ú-a

(i 23) As soon as he had created me, the lord, the god who created me, the god Marduk, fashioned my form inside (my) mother (so that) when I was born I myself was (fully) formed. I constantly seek out the sanctuaries of the god(s) (and) constantly follow the ways of the god(s).

i 2424

dAMAR.UTU ib-ši-mu

i 2525

na-ab-ni-ti i-na um-mu

i 2626

e-nu-ma al-da-ku

i 2727

ab-ba-nu-ú a-na-ku

i 2828

-ra-a-ti DINGIR -te--e

i 2929

a-la-ak-ti DINGIR er₄-te--ed-di

i 3030


(i 30) I repeatedly praised aloud the ingenious accomplishments of the god Marduk, the great lord, the god who created me. I truly proclaim again and again the exalted divine ways of the god Nabû, his true heir, the one who loves my royal majesty. With all of my faithful heart, I love worshiping their divinity (and) revering their dominion.

i 3131

e-ep-še-tu-šu na-ak-la-a-ti

i 3232

e-li- at-ta-na-a-du

i 3333

ša dAG a--il-šu ki-i-nim

i 3434

na-ra-am šar-ru-ti-ia

i 3535

a-lak-ti i-lu-ti-šu ṣir-ti

i 3636

ki-ni- -te--e-du

i 3737

i-na gi-mir ŠÀ-ia ki-i-nim

i 3838

a-ra-mu pu-luḫ-ti i-lu-ti-šu-nu

i 3939

pi-it-lu-ḫa-ak be-lu-ut-su-un

i 4040

ì-nu-um dAMAR.UTU EN GAL

(i 40) When the god Marduk, the great lord, elevated me to be king and entrusted me with the lordship of all the people, the god Nabû, overseer of the totality of heaven and earth, allowed my hands to grasp a just scepter for leading people the right way. As for me, I prayed to them (Marduk and Nabû), I constantly sought out their divinity. At the mention of their important name(s), I revere god and goddess (alike).

i 4141

re-e-ši šar-ru-ti-ia ul-lu-ma

i 4242

be-lu-ti KIŠ ni-ši i--pa-an-nim

i 4343

dAG pa--id KIŠ AN-e ù KI

i 4444

a-na šu-te-šu-úr ni-ši

i 4545

GIŠ.NÍG.GIDRU i-ša-ar-ti

i 4646

ú-ša-at-mi-iḫ -tu-ú-a

i 4747

ia-ti ša-a-šu-nu ba-la-ak

i 4848

-te---a i-lu-ut-su-un

i 4949

a-na zi-ki-ir šu-mi-šu-nu DUGUD

i 5050

pi-it-lu-ḫa-ak DINGIR ù diš₈-tár

i 5151

a-na dAMAR.UTU EN-ia ut--en

(i 51) I prayed to the god Marduk, my lord. I besought him with supplications and told him whatever my heart desired, (saying): “Without you, O lord, what would be created? As for the king you love, whose name you call, (and) the one who is pleasing to you, (it is) you (who) makes his name prosper (and) sends him on the right path. I am the prince who is obedient to you, the creation of your (own) hand! You are the one who created me and entrusted me with kingship of all of the people. According to your good will, O lord, which you allow all of them (the people) to be fed regularly, make your exalted dominion be merciful towards me and make reverence for your divinity exist in my heart. Grant me what is pleasing to you and make me have good physical heath.”

i 5252

su-pe-e-šu aṣ-ba-at-ma

i 5353

a-ma-at ŠÀ -te--ù

i 5454

ša-a-šu aq-bi-

i 5555

ul-la-nu-ku EN mi-na-a ba-ši-ma

i 5656

a-na LUGAL ša ta-ra-am-mu-ma

i 5757

ta-na-am-bu-ù zi-ki-ir-šu

i 5858

ša e-li-ka ṭa-a-bu

i 5959

tu--te--še-er šu-um-šu

i 6060

ḫa-ra-na i-šar- ta-pa-qid-su

i 6161

a-na-ku ru-bu-ù ma-gi-ra-ka

i 6262

bi-nu-ti -ti-ka

i 6363

at-ta ta-ba-na-an-ni-ma

i 6464

šar-ru-ti ki--ša-at ni-ši

i 6565


i 6666

ki-ma du-um--ka be-lu

i 6767

ša tu--te-ep--ru

i 6868


i 6969

be-lu-ut-ka ṣir-ti šu-ri--im-am-ma

i 7070

pu-lu-uḫ-ti i-lu-ti-ka

i 7171

šu-ub-ša-a i-na ŠÀ-ia

i 7272

šu-ur-kam-ma ša UGU-ka ṭa-a-bu

Column ii
ii 1ii 1

ša ba-la-ṭi-ia lu te-ep-pe-

ii 22

šu-ú a-ša-re-du ka-ab-tu

(ii 2) (As for) him, the foremost one, the honored one, the wisest of the gods, the prince, the god Marduk, he heeded my supplications and accepted my prayers. He made his exalted dominion pleasing to me and had reverence for his divinity placed in my heart. He prompted me to pull his chariot pole; I revered his dominion.

ii 33


ii 44

un--en-ni-ia -me-e-ma

ii 55

im-ḫu-ru su-pu-ú-a

ii 66

-ṭi-ba-am-ma be-lu-ut-su ṣir-ti

ii 77

pu-lu-úḫ-ti i-lu-ti-šu

ii 88

ú-ša-áš-ki-in i-na ŠÀ-ia

ii 99

a-na ša-da-da -er-de-e-šu

ii 1010

ú-ša-ad-ka-an-ni lìb-ba

ii 1111

pi-it-lu-ḫa-ak be-lu-ut-su

ii 1212

i-na tu-ku-ul-ti-šu ṣir-ti

(ii 12) Through his exalted support, I repeatedly travelled (through) far-off lands, remote mountains, from the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea, difficult paths, obstructed roads, where access was blocked (and) approach was not possible, difficult road(s), (and) thirty path(s), and killed insubmissive, bound enemies, put the land in order, and made the people prosper. From the people, I drove away the criminals and villains.

ii 1313

MA.DA.MA.DA ru--a-ti

ii 1414

ša-di-im -su-ú-ti

ii 1515

-tu ti-a-am-ti e-li-ti

ii 1616

a-di ti-a-am-ti ša-ap-li-ti

ii 1717

úr-ḫu-um áš-ṭu-tim

ii 1818

pa-da-nim pe-ḫu-ti

ii 1919

a-ša-ar kib-si šu-up-ru-su

ii 2020

še-e-pi la i-ba--šu-ú

ii 2121

ḫa-ra-nam na-am-ra-ṣa

ii 2222

ú-ru-úḫ ṣú-ma-mi

ii 2323


ii 2424

la ma-gi-ri a-na-ar

ii 2525

ak-mi za-ʾi-i-ri

ii 2626

MA.DA -te-ši-ir-ma

ii 2727

ni-šim -ta-am-mi-iḫ

ii 2828

ra-ag-ga ù ṣe-e-num

ii 2929

i-na ni-ši ú-še-es-si

ii 3030

.BABBAR .GI ni-si-iq NA₄ šu--ru-ti

(ii 30) I had silver, gold, precious (and) valuable stone(s), copper, musukkannu-wood, cedar, anything that is valuable, gleaming produce, the yield of the mountains, the wealth of the seas, substantial tribute, lavish gift(s) brought into my city, Babylon, into his (Marduk’s) presence, and I provisioned Esagil, the palace of his lordly majesty.

ii 3131


ii 3232

mi-im-ma šu-um-šu šu--ru

ii 3333

ḪÉ.GÁL ru--ša-a

ii 3434

bi-ši-ti ša-di-im

ii 3535

ḫi-iṣ-bi ta-ma-a-tim

ii 3636

ip-ti ka-bi-it-ti

ii 3737

i-gi-sa-a šu-um-mu-ḫu

ii 3838


ii 3939

a-na maḫ-ri-šu ú-še-ri-im-ma

ii 4040

i-na é-sag-íl

ii 4141

É.GAL be-lu-ti-šu

ii 4242

-tak-kan zi-in-na-a-ti

ii 4343

é-umuš-a pa-pa-ḫa

(ii 43) (As for) Eumuša, the cella of the Enlil of the gods, the god Marduk, I made (it) radiant like the sun. I clad the foundation of the room with reddish gold for its šallaru-plaster (and) lapis lazuli and alabaster as if (they were) gypsum and bitumen.

ii 4444


ii 4545

ú-ša-an-bi-iṭ ša--ša-ni-

ii 4646


ii 4747

ḫu-ra-ṣu ru--ša-a

ii 4848


ii 4949


ii 5050

SUḪUŠ É ú-ša-al-bi-

ii 5151

-ḫi-li- ku-uz-bu

(ii 51) (As for) Kaḫilisu, the gate of sexual charm(s), and the gate of Ezida, (the one inside) Esagil, I had (it) made (like) awe-inspiring radiance of the sun.

ii 5252

ù é-zi-da é-sag-íl

ii 5353

ú-še-piš nam-ri-ri dUTU-ši

ii 5454


(ii 54) (As for) Du­ku­ki­nam­tar­ta­re­de of Ub­šuk­kin­na, the Dais of Destinies, in which the god Lugaldimmerankia, the lord, the god, takes up residence during the New Year’s festival, (at) the beginning of the year, (on) the eighth day (and on) the eleventh day, (where) the gods of heaven and earth, pay reverent attention to him, bow down (and) stand in his presence, in which they (the gods) determine (for me) a fate of long days (and) a fate of (the preservation of) my life, (as for) that dais, the dais of kingship, (and) the dais of supreme power of the wisest of the gods, the prince, the god Marduk, whose structure a king of the past had cast with silver, I had it clad with bright gold (and) ornaments (imbued with) brilliance.

ii 5555

ša ub-šu-ukkin-na BÁRA ši-ma-a-ti

ii 5656

ša i-na zag-mu-ku re- ša-at-ti

ii 5757


ii 5858

dlugal-dìm-me-er-an-ki-a EN DINGIR

ii 5959

i-ra-am-mu-ú -re-eb-šu

ii 6060


ii 6161

pa-al-ḫi- ú-ta-aq--šu

ii 6262

ka-am-su iz-za-zu maḫ-ru--šu

ii 6363

ši-ma-at u₄-um da--ú-tim

ii 6464

ši-ma-at ba-la-ṭi-ia

ii 6565

i-ši-im-mu i-na -er-bi

Column iii
iii 1iii 1

BÁRA šu-ú BÁRA šar-ru-ti

iii 22


iii 33


iii 44

ša LUGAL ma-aḫ-ri

iii 55

i-na .BABBAR ip-ti- -ti-iq-šu

iii 66

.GI nam-ri ti-iq-ni₇ me-lam-mi

iii 77


iii 88

ú-nu-ti É é-sag-íl

(iii 8) I decorated the utensils of the temple(s) of Esagil with reddish gold (and) Maumuša with ṣāriru-gold and stone(s) to look like the stars of the heavens. I had the sanctuaries of Babylon (re)built (and) provided for.

iii 99

.GI ru--ša-a

iii 1010

GIŠ.-umuš-a ṣa-ri-ri ù NA₄

iii 1111


iii 1212

ka-ak-ka-bi- ša-ma-mi

iii 1313

e--re-e-ti .DINGIR.RA.KI

iii 1414

ú-še-piš az-nu-un

iii 1515

ša é-temen-an-ki

(iii 15) I raised the superstructure of Etemenanki with baked bricks (colored with) shining blue glaze.

iii 1616

i-na a-gur-ri NA₄.ZA.GÌN el-le-ti

iii 1717

ú-ul-la-a re-e-ša-a-ša

iii 1818

a-na e--šu é-sag-íl

(iii 18) My heart dearly wanted me to (re)build Esagil (and) I was constantly attentive (towards it). I constantly sought out the best of my cedar that I had carried off from Mount Lebanon, the holy forest, to be the roof of Eumuša, the cella of his supreme power, and (my) mind pondered about (it). I clad the (beams of) hard cedar for the roof of Eumuša with bright gold. I decorated the šīpus below the cedar roof with gold and precious stone(s). I prayed all day to the king of the gods, the lord of lords (Marduk) to (re)build Esagil.

iii 1919

na-ša-an-ni li-ib-bi

iii 2020

--da-a -tu--ak

iii 2121

re-e-ša-a-ti GIŠ.EREN-ia

iii 2222

ša -tu

iii 2323

GIŠ.TIR el-le-tim ub-lam

iii 2424

a-na ṣú-lu-lu é-umuš-a

iii 2525

pa-pa-ḫa dEN.LÍL-ú-ti-šu

iii 2626

-te--e-ma i-ta-am ŠÀ

iii 2727

GIŠ.EREN.GIŠ.EREN da-nu₄-tim

iii 2828

a-na ṣú-lu-lu é-umuš-a

iii 2929

.GI nam-ri ú-ša-al-biš

iii 3030

ši-i- šap-la-nu GIŠ.EREN ṣú-lu-lu

iii 3131

.GI ù ni--iq NA₄

iii 3232


iii 3333

a-na e-pe-šu é-sag-íl

iii 3434

ud-da-kam ú-sa-al-la-a

iii 3535


iii 3636

bar--pa.KI URU na-ar-mi-šu

(iii 36) (As for) Borsippa, his beloved city, I properly adorned (it) and had Ezida, the true house, (re)built inside it. I completed its construction with silver, gold, precious stone(s), copper, musukkannu-wood, (and) cedar. I had the cedar roof(s) of the cellas of the god Nabû, clad with gold (and) had the cedar roof of Kaumuša clad with bright silver.

iii 3737


iii 3838

é-zi-da É ki-i-nim

iii 3939

i-na -er-bi-šu ú-še-piš

iii 4040

i-na .BABBAR .GI ni--iq-ti NA₄

iii 4141


iii 4242

ú-ša-ak-li-il ši--ir-šu

iii 4343

GIŠ.EREN ṣú-lu-lu

iii 4444

pa-pa-ḫa-a-ti dAG

iii 4545

.GI ú-ša-al-bi-

iii 4646

GIŠ.EREN ṣú-lu-lu -umuš-a

iii 4747

ú-ša-al-bi- .BABBAR nam-ri

iii 4848

ri-i-mu GIŠ.IG.MEŠ pa-pa-ḫa

(iii 48) I decorated the wild bull(s) of the doors of the gate of the cella, door-jambs, door bolt(s), crossbeam(s), architrave(s), (and) giškanakku(s) with ṣāriru-gold and the cedar roof of its dalbānus with silver. I made the access way of the cella and the course to the temple shine resplendently (with) baked brick(s) of ešmarû-metal, the throne platform(s) and daises inside it (with) cast silver, (and) the wild bulls of the doors of (its) gates with zaḫalû-metal.

iii 4949

si-ip-pe ši-ga-ri GIŠ.DAL GAN.DU₇

iii 5050

giš--na-ku ṣa-ri-ri-um-ma

iii 5151

GIŠ.EREN ṣú-lu-lu

iii 5252


iii 5353

.BABBAR ú-za-ʾi-in

iii 5454

ta-al-la-ak-ti pa-pa-ḫa

iii 5555

ù ma-la-ak É

iii 5656

a-gu-úr -ma-re-e

iii 5757

du-ú BÁRA.BÁRA -er-bi-šu

iii 5858

pi-ti-iq ka-as-pa

iii 5959


iii 6060

i-na za-ḫa-le-e

iii 6161

nam-ri- ú-ba-an-nim

iii 6262

É as-míš ú-dam-mi-iq-ma

(iii 62) I suitably beautified the temple (Ezida) and filled (it) with splendor to be an object of wonder. I had the sanctuaries of Borsippa (re)built (and) provided for.

iii 6363

a-na ta-ab-ra-a-ti

iii 6464

lu-le-e -ma-al-lam

iii 6565

-re-e-ti bar--pa.KI

iii 6666

ú-še-- az-nu-un

iii 6767

ša é-ur₄-me-imin-an-ki

(iii 67) I raised the superstructure of Eurmeiminanki with baked bricks (colored with) shining blue glaze.

iii 6868


iii 6969

i-na a-gur-ri NA₄.ZA.GÌN el-le-ti

iii 7070

ú-ul-la-a re-e-ša-a-ša

iii 7171


(iii 71) (As for) Maideḫedu, the vehicle of his rulership, the processional barge of the New Year’s festival, the festival of Šuanna (Babylon), I had its karûs (and) the zāratu-feature(s) inside it clad with an overlay of gold and stone(s).

iii 7272

ru-ku-bu ru-bu-ti-šu

Column iv
iv 1iv 1

GIŠ. ma-áš-da-ḫa zag-mu-ku

iv 22

i-si-in-ni₇ šu-an-na.KI

iv 33


iv 44

za-ra-ti -er-bi-šu

iv 55


iv 66

ti-i-ri ša-áš-ši ù NA₄

iv 77

é-sískur a-ki-ti ṣi-ir-ti

(iv 7) (As for) Esiskur, the exalted akītu-house of the Enlil of the gods the god Marduk (which was) established for joyful celebrations of the Igīgū and Anunnakū gods, in the outskirts of Babylon, I set (it firmly in place) like a mountain with bitumen and baked brick.

iv 88


iv 99

ši-kin ḫi-da-a-ti ù ri-ša-a-ti

iv 1010

ša i-gi₄-gi₄ ù da-nun-na-ki

iv 1111

i-na ka-ma-a-ti .DINGIR.RA.KI

iv 1212

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gu-úr-ri

iv 1313

ša-da-ni- e-er-te

iv 1414

é-maḫ É dnin-ḫur-sag-

(iv 14) (As for) Emaḫ, the temple of the goddess Ninḫursag (that is) inside Babylon, I built (it) in Babylon for the goddess Ninmaḫ, the mother who created me.

iv 1515

lib-ba .DINGIR.RA.KI

iv 1616

a-na dnin-maḫ AMA ba-ni-ti-ia

iv 1717

i-na .DINGIR.RA.KI e--

iv 1818

a-na dAG SUKKAL ṣi-i-ri

(iv 18) For the god Nabû, the exalted vizier who gave me a just scepter to exercise authority over all of the settlements, I built in Babylon the structure Eniggidrukalamasumu, his temple in Babylon, with bitumen and baked brick.

iv 1919

ša i-din-nam GIŠ.NÍG.GIDRU i-šar-ti

iv 2020

a-na pa--da₄ ka-al da-ad-mi

iv 2121

é-níg-gidru-kalam-ma-sum-ma É-su

iv 2222


iv 2323

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

iv 2424

e-ep-ti-iq pi-ti-iq-šu

iv 2525

a-na dEN.ZU mu-da-am-mi-iq

(iv 25) For the god Sîn, the one who makes my omens auspicious, I built in Babylon Ekišnugal (Egišnugal), his temple.

iv 2626


iv 2727

é-giš-nu₁₁-gal É-su

iv 2828

i-na ba-bi-ìl.KI e--

iv 2929

a-na dUTU da-a-a-nim ṣi-i-ri

(iv 29) For the god Šamaš, the exalted judge who put a propitious omen in my extispicy, I built in Babylon Edikukalama, his temple, to a great height with bitumen and baked brick.

iv 3030

ša-kin UZU SIG₅ i-na te-er-ti-ia

iv 3131

é-di-ku₅-kalam-ma É-su

iv 3232


iv 3333

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

iv 3434

ša-- e--

iv 3535

a-na dIŠKUR mu-ša-áš-ki-in ḪÉ.GÁL

(iv 35) For the god Adad, the one who provides abundance in my land, I built in Babylon Enamḫe, his temple.

iv 3636

i-na MA.DA-ia é-nam-ḫé É-su

iv 3737

i-na .DINGIR.RA.KI ab-nim

iv 3838

a-na dgu-la e-ṭi-ra-at

(iv 38) For the goddess Gula, the one who saves (and) spares my life, I suitably built in Babylon Esabad (and) Eḫursagsikila, her temples, with bitumen and baked brick.

iv 3939

ga-mi-la-at na---ti-ia

iv 4040

é-sa-bad é-ḫur-sag-sikil-la

iv 4141

É.É-ša i-na .DINGIR.RA.KI

iv 4242

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

iv 4343

as-mi- ab-nim

iv 4444

a-na dNIN-é-an-na

(iv 44) For the goddess Bēlet-Eanna, the lady who loves me, I built in a outer corner of the city wall of Babylon Ekitušgarza, her temple, to a great height.

iv 4545

be-el-ti ra--im-ti-ia

iv 4646

é-ki-tuš-garza É-sa

iv 4747

i-na tu-ub--<at> BÀD .DINGIR.KI

iv 4848

ša-- e-pu-

iv 4949

a-na dDUMU-É mu-šab-bi-ir

(iv 49) For the god Mār-bīti, the one who breaks the weapon(s) of my enemies, I built his temple in Borsippa.

iv 5050

ka-ak-ku na-ki-ri-ia

iv 5151

É-su in bar--pa.KI e--

iv 5252

a-na dgu-la be-el-ti

(iv 52) For the goddess Gula, the lady who keeps my body healthy, I built in Borsippa Egula, Etila, (and) Ezibatila, three sanctuaries of hers.

iv 5353

mu-ṭi-ba-at ši-ri-ia

iv 5454

é-gu-la é-ti-la é-zi-ba-ti-la

iv 5555

3 e--re-e-ti-ša

iv 5656

i-na bar--pa.KI e--

iv 5757

a-na dIŠKUR mu-ša-az-ni-in

(iv 57) For the god Adad, the one who pours out abundant rain(s) in my land, I suitably built his temple in Borsippa.

iv 5858

zu-un-ni₇ nu-uḫ-šu i-na KUR-ia

iv 5959

É-su i-na bar--pa.KI

iv 6060

as-mi- ab-nim

iv 6161

a-na dEN.ZU na-áš ṣa-ad-du

(iv 61) For the god Sîn, the one who bears good signs for me, I radiantly built Edimana, his temple, in the enclosure wall of Ezida.

iv 6262


iv 6363

é-dim-an-na É-su

iv 6464

i-na i-gar li-mi-ti é-zi-da

iv 6565

na-am-ri- e-pu-

iv 6666


(iv 66) (As for) Imgur-Enlil and Nēmetti-Enlil, the great wall(s) of Babylon that Nabopolassar, king of Babylon, the father who had engendered me, had built but whose construction he had not completed He had dug its moat, constructed two strong embankments with bitumen and baked brick as its bank(s), built the embankment of the Araḫtu (River), constructed piers of baked brick on the other side of the Euphrates (River), but he did not complete the rest.

iv 6767

ù --et-ti-dEN.LÍL

iv 6868


iv 6969

(blank line)

iv 7070

ša dAG-IBILA-ú-ṣu-úr

iv 7171

LUGAL TIN.TIR.KI a-bi ba-nu-ú-a

iv 7272

i--šu-ma la ú-ša-ak-li-lu

iv 7373


Column v
v 1v 1

ḫi-ri-it-su i-iḫ-ru-ma

v 22

2 ka-a-ri da-nu₄-ti

v 33

in ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

v 44

ik-ṣú-ru ki-bi-ir-šu

v 55

ka-a-ri a-ra-aḫ-ti

v 66


v 77

ma-ka-a-at a-gur-ri

v 88

a-bar-ti pu-ra-at-ti

v 99


v 1010

la ú-ša-ak-li-lu

v 1111


v 1212

-tu du₆---

(v 12) From Duku Kinamtartarede, the Dais of Destinies, to Ay-ibūr-šabû, the street of Babylon opposite Kasikilla, he (Nabopolassar) beautified the access way of the processional street of the great lord, the god Marduk, with slabs of breccia.

v 1313


v 1414

pa-ra-ak ši-ma-a-ti

v 1515

a-di a-a-i-bur-ša-bu-um

v 1616

su-le-e .DINGIR.RA.KI

v 1717

-eḫ-ra-at -sikil

v 1818


v 1919

ma--da-ḫa EN GAL dAMAR.UTU

v 2020

ú-ba-an-na-a ta-al-lak-ti

v 2121

ia-ti IBILA-šu re-e--ta-a

(v 21) As for me, his first-born son, the beloved of his heart, I (Nebuchadnezzar) completed Imgur-Enlil and Nēmetti-Enlil, the great wall(s) of Babylon. Beside the embankment of its moat, I built two strong embankments with bitumen and baked brick and adjoined (it) to the embankment that my father had constructed. I then surrounded the city (Babylon) on the outside. On the other bank, (on) the western (side), I surrounded the wall of Babylon.

v 2222

na-ra-am ŠÀ-šu

v 2323


v 2424

ù --et-ti-dEN.LÍL

v 2525


v 2626


v 2727

i-ta-at KAR ḫi-ri-ti-šu

v 2828

2 ka-a-ri da-nu₄-ti

v 2929

in ku-pur ù a-gur-ri ab-ni-ma

v 3030

it-ti KAR a-bi ik-ṣú-ru

v 3131


v 3232

URU a-na ki-da-nim

v 3333


v 3434

KAR a-gur-ri

v 3535


v 3636


v 3737


v 3838


(v 38) (As for) Ay-ibūr-šabû, the street of Babylon, I filled (it) in with a higher infill for the processional street of the great lord, the god Marduk. I improved Ay-ibūr-šabû, from Kasikilla to Ištar-sākipat-tēbîša, with slabs of breccia and slabs of stone quarried from the mountain(s) to be the processional street of his divinity and (then) I adjoined (it) to the part that my father had built and beautified the access way.

v 3939

su-le-e .DINGIR.RA.KI

v 4040

a-na ma-áš-da-ḫa EN GAL dAMAR.UTU

v 4141

ta-am-la-a za-aq-ru

v 4242


v 4343


v 4444

ù SIG₄ NA₄ ši-ti-iq KUR-i

v 4545


v 4646

-tu -sikil-la

v 4747

a-di diš₈-tár-sa-ki-pa-at-te-e-bi-ša

v 4848

a-na ma-áš-da-ḫa i-lu-ti-šu

v 4949


v 5050

it-ti ša a-bi i--šu

v 5151


v 5252


v 5353


v 5454


(v 54) (As for) Ištar-sākipat-tēbîša, both gates of Imgur-Enlil and Nēmetti-Enlil, their entrances became too low as a result of the raising (of the level) of the street(s) of Babylon. I removed those gates and (then) secured their foundation(s) at the level of the water table with bitumen and baked brick. I had (them) skillfully built with baked bricks (colored with) shining blue glaze that have (representations of) wild bulls (and) mušḫuššu-dragon(s) fashioned upon them (lit. ‘it’).

v 5555

ša im-gur-dEN.LÍL

v 5656

ù --et-ti-dEN.LÍL

v 5757

.GAL.MEŠ ki-la-at-ta-an

v 5858

i-na ta-am-le-e

v 5959

su-le-e .DINGIR.RA.KI

v 6060


v 6161


v 6262

.GAL.MEŠ ši-na-a-ti

v 6363


Column vi
r vi 1r vi 1

-ḫe-ra-at me-e i-šid-si-in

r vi 22

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

r vi 33


r vi 44

i-na a-gur-ri NA₄.ZA.GÌN -tim

r vi 55


r vi 66

ba-nu-ú qer-bu--ša

r vi 77

na-ak-li- ú-še-piš

r vi 88

GIŠ.EREN da-nu₄-ti

(vi 8) I had (beams of) hard cedar stretched (over them) as their roofs. At each of its gates, I hung doors (made) of cedar with a facing of bronze (and) threshold(s) and nukuššû-fittings of cast copper. At their door-jamb(s), I stationed fierce wild bulls of copper and raging mušḫuššu-dragons.

r vi 99

a-na ṣú-lu-li-ši-na

r vi 1010


r vi 1111


r vi 1212

ta-aḫ-lu-up-ti ZABAR

r vi 1313

às-ku-up-pu ù nu-ku-še-e

r vi 1414

-ti-iq URUDU e-ma .-ša

r vi 1515


r vi 1616

AM.AM URUDU e-ek-du-tim

r vi 1717

ù MUŠ.ḪUŠ še-zu-zu-ti

r vi 1818

i-na si-ip-pe-ši-na -zi-iz

r vi 1919

.GAL.MEŠ ši-na-a-ti

(vi 19) To be an object of wonder for all of the people, I filled those gates with splendor.

r vi 2020

a-na tab-ra-a-ti KIŠ ni-ši

r vi 2121

lu-le-e -ma-al-lam

r vi 2222

GI a-na im-gur-dEN.LÍL

(vi 22) (So that) no arrow (during) battle can come close to Imgur-Enlil, the wall of Babylon, (I did something) that no king of the past had done: 4,000 cubits distance outside Babylon, far away, (too far away) to approach (lit. “not to approach”), I surrounded the eastern bank of Babylon with a fortified wall. I dug out its moat and built its embankment(s) with bitumen and baked brick and (then), on its embankment, I built a fortified wall like a mountain. I constructed its broad gates and fitted them with doors (made) of cedar with a facing of bronze.

r vi 2323

BÀD .DINGIR.RA.KI la ṭa-ḫe-e

r vi 2424

ša ma-na-ma LUGAL maḫ-ri la i--šu

r vi 2525

4 LIM KÙŠ --ri

r vi 2626

i-ta-a-ti .DINGIR.RA.KI

r vi 2727

-si- la ṭa-ḫe-e

r vi 2828

BÀD da-num BAL.RI dUTU.È

r vi 2929

.DINGIR.RA.KI ù-šá-as-ḫi-ir

r vi 3030

ḫi-ri-is-su aḫ-re-e-ma ki-bi-ir-šu

r vi 3131

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

r vi 3232


r vi 3333

BÀD da-núm i-na -šu

r vi 3434

ša-da-ni- ab-nim

r vi 3535

.GAL.MEŠ-šu ša-ad-la-a-ti

r vi 3636


r vi 3737


r vi 3838


r vi 3939

-šum a-a-bi la ba-bil pa-ni₇

(vi 39) So that no merciless enemy can come close to the outskirts of Babylon, I had the land surrounded with a huge expanse of water, like the roiling sea (Tiāmat), so that crossing them was like crossing the roiling sea, a bitter body of water. In order to prevent dike breaks in them, I heaped them up with earthen dikes and surrounded them on all sides with embankments (made of) baked brick. I skillfully reinforced (Babylon’s) protection by establishing the city of Babylon as a fortress.

r vi 4040

i-te-e TIN.TIR.KI la sa-na-

r vi 4141

me-e ra--ù-tim

r vi 4242

ki-ma gi-- ti-a-ma-ti

r vi 4343

MA.DA ú-ša-al-mi-ma

r vi 4444


r vi 4545

ki-ma e-ber ti-a-am-ti gal-la-ti

r vi 4646

ia-ar-ri ma-ar-ti

r vi 4747

bu-tu-uq-ti -er-ba-šu-un

r vi 4848

la šu-ub-ši-i

r vi 4949

ši--ik e-pe-ri

r vi 5050


r vi 5151

ka-a-ri a-gu-úr-ri

r vi 5252


r vi 5353

ma-aṣ-ṣar-ti na-ak-li-

r vi 5454


r vi 5555


r vi 5656

a-na ni-ṣir-ti áš-ku-un

r vi 5757


(vi 57) (As for) Ṭābi-supūršu, the wall of Borsippa, I built (it) anew. I dug out its moat and constructed its embankment(s) with bitumen and baked brick.

r vi 5858

BÀD bar--.KI

r vi 5959

e--ši- e--

r vi 6060

ḫi-ri-it-su aḫ-re-e-ma

r vi 6161

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

r vi 6262

ak-ṣú-úr ki-bi-ir-ša

r vi 6363


(vi 63) Nebuchadnezzar (II), king of Babylon, the one whom the god Marduk, the great lord, named for (doing) good things for his city, Babylon, am I. I made Esagil and Ezida shine forth like the sheen of the god Šamaš. I made the sanctuaries of the great gods shine like daylight.

Column vii
r vii 1r vii 1


r vii 22


r vii 33

a-na dam--a-ti URU-šu

r vii 44

.DINGIR.RA.KI ib-bu-šu a-na-ku-ma

r vii 55

é-sag-íl ù é-zi-da

r vii 66

ki-ma ša-ru-ru dUTU-šu ú-še-

r vii 77


r vii 88

u₄-mi- <<x>> ú-na-am-mi-ir

r vii 99

pa-na-ma ul-tu u₄-um ul-lu-ti

(vii 9) In the past, from distant days until the reign of Nabopolassar, the king of Babylon, the father who engendered me, the many kings who came before me whose name(s) the god(s) had called to be king, built palaces in cities of their choice, (in) place(s) that they loved, (and) established their residences (in them). They accumulated their possessions inside (them), (as well as) heaped up their property. During the festival of the New Year, (during) the setting out of the Enlil of the gods, the god Marduk, they entered Šuanna (Babylon). Since the god Marduk created me for kingship (and) the god Nabû, his true heir, entrusted his subjects (to me), I have loved their beautiful bod(ies) as my (own) precious life. I have made no city more resplendent than Babylon and Borsippa.

r vii 1010

a-di pa-le-e

r vii 1111


r vii 1212

a-bi a-li-di-ia

r vii 1313

LUGAL ma-du-ti a-lik maḫ-ri-ia

r vii 1414

ša i-lu a-na šar-ru-tim

r vii 1515

iz*-ku-ru zi-ki-ir-šu-un

r vii 1616

i-na URU.URU ni- i-ni-šu-nu

r vii 1717

a-ša-ar -ta-a-mu

r vii 1818

É.GAL.É.GAL i-te-ep-pu-šu

r vii 1919

ir-mu-ù šu-ba-at-su-un

r vii 2020

bu-ša-šu-num i-na -er-bi

r vii 2121


r vii 2222

ú--ri-nu ma-ak-ku-ur-šu-un

r vii 2323

i-na i-si-ni₇ zag-mu-ku

r vii 2424


r vii 2525

i-ru-bu a-na -er-bi šu-an-na.KI

r vii 2626

-tu ib-na-an-ni dAMAR.UTU

r vii 2727

a-na šar-ru-ú-ti

r vii 2828

dAG a--il-šu ki-i-nim

r vii 2929

ip--du ba-ú-la-a-tu-šu

r vii 3030

ki-ma na-ap-ša-ti a-qar-ti

r vii 3131

a-ra-mu ba-na-a la-an-šu-un

r vii 3232

e-li TIN.TIR.KI ù bar--pa.KI

r vii 3333

ul ú-ša-pa URU.KI

r vii 3434


(vii 34) In Babylon, the city of my choice that I love, (as for) the palace, a building (that was) an object of wonder for the people, the bond of the land, a holy private room, (and) the cella of my royal majesty, in the Ka-dingirra district which is in Babylon, from Imgur-Enlil to Lībil-ḫegalla, the eastern canal, from the bank of the Euphrates River to Ay-ibūr-šabû which Nabopolassar, the king of Babylon, the father who engendered me, had created with (sundried) brick(s) and taken up residence inside, its foundation(s) had become weak on account of flood water (and) the gates of that palace had become too low as a result of the raising (of the level) of the street(s) of Babylon.

r vii 3535

URU ni- IGI.II-ia šá a-ra-am-ma

r vii 3636

É.GAL É ta-ab-ra-a-ti ni-ši

r vii 3737

ma-ar-ka-sa MA.DA

r vii 3838

ku-um-mu el-lam

r vii 3939

at-ma-ni₇ šar-ru-ti

r vii 4040

i-na er-ṣe-ti .DINGIR.RA.KI

r vii 4141

ša -re-eb .DINGIR.RA.KI

r vii 4242

-tu im-gur-dEN.LÍL

r vii 4343

a-di li-bi-il-ḫé-gál-la

r vii 4444

pa-al-ga dUTU.È

r vii 4545


r vii 4646

a-di a-a-i-bur-ša-bu-ù

r vii 4747

ša dna-bi-um-IBILA-ú-ṣu-úr

r vii 4848

LUGAL TIN.TIR.KI a-ba ba-nu-ú-a

r vii 4949

i-na SIG₄ ib-ši-mu-ma

r vii 5050

i-ir-mu-ú -er-eb-ša

r vii 5151

i-na me-e mi-lum

r vii 5252

i-ši-id-sa i-ni--ma

r vii 5353

i-na ta-am-le-e

r vii 5454

su-le-e .DINGIR.RA.KI

r vii 5555

ša É.GAL ša-a-tim

r vii 5656

-ta-ap-pi-la .-ša

r vii 5757

i-ga-ru-ša bi-ši-ti SIG₄

(vii 57) I removed its wall, (merely) a molding of (sundried) brick(s), and (then) open up its foundation and reached the water table. I secured its foundation at the level of the water table and raised it as high as a mountain with bitumen and baked brick. I had (beams of) hard cedar stretched (over it) as its roof. At each of its gates, I fixed doors (made) of cedar with a facing of bronze (and) threshold(s) and nukuššû-fittings of cast copper.

r vii 5858


r vii 5959

te-me-en-ša ap*-te-e-ma

r vii 6060

šu--ul me-e ak-šu-ud

r vii 6161

-ḫe-ra-at me-e i-ši-id-sa

r vii 6262


r vii 6363

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

Column viii
r viii 1r viii 1


r viii 22


r viii 33

GIŠ.EREN da-nu₄-ti a-na ṣú-lu-li-šu

r viii 44


r viii 55


r viii 66

ta-aḫ-lu-up-ti ZABAR

r viii 77

às-ku-up-pi ù nu-ku-še-e

r viii 88

pi-ti-iq URUDU e-ma .-šu

r viii 99


r viii 1010

.BABBAR .GI ni-si-iq NA₄

(viii 10) I heaped up inside it silver, gold, precious stone(s), an abundance of anything that is valuable, (and) possessions (and) property worthy of praise. I accumulated inside it (objects) of valor (and) glory, (as well as) royal treasure(s).

r viii 1111

mi-im-ma šu-um-šu šu--ru

r viii 1212


r viii 1313

bu-ša-a ma-ak-ku-ru

r viii 1414

si-ma-at ta-na-da-a-tum

r viii 1515

ú--ri-in -re-eb-šu

r viii 1616

-ur-du ta-áš-ri-iḫ-tum

r viii 1717

ni-ṣir-ti šar-ru-ti

r viii 1818

ú-na-ak-ki-im lib-bu--šu

r viii 1919

áš-šum -me-du šar-ru-ti-ia

(viii 19) Because (my) heart did not desire the seat of my royal majesty to be in (any) other city (than Babylon), I did not build a lordly abode in any (other) settlement, nor did I put property befitting a king in any (other) land.

r viii 2020

i-na URU ša-nim-ma

r viii 2121

la i-ra-am-mu ŠÀ

r viii 2222

i-na ka-al da-ad-mi

r viii 2323

ul ab-na-a at-ma-nu be-lu-ti

r viii 2424

ma-ak-ku-ru si-ma-at šar-ru-ti

r viii 2525

ul áš-ta-ak-ka-an

r viii 2626

-er-bi ma-ti-ta-an

r viii 2727


(viii 27) In Babylon, the private chambers of my residence were not decorous enough for my status as king. Because worshiping the god Marduk, my lord, was present in my heart, in order to widen the residence of my royal majesty, in Babylon, the city (under) his (Marduk’s) protection, I did not change its street(s), displace its dais(es), nor block up its canal(s). I searched far and wide for (the site of a new) kummu-building and, so that no arrow (during) battle can come close to Imgur-Enlil, the wall of Babylon, 490 cubits distance outside of Nēmetti-Enlil, the outer wall of Babylon, I built two strong embankments with bitumen and baked brick (and) a wall like a mountain.

r viii 2828

ku-um-mu mu-ša-bi-ia

r viii 2929

a-na si-ma-at šar-ru-ti-ia

r viii 3030

la šu-um-ṣa

r viii 3131

-šum pu-lu-úḫ-ti dAMAR.UTU EN-ia

r viii 3232

ba-šu-ù li-ib-bu-ú-a

r viii 3333


r viii 3434

URU ni-ṣi-ir-ti-šu

r viii 3535

a-na šu-un-du-lam

r viii 3636

šu-ba-at šar-ru-ti-ia

r viii 3737

su-uq-šu la e-nim

r viii 3838

BÁRA-šu la ú-ni-

r viii 3939

pa-la-ga-šu la e-es-ki-ir

r viii 4040

ku-um-mu ra-ap*-ši-

r viii 4141


r viii 4242

-šum -an ta-ḫa-zi

r viii 4343

a-na im-gur-dEN.LÍL

r viii 4444

BÀD TIN.TIR.KI la ṭa-ḫe-e

r viii 4545

4 ME 90 am-ma-at --ri

r viii 4646

i-ta-at --et-ti-dEN.LÍL

r viii 4747

ša-al-ḫe-e .DINGIR.RA.KI

r viii 4848

a-na ki-da-a-nim

r viii 4949

2 ka-a-ri da-nu₄-tim

r viii 5050

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

r viii 5151

BÀD ša-da-ni- e---ma

r viii 5252

i-na -e-ri-šu-un

(viii 52) I fashioned a baked brick structure between them and, on top of it, I built a large kummu-building as the residence of my royal majesty with bitumen and baked brick to a great height. I added (it) to the palace of my father and in a favorable month, on an auspicious day, I secured its foundation on the surface (lit. “breast”) of the netherworld and raised its superstructure as high as a mountain. I completed its construction in (just) fifteen days and made the seat of my lordly majesty resplendent.

r viii 5353

-ti-iq a-gur-ri e-ep-ti-iq-ma

r viii 5454

i-na re-e-ši-šu ku-um-mu ra-ba-a

r viii 5555

a-na šu-ba-at šar-ru-ti-ia

r viii 5656

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

r viii 5757

ša-- e---ma

r viii 5858

it-ti É.GAL AD ú-ra-ad-di-ma

r viii 5959

in ITI ša-al-mu i-na UD ŠE.GA

r viii 6060

i-šid-sa i-na i-ra-at ki-gal-lu

r viii 6161


r viii 6262

re-e-ši-ša ú-za-aq--ir

r viii 6363


r viii 6464

i-na 15 u₄-um ši--ir-ša

Column ix
r ix 1r ix 1


r ix 22

ú-ša-pa-a šu-bat be-lu-ti

r ix 33

GIŠ.EREN da-nu₄-ti

(ix 3) I had (beams of) hard cedar originating from the holy mountain (Lebanon), thick pine, and the best selection of cypress stretched (over it) as its roof. At each of its gates, I fixed doors (made) of musukkannu-wood, cedar, cypress, ebony, and ivory with mounting(s) of silver (and) gold and a facing of bronze, (and) threshold(s) and nukuššû-fittings of cast copper. I surrounded its summit with parapets (colored with) blue glaze.

r ix 44

ṣi-i-ti ša-di-i e-lu-ti

r ix 55

GIŠ.a-šu-ḫu pa-ag-lu-ti

r ix 66

ù GIŠ.šu-úr--ni

r ix 77

ni-is- -e-ru-tim

r ix 88

a-na ṣú-lu-li-ša ú-ša-at-ri-iṣ

r ix 99


r ix 1010

GIŠ.e-re-nim GIŠ.šu-úr--ni

r ix 1111

ú-ša-a ù AM.SI

r ix 1212

i-ḫi-iz ka-as-pa ḫu-ra-ṣu

r ix 1313

ù ta-aḫ-lu-up-ti ZABAR

r ix 1414

as-ku-up-pu ù nu-ku-še-e

r ix 1515

-ti-iq e-ri-i

r ix 1616

e-ma .MEŠ-ša er-te-et-te-ma

r ix 1717

ki-li-li NA₄.ZA.GÌN re-ša-a-ša

r ix 1818


r ix 1919

BÀD da-an-num

(ix 19) I surrounded it with a fortified wall of bitumen and baked brick like a mountain. Beside the wall of baked brick, I built a great wall using strong stone(s) (and) large (slabs) quarried from the mountains and (then) I raised its superstructure like a mountain. I had that building built to be an object of wonder and I filled it with splendor for all of the people to see. Dignity, anger, reverence, (and) brilliance of kingship surround it so that criminals (and) the unrighteous cannot enter inside it. As for the merciless, evil doer in the outskirts of the wall of Ka-dingirra, I drove away his arrows by reinforcing the wall of Babylon like a mountain.

r ix 2020

i-na ku-up-ri ù a-gur-ri

r ix 2121

ša-da-ni- ú-ša-às-ḫi-ir-šu

r ix 2222

i-ta-at BÀD a-gur-ri

r ix 2323

BÀD ra-ba-a

r ix 2424

i-na NA₄ da-nu₄-tim

r ix 2525

ši-ti-iq KUR.KUR GAL.GAL

r ix 2626


r ix 2727

ki-ma ša-di-im

r ix 2828

ú-ul-la-a re-e-ša-a-ša

r ix 2929

É ša-a-ti a-na tab-ra-a-ti

r ix 3030


r ix 3131

a-na da-ga-lu KIŠ ni-ši

r ix 3232

lu-le-e -ma-al-lam

r ix 3333

bal-ti uz-zu pu-luḫ-ti

r ix 3434

me-lam-me šar-ru-ti

r ix 3535

i-ta-ti-šu sa-aḫ-ra-a-ma

r ix 3636

ra-ag-gu la i-ša-ra

r ix 3737

ul i-ba- -re-eb-šu

r ix 3838

ša le-em-nu la ba-bil pa-ni₇

r ix 3939

i-ta-a-ti BÀD .DINGIR.RA.KI

r ix 4040

-an ta-ḫa-zi-šu

r ix 4141


r ix 4242


r ix 4343


r ix 4444


r ix 4545

a-na dAMAR.UTU be--ia

(ix 45) I prayed to the god Marduk, my lord, and raised up my hand(s): O Marduk, (my) lord, the wisest of the gods, the proud prince, you yourself are the one who created me and entrusted me with kingship of all of the people. I have loved your exalted body as my (own) precious life. I have made no city more resplendent than your city, Babylon. Because I love worshiping your divinity, I constantly seek out your lordly majesty. Accept my supplications (and) listen to my prayers so that I may be the king who provides (for you and) pleases your heart, the capable governor, (and) the one who provides for all of your cult centers.

r ix 4646

ut--en-ma -ti -ši

r ix 4747


r ix 4848

ru-bu-ú mu--ta-ar-ḫa

r ix 4949

at-ta ta-ab-na-an-ni-ma

r ix 5050

šar-ru-ti KIŠ ni-ši

r ix 5151


r ix 5252

ki-ma na-ap-ša-ti a--ar-ti

r ix 5353

a-ra-mu e-la-a la-an-ka

r ix 5454


r ix 5555

i-na ka-la da-ad-mi

r ix 5656

ul ú-ša-pa URU.KI

r ix 5757

ki-ma ša a-ra-am-ma

r ix 5858

pu-lu-uḫ-ti i-lu-ti-ka

r ix 5959

áš-te---ù be-lu-ut-ka

r ix 6060

mu-gu-úr ni- -ti-ia

r ix 6161

ši-ma-a su-pu-ú-a

r ix 6262

a-na-ku lu LUGAL za-ni-num

r ix 6363

mu-ṭi-ib li-ib-bi-ka

r ix 6464

lu ša-ak-ka-na-ak-ku it--šu

r ix 6565

za-ni-na ka-la ma-ḫa-zi-ka

Column x
r x 1r x 1


(x 1) By your merciful command, O Marduk, may the house that I built stay in good repair forever so that I may be sated with its luxuriousness. May I reach the prime of (my) life (and) attain very old age inside it. May I receive inside it the substantial tribute of kings of the (four) quarters (of the world and) all of the people. From the horizon to the zenith, wherever the sun rises, may I not have enemies nor acquire (any) troublemaker(s). Inside it, may my descendants rule over the black-headed (people) forever.

r x 22

re--nu-ú dAMAR.UTU

r x 33

É e-pu-šu

r x 44

ga-du ul-lu li-bu-ur-ma

r x 55

la-la-a-ša lu--bi-im

r x 66

i-na -er-bi-ša

r x 77

ši-bu-ti lu-uk-šu-ud

r x 88

lu--ba-a li-it-tu-ti

r x 99

ša LUGAL.LUGAL kib-ra-a-ti

r x 1010

ša ka-la te--še-e-ti

r x 1111

bi-la-at-su-nu ka-bi-it-ti

r x 1212

lu-um-ḫu-úr -er-bu--ša

r x 1313

-tu AN.ÚR a-di AN.PA

r x 1414

e-ma dUTU a-ṣú-ú

r x 1515

a-a i-ši na-ki-ri

r x 1616

mu-gal-li-ti a-a ar-ši

r x 1717

li-pu-ú-a i-na -er-bi-ša

r x 1818

a-na da--a-ti

r x 1919

ṣa-al-ma-at --da li--e-lu

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