From Akkad Colony to Independent City-State (ca. 2334-1809 BC)

The pages included under the "From Colony to City-State (ca. 2334-ca. 1809 BC)" tab are intended to provide general information about some of the Old Assyrian kings (from the beginning until Erišum II) and their inscriptions. Click on the name of any ruler to the left (or below) to view a short biography of his reign and his official texts.

Rulers (in chronological order):

Ititi [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargonicanduriiiperiods/ititi/index.html] (?-? BC)
Azuzu [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargonicanduriiiperiods/azuzu/index.html] (?-? BC; reign of Man-ištūšu [2269-2255 BC])
Zarriqum [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargonicanduriiiperiods/zarriqum/index.html] (?-? BC [ca. 2050-2042 BC = Ur III year-names: Šulgi 44-Amar-Suena 5])
Son of Urdānum [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargonicanduriiiperiods/sonofurdanum/index.html] (?-? BC)

Aminu [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargonicanduriiiperiods/aminu/index.html] (?-? BC)
Ṣulilu [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargonicanduriiiperiods/sulilu/index.html] (?-? BC)
Kikkiya [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargonicanduriiiperiods/kikkiya/index.html] (?-? BC)
Akiya [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargonicanduriiiperiods/akiya/index.html] (?-? BC)

Puzur-Aššur I [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/puzurashuri/index.html] (ca. 2025 [end of Ur III dominion over Aššur]-? BC)
Šalim-aḫum [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/shalimahum/index.html] (?-? BC)
Ilu-šūma [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/ilushumma/index.html] (?-? BC)
Erišum I [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/erishumi/index.html] (1974-1935 BC)
Ikūnum [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/ikunum/index.html] (1934-1921 BC)
Sargon I [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/sargoni/index.html] (1920-1881 BC)
Puzur-Aššur II [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/puzurashurii/index.html] (1880-1873 BC)
Narām-Sîn [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/naramsin/index.html] (1872-1829/19 BC)
Erišum II [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/puzurashurdynasty/erishumii/index.html] (1828/18-1809 BC)

Jamie Novotny

Jamie Novotny, 'From Akkad Colony to Independent City-State (ca. 2334-1809 BC)', The Royal Inscriptions of Assyria online (RIAo) Project, The RIAo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2020 []

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