The Correspondence of Esarhaddon

The first part of the volume contains the Babylonian correspondence of Esarhaddon. Letters from the king and the crown prince are followed by letters from a wide range of locations, from Akkad in the north to the Sealand in the south.

In 681 B.C. Esarhaddon, son of Sennacherib and grandson of Sargon II became king of Assyria and its empire, including Babylonia, after defeating his brothers in a succession dispute. He died in 669 B.C. and was succeeded by his sons Assurbanipal and Šamaš-šumu-ukin, who ruled Assyria and Babylonia respectively as their father had decreed in 672 B.C.

TABLE V. Summary of Key Chronological Data in the Correspondence of Esarhaddon

Date B.C.TextKey chronological data
c . 681no. 100Arda-Mullissi's conspiracy to murder Sennacherib
680no. 91Zer-kitti-lišir is hostile to Nikkal-iddin
c. 680no. 14Ubaru wel comed in resettled Babylon
680-678?no. 1Šamaš-ibni appropriates BabyIon's land
680-678?no. 69Refe rence to Šamaš-ibni; plan to kill Nikkal-iddin
680-675no. 68, 85-87Conflict between Naʾid-Marduk and Nabû-ušallim of the Sealand
680-675?no. 131Nabû-iqbi wants to convict Ašaredu before the governor of HAR and Sasiya
680-673?no. 54Bel-ipuš from Dilbat in a legal case
678-669?no. 57-60Nabû-ušallim of Bit-Dakkuri takes Marad (possibly reign of Assurbanipal)
676-669?no. 56Bel-iqiša of Gambulu takes Babylon's land
675?no. 92Sasiya, Erišu, and Bel-eṭir conspire against the king
674-669no. 80, 82Itti-Marduk-balaṭu in office in Uruk
673-669?no. 3Nabû-eṭir is governor of the Sealand; Ṣillaya active
673-669?no. 7Elamite-Assyrian treaty is valid
671 -670?no. 101Ša-Nabû-šû, Erišu, and Nabû-eṭir in conspiracy
671 -669?no. 106Mar-Issar active

Frances Reynolds

Frances Reynolds, 'The Correspondence of Esarhaddon', The Babylonian Correspondence of Esarhaddon and Letters to Assurbanipal and Sin-šarru-iškun from Northern and Central Babylonia, SAA 18. Original publication: Helsinki, Helsinki University Press, 2003; online contents: SAAo/SAA18 Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2020 []

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