Abbreviations and Symbols

Bibliographical Abbreviations

AAssur (tablets in the collections of the Istanbul Arkeoloji Müzeleri)
ABLR. F. Harper, Assyrian and Babylonian Letters I-XXIV (London and Chicago 1892-1914)
ADDC.H.W. Johns, Assyrian Deeds and Documents I-IV (Cambridge 1898-1923)
AfOArchiv für Orientforschung
AHw.W. von Soden, Akkadisches Handwörterbuch I-III (Wiesbaden 1959- 81)
AJSLAmerican Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures
ANEDepartment of the Ancient Near East of the British Museum
AnOrAnalecta Orientalia
AOATAlter Orient und Altes Testament
Armold UrukB.T. Arnold, Babylonian Letters from the Kuyunjik Collection: Seventh Century Uruk in Light of New Epistolary Evidence (PhD, Hebrew Union College 1985)
Assyria 1995S. Parpola and R.M. Whiting (eds.), Assyria 1995. Proceedings of the 10th Anniversary Symposium of the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project (Helsinki 1997)
BABeiträge zur Assyriologie und semitischen Sprachwissenschaft
BaM BhBaghdader Mitteilungen, Beihefte
BATSHBerichte der Ausgrabung Tall Šeḫ Ḥamad/Dur-Katlimmu
BBEAB. Landsberger, Brief des Bischofs von Esagila an König Asarhaddon (Amsterdam 1965)
BiOrBibliotheca Orientalis
BMtablets in the collections of the British Museum
BMSL.W. King, Babylonian Magic and Sorcery (London 1896)
Bongenaar EbabbarA.C.V.M. Bongenaar, The Neo-Babylonian Ebabbar Temple at Sippar: Its Administration and its Prosopography (Istanbul 1997)
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Butablets in the collections of the British Museum
BWLW.G. Lambert, Babylonian Wisdom Literature (Oxford 1960)
CADThe Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (Chicago and Glückstadt 1956-)
CRRAIRencontre assyriologique internationale, comptes rendus
CTCuneiform Texts from Babylonian Tablets in the British Museum (London 1896-)
Delitzsch ALF. Delitzsch, Assyrische Lesestücke mit den Elementen der Grammatik und vollständigem Glossar (Assyriologische Bibliothek 16 Leipzig 1912)
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DTtablets in the collections of the British Museum
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JCSJournal of Cuneiform Studies
Ktablets in the collections of the British Museum
Kitablets in the collections of the British Museum
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Rmtablets in the collections of the British Museum
SAAState Archives of Assyria
SAABState Archives of Assyria Bulletin
SAASState Archives of Assyria Studies
SKTH. Winckler, Sammlung von Keilschrifttexten I-III (Leipzig 1893-95)
Smtablets in the collections of the British Museum
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Thtablets in the collections of the British Museum
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WODie Welt des Orients
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Wunsch EgibiC . Wunsch, Das Egibi-Archiv I-II (Cuneiform Monographs 20, Groningen 2000)
ZAZeitschrift für Assyriologie

Y in the critical apparatus (followed by page number) refers to collations in S. Ylvisaker, Zur babylonischen und assyrischen Grammatik (LSS 5/6, Leipzig 1912). The sources of individual collations and/or additions to the critical apparatus are indicated by the initials of the author's name (GF = Grant Frame, ILF = Irving L. Finkel, SP = Simo Parpola, FR = Frances Reynolds, RMW = Robert Whiting, CBFW = Christopher Walker).

Other Abbreviations and Symbols

Aram.Aramaic, Aramean
coll.collated, collation
DNdivine name
f.female, feminine
GNgeographic name
LBLate Babylonian
PNpersonal name
r., rev.reverse
rs.right side
s.(left) side
s.v.sub voce
?uncertain reading
: :. ::cuneiform division marks
*graphic variants (see LAS I p. XX)
0uninscribed space or nonexistent sign
xbroken or undeciphered sign
( )supplied word or sign
(( ))sign erroneously added by scribe
[[ ]]erasure
[...]minor break (one or two missing words)
[......]major break
...untranslatable word
.......untranslatable passage
see also
+joined to

Frances Reynolds

Frances Reynolds, 'Abbreviations and Symbols', The Babylonian Correspondence of Esarhaddon and Letters to Assurbanipal and Sin-šarru-iškun from Northern and Central Babylonia, SAA 18. Original publication: Helsinki, Helsinki University Press, 2003; online contents: SAAo/SAA18 Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2020 []

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