SAA 02 008. Zakutu Treaty (ABL 1239+)

o 1o 1

[a]-⸢de⸣-e šá .za-ku-u-te .KUR šá m30—⸢PAB*⸣-[MEŠSU]

(1) The treaty of Zakutu, the queen of Senna[cherib, ki]ng of Assyria, mother of Esarhaddon, king of Assyria,

o 22


o 33

TAv mdGIŠ.NU₁₁MU—⸢GI⸣.NA PAB ta-li-me-šú

(3) with Šamaš-šumu-ukin, his equal brother, with Šamaš-metu-uballiṭ and the rest of his brothers, with the royal seed, with the magnates and the governors, the bearded and the eunuchs, the royal entourage, with the exempts and all who enter the Palace, with Assyrians high and low:

o 44


o 55


o 66

.GAL-MEŠ .NAM-MEŠ .šáziq*-ni

o 77

⸣.SAG-MEŠ .GUBIGI TAv .⸢zak⸣-ke-e

o 88

ù .TUKUR gab-bu o* TAv DUMU-MEŠ KUR-šur

o 99

.qàl⸣-lu .dan-⸢nu* man-nu šá ina ŠÀ a-de-e

(9) Anyone who (is included) in this treaty which Queen Zakutu has concluded with the whole nation concerning her favourite grandson [Assurba]nipal,

o 1010

an-nu⸣-te šá .za-ku-u-te .KUR ina UGU

o 1111

[m-šur]—⸢⸣—A DUMU ŠÀŠÀ-bi-šá ḪÚL TAv UN-MEŠ KUR gab-bu

o 1212

[taš]-⸢kun⸣-u-ni man-nu šá a-bu- la de-iq-

(12) anyone (of you) who should [...] fabricate and carry out an ugly and evil thing or a revolt against your lord Assurbanipal, king of Assyria,

o 1313

[la] ṭa⸣-ab- ù na-bal-kàt-tu

o 1414

[ina] UGU m-šur—⸢A MAN KUR-šur EN-ku-nu

o 1515

[x x] ta⸣-sa-⸢li⸣-a-ni te-ep-pa-šá-a-ni

o 1616

[nik]-⸢lu* la da-an-qu da-ba-a-bu

(16) in your hearts conceive and put into words an ugly [sch]eme or an evil plot against [your lord] Assurbanipal, king of Assyria,

o 1717

[la ṭa]-⸢a⸣-bu ina UGU m-šurA MAN KUR

o 1818

[EN-ku-nu ina] ŠÀ ŠÀ-bi-ku-nu ta-nak-kil-a-nin-ni

o 1919

[ta-dáb-bu]-⸢ba⸣-a-ni us-su-uk-

(19) [in yo]ur [hearts] deliberate and formulate an ugly suggestion and evil advice for rebellion and insurrection against your lord Assurbanipal, king of Assyria,

o 2020

[la de]-⸢iq*⸣- mil-ku! la ṭa-a-bu šá si-ḫi bar-te

o 2121

[ina ŠÀ-bi-ku]-nu* ina UGU m-šurA MAN KUR EN-ku-nu

o 2222

[ta-mal]-⸢lik*⸣-a-ni ta-dáb-bu-ba-a-ni

o 2323

[TAv x x x]+⸢x 02-e ina UGU du-a-ki

(23) (or) plot [with] another [...] for the murder of your lord [Assurbanipal, king] of Assyria:

o 2424

[šá m-šurA MAN] KUR EN-ku-nu ta-dáb-bu-ba-a-[ni]

o 2525

[-šur d30 dUTU] dSAG.ME.GAR ddil-bat

(25) [May Aššur, Sin, Šamaš], Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, [Mars, and Sirius ......

b.e. 26b.e. 26


b.e. 2727

[dṣal-bat]-⸢a*⸣-[nu dGAG.SI. x x x]

two lines destroyed


r 1r 1

[x x x x] ZAG? ú [KAB x x]

(r 1) sou]th and [north].

r 22

[ù šum-ma] at-tu-nu TAv ŠÀ! UD-me an-ni-⸢e

(r 2) [And if] you from this day on (hear) an ugly [word] of rebellion and insurrection being spo[ken against] your lord Assurbanipal, king of Assyria, you shall come and inform Zakutu his mother and Assurbanipal, [king of Assyria], your lord;

r 33

[a-bu- la] de-iq- šá si-ḫi bar-te

r 44

[šá ina UGU m]-šurA MAN KUR be--ku-nu

r 55

[i-dáb-bu]-bu-u-ni <ta-šam-ma-a-ni> la tal-la-ka-nin-ni

r 66

[uz-ni] šá .za-ku-u-te AMA-šú ù šá m-šurA

r 77

[MAN KUR] EN⸣-ku-nu la tu-pat-ta-a-ni ù šum⸣-ma

(r 7) and if you hear of (a plan) to kill or eliminate your lord [Assur]banipal, king of Assyria, you shall come and inform Zakutu [his mother] and your lord Assurbanipal, king of Assyria;

r 88

[at-tu]-nu šá da-a-ki ù ḫul-lu-

r 99

[šá m-šur]—A MAN KUR EN-ku-nu ta-šam-ma-a-ni

r 1010

[la] tal⸣-la-ka-nin-ni uz-ni šá .za-ku-te o*

r 1111

[AMA-šú] ù šá m-šurA MAN KUR be--ku-nu

r 1212

[la tu]-⸢pat⸣-ta-a-ni ù šum-ma at-tu-nu

(r 12) and if you hear of an ugly [scheme] being elaborated against your lord Assurbanipal, king of Assyria, you shall speak out in the presence of Zakutu his mother and your lord, Assurbanipal, king of Assyria;

r 1313

[ki-i nik]-⸢lu la da-an-qu ina UGU m-šurA

r 1414

MAN KUR be-⸣-ku-nu i-nak-kil-an-ni

r 1515

ta-šam-ma-a-ni la tal-la-ka-nin-ni

r 1616

ina IGI .za-ku-te AMA-šú ù ina IGI m-šurA

r 1717

MAN KUR be-⸣-ku-nu la ta-qab-ba-a-ni

r 1818

ù šum-ma at-tu-nu ta-šam-ma-a-ni

(r 18) and if you hear and know that there are men instigating armed rebellion or fomenting conspiracy in your midst, be they bearded or eunuchs or his brothers or of royal line of your brothers or friends or any one in the entire nation - should you hear and [know] (this), you shall seize and [kill] them and bring them to Zakutu [his mother and to Assurbani]pal, [king of Assyria, your lord.]

r 1919

tu-da-a-ni ma*-a ERIM-MEŠ mu-šam-ḫi-iṣ-ṣu-u-te

r 2020

mu-šad-bi-bu-u-te <$šá$> ina bir-tuk-ku-nu lu-u

r 2121

ina .šáziq-ni lu-u ina .SAG-MEŠ lu-u ina PAB-MEŠ-šú

r 2222

lu-u ina NUMUN MAN lu-u PAB-MEŠ-ku-nu lu-u ENṭa-ba*-te-ku-nu

r 2323

[lu-u] ina UN-⸢MEŠ KUR gab-bu ta-šam-ma-a-ni

r 2424

[tu-da-a-ni] la ta-ṣab-ba-ta-nin-ni

r 2525

[la ta-du-ka-ni ina] UGU ⸣.za-ku-⸢te*

r.e. 26r.e. 26

[AMA-šú ù ina UGU m-šur]—⸢A [MAN KUR]

r.e. 2727

[be--ku-nu la tu-bal]-⸢a*-nin⸣-[ni]

blank space of two lines

Adapted from Simo Parpola and Kazuko Watanabe, Neo-Assyrian Treaties and Loyalty Oaths (State Archives of Assyria, 2), 1988. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2016, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as