SAA 02 010. Assurbanipal’s Treaty with the Qedar Tribe (JCS 39 159)

obeginning (at least 5 lines) broken away


o 1'1'

[TAv mx x x] A mia-ú⸣-[ta- x x x]

(1) [The treaty of Assurbanipal, king of the world, king of Assyria, son of Esarhaddon, likewise king of the world, king of Assyria, with Abi-yate' son of Te'ri, his sons, grandsons, brothers and nephews, with all Qedarites, young and old, and with ...] son of Yau[ta', in the presence of all the gods of] Assyria and Qedar:

o 2'2'

[(IGI) DINGIR-MEŠ KUR]—-šur DINGIR-MEŠ KUR.qi-id-[ri -šú-nu]

o 3'3'

[-šur] dNIN⸣.LÍL d*še*⸣-[ru-u-a]

(3) [Swear by Aššur], Mullissu and [Šerua]:

o 4'4'

[pit?-ti?] šá mia-ú-ta- la MUN⸣-[a-nu?]

(4) [Considering th]at Yauta' (your) malef[actor] handed all [Arab]s over to destruction [through] the iron sword, and put you to the sword,

o 5'5'

[pi-i] GÍR⸣.AN.BAR a-na ḫa-lu-[qi o*]

o 6'6'

[KUR.a-ru]-⸢bu? gab-bu id-din-⸢u⸣-[ni o*]

o 7'7'

[ina pi]-⸢i GÍR.AN.BAR -kun-u-ka-nu-⸢ni

o 8'8'

[m-šur]—⸢⸣—A MAN KUR-šur EN-ku-nu

(8) [and that Assur]banipal, king of Assyria, your lord, put oil on you and turned his friendly face towards you,

o 9'9'

Ì⸣.GIŠ -kun-ak-ka-nu-u-ni

o 10'10'

pa-ni-šú SIG₅-MEŠ ina UGU-ḫi-ku-nu

o 11'11'


o 12'12'

šum-ma at-tu-nu TAv mia-ú-ta-

(12) you shall not strive for peace with Yauta',

o 13'13'

a-na MUN ta-qar-rib-a-ni

o 14'14'

šum-[ma TA] ŠEŠ-MEŠ-ku-nu ŠEŠ-ME—⸢AD⸣-[MEŠ-ku-nu]

(14) you shall not [... with] your brothers, [your] unc[les ...

o 15'15'

[x x x x]+⸢x tu KUR [x x x x]

o 16'16'

[x x x x x]+⸢x is [x x x x]

rest (at least 8 lines) broken away


rbeginning (at least 6 lines) broken away

r 1'1'

[x at]-tu-⸢nu [x x x x x x x]

(r 1) You shall [......];

r 2'2'

[šum]-⸢ma GÌR.2-šú [x x x x x x x x]

(r 2) [you] sh[all keep] his feet [off ...], and shall not send [...] after him by the hand of anyone,

r 3'3'

[i]—⸢da⸣-tu--[šu x x x x x x x]

r 4'4'

ina ŠU.2 me-me-ni ta-šap-⸢par-a⸣-[ni-(šú-ni)]

r 5'5'

ina pu-ut sa-an-ka-a-te šá e-⸢pu⸣-[šu-u-ni]

(r 5) (but), considering the terrible things which he did, you shall make every effort to kill him.

r 6'6'

ina UGU du-a-ki-šú la ta-kap-pu-⸢da⸣-[a-ni]

r 7'7'

la ta-⸢ṣar⸣-rim-a-ni

r 8'8'

[d-šur d]⸢NIN⸣.LÍL d30 dUTU

(r 8) [May Aššur, Mu]llissu, Sin, Šamaš, [Bel, Na], Ištar [of Nineveh, ]tar [of Arbela], Nergal [...

r 9'9'

[dEN d]⸢PA d⸢15⸣ [šá] NINA.[KI d]⸢15⸣

r 10'10'

[ša arba-ìl d]U.GUR x⸣+[x x x]

r 11'11'

[x x x x x x]+⸢x⸣+[x x x x]

rest broken away

(Rest destroyed)

Adapted from Simo Parpola and Kazuko Watanabe, Neo-Assyrian Treaties and Loyalty Oaths (State Archives of Assyria, 2), 1988. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2016, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as